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Happy Things

I am feeling super duper blue, 
so that calls for a Happy Things post. 

I just want to get out of this despondency soon. It's suffocating me. 
Sorry that I digressed, let's jump straight into happy things! 

1. Bahulu
 Because I love eating bahulu! 
And D knows that I love it. 
So we both waited patiently for the stall to start operating while they took their sweet time to make each and every one of these.
It's just amazing how D always buys my favourite food/snack for me whenever he sees one. 
I can never get over of how thoughtful he is. 

2. Pancake and Rocket Salad
Because these are my favourite breakfast combo! 
And D kindly made these for me. 
Ever since we discovered hypermarkets that sell rocket salad, 
it has changed our lives! 
We live by eating rocket salads! Hahaha! 
Anyway, D makes the best breakfast all the time. 
My heart cringes every time I see him all sweaty, bringing these food and arrange them nicely in front of me. 

3. Matching outfit
Because I appreciate D's effort in matching my outfit all the time. 
We both wore grey tops and dark blue bottoms. 
And this was before D left for gym, 
and he made sure I was comfortable at a cafe nearby,
with food, drinks and entertainment all covered. 
That's why I love D. 

4. Grocery shopping
Because D always bought me things that I like whenever we do grocery shopping together. 
And this is especially a memorable one, 
because it was after a long NY break, 
and we are both going to be really busy as the new year starts. 
And we may not be able to meet each other as frequent as we did last year, 
I was dejected by the thought, 
and I shed some tears. 

5. Dairy Milk Chocolates
Because prof brought these back from the UK. 
And it's a small Christmas gift to everyone in the department! 

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