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Happy Things

Monday blue calls for a happy post. 
So I am going to go through some of my happy things and things I am grateful for. 

1. Roasted Chicken Rice
 Because I used to hate having chicken rice, for its bland taste. 
But I have grown to love it with time. 
D has been talking about this chicken rice for ages, 
so I can't hide the excitement in me, 
when he brought me to try his favourite food. 
It feels like he was introducing me to his life, 
or his life to me. Works either way. 
And this chicken rice in USJ tastes really good!! 

2. Nail stickers
 Because I love painting my nails, 
and my cousin Stacia kindly got me this from Japan. 
I should probably use this for CNY because of the red tone, 
and floral prints. 
Love it! 

3. Feasting trip to Kuala Selangor
Because it was the first time D introduced me to his friends. 
And his friends were incredibly kind and generous! 
Spent a great day with them, 
and D took great care of me. 
He didn't even forget to take care of me even though he was busy catching up with his friends.
And I love how D was never afraid to show his affection, even in front of his friends. 

4. Apple Adapter
Because mine got soaked in water and was spoilt. 
D immediately got me a new one the next day, 
because he knew how upset I felt about not being able to charge my phone. 
D always do all the little things to keep me happy. 
I feel really loved by him.

 5. Malacca Road Trip
Because although it was spontaneous, 
it was one of the best road trips I have ever had in my entire life. 
Unlike most people who always plan and don't execute plans, 
D always plans things and MAKE SURE PLANS WORK! 
That's how amazing he is. 
Thanks D for driving all the way despite being severely sleep deprived. 
During the trip, he had also done something that really touched my heart.
He gave me a sum of pocket money to buy anything I want during the trip. 
I burst into tears. I am a cry baby like that. 

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