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Happy Things

It's time for another dose of happy injections again! 

 Because it is always sweet to receive souvenirs from colleagues 
whenever they return from a trip! 
This girl who shares the same birth date as me, 
came back from korea and she kindly got us face mask, 
and a lucky charm which gives luck on having child I think? 

Because D has got to be the best actor I have ever seen in real life. 
He came to visit me, pulling a sad face, 
saying he was late to the mall last night and the juice stall was closed. 
But he secretly hid these 3 babies at the seats behind! 
He just keeps getting better! 
D never cease to surprise me! <3

 Because D loves being all matchy matchy with me, 
and I love being all matchy matchy with him too! 
And what makes me really happy was that he used this photo as his FB cover photos, 
and it's especially meaningful to me, 
because cover photo is visible to everyone, 
and it's huge on his profile. 
I have claimed my territory! YEAY! 

Because D promised to get me peony roses wayyyyyyyyyy backkkk, 
but it wasn't the season for peonies. 
I told him to save it for special days.
And he gave me a big OKAY! 
Which is why, I felt absolutely touched when he did it. 
D never never never break promises. 
I seriously did not expect to receive peonies at all, 
because it's hard to find and it's rather pricey. 
So I was over the moon when he handed me these for my birthday celebration. 
D really knows how to make me happy. 
Andddddd I really appreciate D's effort. 
D is such an important part of my life. 

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