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Happy Things

People tend to give me that incredulous smile whenever I said that I am also actually under a great amount of pressure. I guess that's because I am always focusing only on the bright side of everything and I try my best not to let any negative vibes get into my way. 

So... While the stress is building up in my head, 
I opted to look at my happy things, 
to reprieve me from the gallows. 

And these items are not available in Malaysia. 
D kindly asked me to pick some of the items that I'd love getting from US. 
And he never report back the status of these products since then. 
I almost thought my dream to use try out these highly-raved about products will never come true. 
Andddddddd booommmmm!!!
All of these items appeared in front of me like magic, 
and I swear as I was screaming in excitement, I almost deafen him. LOL. 
He also sneakily got me two extra items, those Fresh Lip Balms. 
This joyous feelings defies any description. 
I feel extremely spoilt! 
And what touched my heart the most was when he told me this:
"Do you still remember when did you place these orders? Months ago right? 
That's when I had set my mind that you're the one"

It was the first time D cooked for me. 
I was unwell that day, 
and he told me to get some rest while he prepared the perfect meal for the ailing me. 
Well I gotta say I am very impressed that my man can cook! 
He let me picked between poached or pan-grilled salmon, 
andddddddd boy was the pan-grilled salmon goooodddddd! 
It could probably be one of the best salmon I have ever tasted in my entire life. 

 Because D volunteered to snap a photo of me. 
Again, I was impressed. 
He took such a nice shot of me! 
Andddddd.... What's better was that, 
he picked Thai cuisine for lunch that day, 
just because of how fond I am of Thai cuisine. 
It was so heart-warming to know that D knows me soooooo well. 
And it is definitely the best feeling ever, to be prioritised every single time, no exception. 

 Because I told D that I was still feeling slightly unwell the next day, 
and he told me he had to come and visit me by hook or by crook. 
A man never breaks his promises. 
D cameeeeee and he experienced my life as a scientist for a brief moment. 
D is such a quick learner and I gotta give him credits for always living up to my expectation. 
I was enthralled, 
by his earnest look. 
My man is charming. <3

Because D made an effort to wake up really early in the morning,
just to prepare this mouthwatering and hearty breakfast for me. 
It is a complete set of sandwiches andddddd green tea latte!
D picked lambbbbbbb for me, 
which is my fav kinda meat! <3 
Anddddd Macadamia milk for green tea latte, 
which tasted so creamyyyyyyy and macadamia-ish, 
which is again, my fav kinda nuts. 
I still smile looking at this picture, 
and I guess I will never stop smiling, 
with D in my life. 

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