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Happy Things

 Because he said his queen must dine in a palace! 
It's really adorable of him when he kept telling me
"I am bringing you to the palace"
and I was there like, yeah yeah, 
 I thought, how could a place like this hides a castle. 
Yeahhhh! He surprised me! 
It was also really amazing of him, 
when he managed to snap such an awesome shot of me and the palace. 

 Because when he was feeding me this, 
he asked me if he could feed me all the time, forever? 
Of courseeeeee I had to say yessssssssss! 
And it's really heart-melting when he told me,
he loves feeding me because
I smile every single time he fed me. 

 Because his excitement when he took his first try of the soft serve green tea ice cream was priceless. 
Andddd it's so amazing how we share common interest for green tea. 
Andddddd how he was willing to give the best part of the ice cream to me, 
but I insisted that he should have it. 

Because he was always the more excited one, 
when he spotted a unicorn! 
Too adorable!

Becauseeeeeeee I love Ramen, 
and he brought me to eat Ramen! 
Anddddd he was feeding all the time and he barely ate any. 
Anddddd he told me it's awesome how I could just eat anything in the world, 
and not have much to fuss about. :P
Also.... That was the night I witnessed how much healing power he holds, 
when he held me as I wept. 

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