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Happy Things

Oh yes, yet another Happy Things post. 
I am really keen on clearing up my Happy Things post 
so do bear with me. 

1. A lovely afternoon tea
 Because D knows I love afternoon tea, 
so we planned a lovely and simple afternoon tea session 
to commemorate our fourth monthsary! 
But honestly though, 
it definitely feels like we have been through so much more than just 4 months. 
Especially we have been seeing each other every single day, 
it sure does feel like we've been dating for years now, 
and it is amazing how D could always read my mind instantly,
within just 4 months time. 

2. Green tea coconut ice cream
 Because D loves coconut and green tea, 
and this was the perfect combination of his favourite flavours! 
And it was especially a fun ice cream eating session 
because we were joined by the two sisters of D. 
And a grocery shopping session ensued, 
which was surprisingly really fun and exciting. 

3. Ultimate spicy korean ramen
 Because it was a discovery during the grocery shopping session, 
and we all came to a consensus, 
that was to challenge ourselves with this. 
It fascinates me how eating a bowl of ramen, 
which could be done under 3 minutes, 
could create so much fun and laughter. 
And I had to give it up to D and his sister, 
who were so brave, 
although they were never a fan of spicy food. 

4. Dim Sum
Because it was the first time I had breakfast with D's family, 
and it was dim sum! 
Thanks to D and his sisters, 
who never failed to make me feel welcomed. 
I certainly feel like I was a part of their family everytime we were spending time together. 

 5. Waffle
Because D and I are not the biggest dessert fan. 
but we were both so fond of this, 
and it made both of us felt like kids again by eating these waffles. 
They were one of the best waffle I have eaten thus far, 
they were crispy and fragrant. 
And most importantly, D and I both love it 
- that's what matters most. 

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