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Happy Things

My long weekend was splendid, that explains the rather slow updates on my blogs.

So anyway, I have many things that kept me happy for the first week of December and here are they!

1. These 2 pairs of loafers
 D was super kind to offer driving me down to Mitsui Outlet Park for some shopping.
We are both suede loafers lovers,
and after such a long search,
we have finally found identical looking male and female loafers at Sacoor Brothers!
I am just so glad that D is always trying to look all matchy with me,
but not going over the top.
And we thought couple loafers are way more subtle than using couple tshirts.
It is just so awesome to have someone who shares the same taste,
and think the same way.

2. Scallops
 Because it is my favourite food.
And D always make sure I have the best meal,
by buying me all of my favourite food.
It is just so sweet that he would automatically order my favourite food,
and he always know what I'd order or pick.
D made sure I am pampered in every way possible.

3. Homemade brunch
 Because D knows how much I love my breakfast,
so he made sure to do grocery shopping with me,
and picked all of my favourite ingredients,
and with his magical hands he turned all the ingredient into a well cooked meal.
I love love love D's cooking.
It was all his effort and thoughts which make all the meals he prepared even tastier.

4. This photo at Mandarin Oriental Hotel
 Because it was the first time I met his extended family.
And he was being super super super caring,
taking care of me so so so well.
He constantly checked on me to see if I have eaten well,
if I felt comfortable,
if I needed more water,
if I felt hot,
if I liked the food and the list goes on and on.
No man has ever been so kind to me!
And I absolutely love it when D wears a blazer,
and wore the ensemble that I picked for him. <3

5. Mango Sticky Rice
Because he spent the entire morning waiting,
just so he could bring me to dine at a Thai restaurant for lunch.
I truly appreciate all of his effort and time,
just to see me or spend a little time with me.
I always thought the best gift a person can ever give to anyone,
is time and attention.
And these two are so generously given by D.
D was willing to order glutinous rice even though he doesn't eat rice!
He even helped me to finish more than half of the dessert.
Most of the time,
I feel real bad for interfering D's proper lean diet,
but he never even whined or had any comment at all.
A really great guy indeed. 

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