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Happy Things

These happy things were those things from last year, 
that gave me awesome memories to bring forward to 2016!

1. Muesli bars and Granola bars
 Because D always buys me snacks that could fill my tummy,
yet healthy. 
D knows I am a breakfast person and I can't survive the day without breakfast,
so he bought a couple of boxes of these for me, 
just to ensure I have something for breakfast every school day. 
How thoughtful! 
And I really love these bars as they are handy and delicious! yum! 

2. Gift from Myanmar
 Because I think everyone should show their gratitude! 
I love this adorable research assistant who came to my lab to learn lab techniques from me. 
She is an absolute fast learner! And she is very independent!
Most importantly she is considerate. 
She is like a student, like a friend and she is one of the best person to work with. 

3. Family gathering with D
Because I love how D always proudly bring me to any function, 
and introduces me to everyone he knows. 
We love sticking together all the time, 
so it's important to be able to attend functions together. 
And I smiled in jubilant the whole night, 
as I heard compliment of me resembling a 80's celebrity, 
as well as the all-rounder songstress G.E.M.

 4. Christmas gift for D
 Because giving is equally happy as receiving. 
I love occasional surprise for D. 
Because he would always return me with a huge and lasting grin. 

5. Japanese Curry Rice
Because we both are Japanese Curry fan! 
I told him I wished he could cook this for me when we were hanging out.
And D, who is constantly experimenting new menu, 
cooked this for me as lunch one weekend. 
Always thankful for his effort in preparing all these mouthwatering meals for me.

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