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Happy Things

Here are a few things that have added more happiness to my end of 2015.

1. Pumpkin dessert
Because D knows my taste so well that he would go ahead and proceed with ordering,
knowing that I would love what he ordered for sure. 
And yes, it was heavenly, one of the best dessert I have ever eaten. 
I feel so grateful to have D who knows me so thoroughly,
and it is especially amazing when he could help me with picking food,
because I am super indecisive. 

2. Glutinous Rice Balls
Because it's the first time D and I celebrate Winter Solstice together, 
and he insisted that he must eat those that I rolled and cooked in Ginger Soup. 
So I gave him loads of them, 
and he finished every single piece of them, despite suffering from sore throat. :)

3. Heat Pad
Because D is constantly worried if I could bear with my excruciating dysmenorrhoea. 
He came and delivered this to me one morning, 
and he even gave me a few extra ones to use at night.
That's how well D is taking care of my well-being, 
I don't even have to fret a single thing. 

4. Shin Ramen
Because D gave me this packet of instant noodle and D's mother gave me all of these fishballs.
And that was my simple home alone lunch prepared by my thoughtful D. 
Although it was just a simple lunch, but it's wonderful how he made sure my tummy is well fed,
even without him around me. 

5. Korean Beauty Stuffs
Because D always know how to make me happy. 
Didn't expect him to get me any of these at all, 
but he constantly helped me to notice for the Mineral Powder's stock availability 
whenever we pass by Innisfree. 
And when he saw the products on the shelf, he was as excited as I was. 

I live everyday feeling grateful that I have found someone who cares about me so much, 
and would do anything to keep me happy all the time. :)

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