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Happy Things

Since I am still in CNY mood, 
and my brain isn't working at its best when it comes to writing, 
it's best I put up more of my happy things, 
that makes me happy and also requires relatively less effort in writing. 

1. Markers
 Because if you're a lab person, 
you would know how important it is to colour code everything! 
I have a bit of a weird fetish, 
that is if I were to own a pen, 
I need to get the whole collection of colours available. 
D being so supportive all the time towards my study, 
was the kind benefactor who has been sponsoring me all the stationeries, 
and with these, my lab has been more organised, 
and all the documents and equipments etc had been looking super cheerful. 
Definitely enhanced my working experience. 
D MAKES SURE everything is at the best condition for me! 

2. Aglio Alio
 Because D came to visit me on a lunch break again, 
and he always let me pick what to eat. 
I am super thankful for D, 
for the fact that he would always take my suggestions, 
although he prefers to eat clean. 
I know this may seem like nothing to other people out there, 
but small sacrifice like this means so much to me. 

3. Ice cream
 Because Doris bought us this! 
And D allowed me to pick whichever combination I wanted. 
so I made one with green tea ice cream, custard and kiwi! 
I don't really eat ice cream all the time, 
but I am happy that D always manage to satisfy my occasional sweet tooth every now and then.
Although this doesn't necessarily taste the best, 
the happy times we had, 
which D generously spared from his working hours, 
were very much appreciated! 

4. Baby lettuce lunch
 Because I didn't think D would constantly prepare lunch for me, 
so when he did it again, 
it surely touched my heart all over again! 
This time though, 
D popped in some sweetness with the help of cherry tomatoes, 
and some semi-uncooked egg which he had been attempting to perfect all these while. 

5. Rocket salad
Because rocket salad is my favourite kinda salad! 
And D has found the market that carries them, 
and to make things better, he gave me the whole bowl of rocket salad, 
he even went the extra mile to peeling the egg shells for me. 
Super thoughtful BF and I think he totally deserve the best BF title. 

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