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Happy Things

1. This life-changing comment from D. 
Because.... Had he not commented on my photo that day, 
I might not have replied his private message and talked nicely to him. 
And I love walking down the memory lane and reminiscing good times, 
so it was especially memorable when I looked back at this comment, 
and wonder to myself, 
how my life has changed ever since he came into my life. 

2. This wine-udon D cooked for me. 
It was the time of the month, 
where he knows I had to battle with unforgiving cramp.
So he woke up early to cook these for me, 
and deliver it to me early morning, 
so that I would have time to have this for lunch, 
despite my busy schedule. 
And I must emphasize that it tasted soooooooooo heavenly.
It warmed my tummy, and it definitely warmed my heart and soul. 

3. These mini hand creams from my BFF
 Because my BFF is the only friend who would still gift me on my birthday. 
Anddddd.. Let's face it,
who doesn't like being gifted on their birthday? 
It was super cool when I could guess my gifts right away when I saw the packaging. 
That's how well we know each other.
I too really appreciate her time for a little birthday celebration with me. 

4. A little birthday gift from Laneige 
 Because... They are just so generous with their gift. 
I never expect to receive anything from them apart from the birthday discount and double point, 
but upon paying at the registry, 
she took out this nicely packaged gift and told me, 
it was a birthday gift for me. 
I have always wanted to try out their lip products, 
and I had been itching for some new nail colours, 
so these just made me really happy! 

5. Simple lunch with D. 
Because... D always make sure that I am well fed. 
I had to run an experiment in the morning, 
so I really appreciate his time, 
waiting patiently for me to finish my experiments and clear things up before I could head out for lunch with him. 
And... Regardless of the times I had been stressing I could eat any hawker stall food for normal days, 
he would always always always bring me to eat some nice food. 
He definitely takes good care of me, 
when he blew all the food to cool them down, 
before putting those into my mouth. 
Appreciate all his effort to make me the happiest woman on earth. 

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