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Happy Things

As I was tapping away the perfect captions for these 5 happy things, 
I noticed all of them were 'firsts'. 

Anyway. hope these 5 happy things radiate happiness. <3

 Because that was the first time we spent our evening together, 
also our proper first date ever since we started dating. 
D brought me to dine my favourite kinda food, 
and the whole evening was so full of love. 
D was so caring and so considerate. 
It was also the first photo of him on my social media. 
We were both really happy to receive blessings from so many people. 

Because it was a rainy afternoon, 
and it was the first Sunday we'd spent together. 
A rainy afternoon showed me how much D cared for me, 
when D shielded me from the rain all the time, 
and reminded me to walk carefully so that I did not slip. 
All these simple gestures were all heart-warming, perfect for a chilly weather.

Because this was the very first time D sent me to university! 
That is a really sweet thing to do!
And I couldn't even explain how it made my day when I got to see D in the morning,
spending an hour on the road, 
chit chatting away amidst the busy traffic.
It was the perfect kind of weekdays morning. 
D also got me little snack for me to munch on.
D always know how to fill my tummy with food, 
and fill my heart with love.

Because it was the first time D introduced me to his mother, 
and relatives. 
And D's mother was really kind to have hand-picked these lovely souvenirs from Japan for me.

Obviously this is not the best picture of us, 
but that's how I loved it. 
You could barely see my eye balls, 
I guess you could tell how happy I was. 
It was the very first time in my life, 
to have another family celebrating my birthday for me. 
It was sweet and memorable, 
I can't thank D enough for all the wonderful memories he has brought to me thus far. 
Looking forward to more beautiful memories together. :)

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