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Happy Things

 After the first time D saw me using that shabby backpack I got from a conference on a daily basis, 
D had been looking at laptop bags. 
Even if I didn't mention I needed one. 
One day, D just flashed this in front of me, 
asking if I needed a new backpack. 
And he even helped me to transfer all my items into this bag. 
It's so touching how D always notices the smallest detail about me,
and making effort to make me feel better, 
look better, 
he meant it when he told me he wanted to give me a better life,
and he would give the best to me.  

D is a huge fan of molly! 
So it gave me a lot of joy to see him grinning from ear to ear when I gave it to him. 
He even brought it around. 
It's really adorable how he would even take care of a plush toy, 
even though he is a macho man.
A true man, 
is always willing to condescend for the woman he loves. 
And I am proud to say, 
I am in love with a man! 

 D knows I am a hoarder of stationeries, 
and he got me these special ones randomly, when he was at a stationery store. 
I seriously think there is no one who knows me better than D does. 
He knew it instantly that I would love these when he landed his eyes on these colours, 
and he was absolutely right! 
And what's cuter was that he hid these pens and asked to look for it. 
My man sure knows how to keep things interesting! 

 It means so much to me, 
that D would travel all the distance to deliver tea and sandwich to me,
on days I am too tired, 
and too busy for a proper meal. 
It's really heart-warming that my man always puts me first. 
What's most important, 
was the support and encouragement he gave when he came to deliver food to me. 
I can't even tell how much I enjoy spending time with him. 

Because D actually stands for Doraemon!
D has everythinggggggggggg....
I told him I wanted EOS lip balm, 
and he whipped out 4 immediately! 
This is insane! 
It's just so marvellous that D takes care everything about me so well, 
from head to toe, 
he always made sure I am in the best condition. 
I have said it so many times, 
but I can't help mentioning again, 
D is the best man alive. 

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