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Happy Things

These pre-cny happy things gave me a walk down to memory lane, 
although it was only weeks away, 
it brought back loads of happy memories which I thought worth documenting. 

1. Dinner with Uncle Sam and wife
 Because it was the first proper dinner we had with Uncle Sam, 
and it was also the first time for me to meet Uncle Sam, a family friend of D. 
Always thankful for D's family for counting me in, 
regardless of occasion. 
I was over the moon to get complimented by Uncle Sam, 
and I genuinely like how humble he is. 

2. Sneaky capture in the palace
 Because although we are both full-fledged adults (as I'd like to believe, due to age factor), 
we are perpetually resisting the urge to grow, 
and is permanently a little kid at heart. 
Although we knew it was absolutely illegal to snap inside the royal museum, 
we insisted to snap a sneaky shot, 
when we found a corner where we couldn't see any surveillance camera. 

3. Standing among the flowers
 Because I love flowers and I love CNY!
And most importantly grateful for D to always help snapping photos for me, 
and not gonna lie, he is improving really well! 
He's managed to snap fast and precise, 
so I do not need to feel embarrassed by the weird stares throwing at me. 

4. This photo of us
 Because we don't get people to take our photo all the time, 
so when we are out with other people, 
we would always ask them to take a photo of us! 
And I especially love how we look in this photo! 

5. More markers
Because no one has been more adamant than D is to assist me in completing my collection. 
He brought me to the stationery shop again one day after work, 
and he just pick up whichever he knew I was lacking. 
He even wanted to get me a whole lot more stuffs which he thought would help me in my studies,
but was stopped by me, 
because while I do appreciate his kind offer, 
my heart cringes to see him spending so much on me,
although to many this may be a small amount, 
but all these small amount sum up to a bigger figure later! 

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