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Happy Things

 Because it is our first time attending a wedding reception together.
And D was willing to drive the distance crossing state just so that we could attend this wedding reception. 
Anddddd... Wedding reception is always a happy event.
I personally love attending wedding reception, 
it is so heart-warming to see lovely couples tie their knots. 
And I was very happy to see one of my best colleagues ever has finally married to the one she loves.

 Because D loves cooking for me, 
and I love to eat whatever he cooks for me. 
He was extremely embarrassed about me snapping a photo of this lovely dinner, 
but I had to,
because I just love D's cooking. 
And... You know your man is a keeper, 
when he constantly cooks for you. <3

No matter how frequently I see D, 
it still gives me that inexplicable joy if I could spend my lunch time with him. 
It is soooo recharging, soothing and relaxing to be able to chat with him, 
and spend time sitting by his side, 
eating something nice with him amidst the busy day. 
He always have the power to make everything mundane appear more interesting, 
and he always know how to cheer me up. 

 Because I love my desserts, 
but I need to cut down on sugar intake, 
andddddd I can't take dairy products, 
so he got these as a replacement for my birthday cake,
which is absolutely adorable. 
He even added extra sweet potato and taro balls,
just because I loveeeeee chewyyyyy foodd! 
When you are with the person you love the most, 
even the simplest things like these, 
brings great joy! 

Because it was 9pm, 
and I was only able to get home after stuck in the traffic for 4 hours.
D knew I was extremely exhausted and frustrated, 
so he delivered this to my house, 
and spent a lovely half an hour with me, 
just so that I could end the day with the smile, 
and forget about the long hours I spent on road. 
I am so lucky that my man is constantly finding ways to eliminate all the desolation in my life.
I am walking on air every time D is by my side. :)

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