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Happy Things

Stressful mid week calls for a happy things post!!!

1. Thai style pork salad
 Because the mixture of sour taste and spiciness, 
is absolutely appetising! 
What surprised me more though, was that despite the fact that D doesn't really eat spicy food, 
when I told him I wasn't able to finish the dish, 
D still finished the whole thing, 
just because D knows I am a person who doesn't like wasting food. 

2. Banana Pancake
 Because D finally listened to me, 
and made Banana Pancake for me! 
D didn't think it would work, but spending loads of time watching YouTube, 
I was pretty positive that this recipe would work. 
So after a lot of convincing, 
I was so glad that D finally decided to give it a go! 
D even made a heart shape one for me! 
Although they don't necessarily look the most appealing, 
they taste heavenly! 
And of course, even tastier with all D's hardwork! 

3. Hello Kitty Pasta dinner
 Because when I saw the hello kitty pasta in the supermarket, 
I went crazy a little. 
D bought it without any hesitation, 
and one lovely evening, he prepared these awesome dinner for me! 
I truly appreciate D's effort to always explore new recipe and trying out new cooking materials for me.
I love the asparagus, and the black pepper chicken on top of hello kitty pasta! 

4. Chinese dessert
 Because it was just a random request, 
and D made my dream came true. 
It was a tiring working weekday where we both had to work, 
but prior to finishing work, I told D I was craving for some red bean soup or dessert of the sort, 
I didn't know where to buy them, neither did he. 
But he asked around and finally found a place that sold it. 
He bought 2 different types to be shared and one for his sister. 
I know as long as I have D, I won't live a day feeling hungry. hehe. 

5. Lunch pack
Because D prepared complete lunch pack for me, 
knowing that I had a long day ahead! 
I still remember D went to the night market two days before this, 
and he came into the car all secretive and filled with jubilant, 
he told me he got something that he knew I would love, 
and it was those grapes!!! 
He also gave me a few chicken hams to give me extra fuel for the day. 
I remember this lunch pack from D made my colleague S all envious! 

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