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Happy Things

1. This perfume given by D
Because D loves this scent a lot, 
and he'd always wished that I would use it. 
D even got a matching one for himself. 
is achieved when your bf gives you a perfume, 
and you love the scent too. :D

2. This home-made English Breakfast by D

 Because he knows how much I loved Big Breakfast, 
so he got all the ingredients quietly without me knowing,
and he made all these for me. 
Although it is kinda cheating to prepare such breakfast, 
but I loved how he personalised the taste, 
they tasted sooooo gooodddd! 

3. Ginger tea and snack
 Because D is constantly worried about my cramp during that time of the month, 
when we both spotted this, 
he insisted that he would buy for me, 
regardless of how many times I refused his offer. 
He also got me this snack, 
that he knew for sure I would love them. 
A man truly loves you, 
when he takes care of you during your weakest time, 
and know your taste inside out. 

4. Macaron Ice cream
 I could still remember so vividly, 
that ever since I told D how much I love macarons, 
he'd never stopped paying attention to all things macarons. 
We found this when we were strolling in a mall, 
and he got this lovely little snack for me which made my day. 
My man sure knows how to pamper me. 

5. French toast
Because it was just a random request,
and my man turned it into reality. 
My man always always always give me anything I want. 
And it is especially touching when he served these food to me, 
with sweat all over this forehead, 
telling me he has failed it. 
But to me, these are the best french toast and pan fried vege I have ever tasted in my life. 

Thanks D for constantly doing things to keep me happy. 
I am truly blessed. 

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