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Happy Things

Hello Year 2016. I still can't believe it's 2016 yet although we are already 3 days through 2016. 

My holiday withdrawal is really kicking me hard and I haven't been on my usual cheery mood whole morning, so I thought it's time for me to look at these photos which remind me of my good old times in 2015.

1. A simple dinner
Because any meal after a long nap seems satisfying. 
And it feels amazing to stroll on the streets in the evening with D where time was not the limiting factor, and not knowing what to expect. 
Although it was a really simple meal, 
it was one of the happiest meal I have ever had with D this far. 

2. D's companion to my annual dinner
Because I want to spend every moment with D if possible, 
and D is such a good sport, 
he always agrees to be my plus one, 
and is always more than happy to accompany me everywhere I go.
He even dressed up so well for a normal event, it melted my heart. 
And also million thanks to his effort in helping me to take great photos that night. 
Seeing all the sweats dripping down his forehead wetting his shirt,
made my hear cringe and at the sight of it. 
D always give his 125% to keep me happy. 

 3. Pies
Because we are both pie lovers! 
But that's not quite the main happiness here. 
D was such a patient man, he knew I had work to do, 
so he followed quietly and helped me with all he could. 
He snapped photos so patiently and carefully, 
and he helped me so much from driving me around to jotting down names for food. 
D is such an all-rounder BF!

4. Coincidental matching outfits
Because that's how great minds think alike. 
I was under a great amount of stress that day, 
but the moment I saw D got off his car with a purple top and a pale pants, 
I was surprised because my ensemble if an exact opposite of yours. 
And I do not have that many purple clothes and he has only one. 
So the chances for such coincidence were virtually nil. 
It's amazing how D could always read my mind,
and make great predictions!
I am impressed!

5. These breakfast set
Because D knows how much of a big fan I am for eggs and toast,
and he looked all around the place just to get us here, 
so we could try their renown breakfast set. 
As much as I love eating eggs, 
I found eating half-boiled eggs such a hassle, 
but D got it all covered. 
He would peel off the egg shell nicely and season them with the best proportion of soy sauce and black pepper while all I had to do was to devour them!

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