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Happy Things

I obviously enjoy life a little too much,
especially with the CNY still going on, 
I barely have time to sit down and document what was happening, 
which was such a shame, 
because I believe great memories are made better when it's documented. 

Anyway, digression aside. 
I shall show you my happy things!

1. Eye drops
 Because my eyes have been extra sensitive lately, 
probably due to prolonged hours of wearing, 
and also napping with my lens on, 
Once D knew about my desperate need for eye drops, 
to retain the moisture of my eyes, 
he went straight into pharmacy and got me some of the best eye drops, 
he even got me a few for use with lens and without. 
Super thoughtful! 
D always make my life so much easier! 

2. D driving me to uni
D has been driving me to uni for more than a month now, 
and it has made me sooooooo happy! 
I enjoy all the extra hours we spend together, 
and not gonna lie, 
we have become clingier than ever,
and it made me feel happy all the time! 
I truly truly truly appreciate D's effort to wake up early in the morning every single day, 
just to pick me up,
got stuck in the jam together, 
then come and pick me up again after work, 
every single day, 
without a single complaint! 
I am such a lucky girl! 
Knowing the fact that I would be seeing him in less than an hour everyday after I am awake, 
really motivate me to jump out of the bed, 
and kick start my day! 

 3. Healthy Lunch Pack
 Besides getting a lift to university daily, 
D has been waking up so much earlier just to prepare lunch for me,
so that I can have some healthy lunch alternative. 
Anddddd.... I really love the lunch D prepared although it consists of only vege and eggs. 
They are healthy and tasty! 
D picks my favourite vege all the time, 
so it makes eating them such a relish! 
I am really touched not just by the great selection of food he prepared, 
but also how he would still prepare me something, 
regardless of how tired and how sleep deprived he is. 

4. Cold pressed juice
 Because D would always always always stop by cold pressed juice stall and grab me a bottle or two, 
whenever he stumbles upon one. 
And he knew I need that extra entertainment in my lab, 
so he would always prepare things that would spice up my otherwise really mundane uni life. 
He lent me his amazing headphone, 
which I had so much fun using, 
and really amazing tasting fruit juice to sweeten up the day, 
as if my life is not already sweet enough. 

5. Pan Mee
Because it was a random craving and D made sure my cravings are fixed all the time! 
Although D always think he would bore me to death if I had to wait him to finish gym session, 
but I really enjoy waiting him to do things that he enjoy doing. 
And I especially love that lovely little dinner we share after his workout session. 
I mean, I can never say no to an hour or two extra looking at D's face, 
and get lost in his voice and his stories. 

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