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Happy Things

I notice that happy things are flooding February's entries, 
I wonder if people would think that these are redundant? 
Let's dive into the world of happiness with these items below:

1. Capsicum salad with lamb satay 
 Because D prepared all my favourite things in a combo set! 
And I love how colourful the salad looks, as opposed to the usual greens, 
so it makes devouring them really appetising! 
And I love lambbbbb! 
And D generously ordered so muchhhhh lamb satay and secretly packed most of them for me. 
And this was by far the most filling lunch that D has ever prepared for me. 

2. Breakfast with a surprise
 Because the eggs were in heart shapes! 
I remember both of our eyes shone when we accidentally found this in D's house, 
so when D suggested he would prepared dried meat and egg, 
I knew it right away that he would do the heart shaped eggs for me.
I truly appreciate his time and effort to make such a simple breakfast looks extra cutesy, 
it elevated the whole eating experience, 
and yes I was grinning from ear to ear the whole morning! 

3. Red Wine Soup Udon
 Because I really didn't think D would abide his promise, 
and made me this again on my period, 
when I was most vulnerable and in need of heaty food.
It was really warm to have him getting all sweaty in the kitchen cooking the soup and noodle, 
and he even separate them in two different containers so that the noodles remain springy ( the way I like my noodles ), 
and kindly gave me the guidance to heating them up so that it's best for eating. 
Thanks D for his delicate care during my weakest time. 

4. Brunch like this
 Because D would always bring me to eat my favourite food on a random day, 
and he would gift me flowers for no reason, 
just because I love it. 
This rose though is special because it comes in the rawest form, 
and it requires courage to get it! hehe :P 
But it was a really fun morning and I loved it! 

5. Homecooked dinner
Because although D has pretty limited cooking skills and knowledge for now, 
he never stopped attempting to prepare me meals that are healthy. 
I love D's mushroom soup with tons of mushrooms in it. 
And I love how D always come out of the kitchen with sweats drenching him, 
but still patiently feed me all of the food. 

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