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Happy Things

 Because D knew that I was unhappy the night before, 
so he purposely came to see me the next day,
just to make sure that I was fine, 
and he even prepared simple meal for me. 
Although it was just a really simple meal, 
it kept me happy for the whole day, 
both my tummy and my heart. 
D showed me how powerful love can be, 
it brought me out of darkness, 
and it turns frowns to smiles. 

 Because I had been dying to recreate this lovey dovey photo
that comes along with infamous relationshipgoals hashtag. 
But it was difficult to get a nice shot while the car was moving, 
so D stopped the car by the side of the road, 
just so that I could take a perfect shot. 
Though this was nothing, 
but I was in awe, 
how he could even take care of little things like this so well, 
in order to keep me happy. 

 Because D ALWAYS know what I love. 
Anyhow, it wasn't the the gift that was the prime reason I was so happy, 
it was how I am always on his mind. 
It feels absolutely wonderful to have someone tell you, 
"I got you something and I am sure you'd like them". 
And through the guessing game, we have given this snack a new name, 
the Magic Wand,
to go with the whole unicorn magical land theme. 

 Because it was the first time D and I did grocery shopping together. 
Apart from buying all his necessities, 
he never forgets about getting some stuffs for me too. 
He got me these, which are all my favourite food, 
so that they would keep me awake on the sluggish road, 
and also to keep me mildly filled on days when I am too occupied. 
It was because of D, 
that I know being prioritised and pampered everyday, 
feels as if miracles were happening every single day, 
my mundane life has been injected with new lives.
Craisins again. 
Just because D promised that he would get me more of these, 
if he sees the bigger packets. 
And there you go, 3 large sized craisins, 
in my favourite pomegranate flavour. 
One of my favourite things about D is how he always walk the talk. 
He keeps to his promises, 
and he turn all his promises into actions. 
It wasn't the food and the gifts he gifted to me that made me such a happy person, 
it is actually the person he is. 

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