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Happy Things

I have got a whole lot of happy things which I'd like to share! 

1. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
 Because I am finally converted to a SK-II user, 
and I couldn't have had the luxury to use their products, 
if it wasn't for D's generosity! 
I had gotten myself their clear lotion to try out and I was giften with sample of the essence, 
after using it for a week, 
I was so impressed with the results and I knew I had to own it! 
And D was super generous to get it for me! 
I can't even begin to explain how touched and happy I feel! 
But I am so thankful that D is so awesome! :D

2. Snail gel
 Because I had been using the aloe vera gel for more than a year now, 
and I thought it's time I up the game and move on to the snail gel,
which has amazing repairing power! 
I remember D once told me, 
that the gf/wife image reflects the ability of the husband, 
so he would do his best to provide me the best, 
because not only does it give me whole loads of happiness, 
he wants the whole world to know that he's making me happy, 
and giving me the best too! 

3. This set of handcreams! 
 Because it was a gift from D's mother! 
D's mum know how big of a fan I am for handcreams,
and I just recently purchased a few tubes of hand cream from Crabtree and Evelyn. 
She immediately told D that if she ever travelled to Aus she would get me more of those. 
And one day when she was sorting her stuffs, 
D told me to join him in his parents room, 
and D's mum pulled out this beautiful box and told me it was for me. 
I was in awe when I saw so many hand creams inside! 
I was overjoyed not merely because of the gift, 
but also for the thought! 

4. Fibre Cleanse
 Because D knows I'd been struggling with constipation for the longest time, 
and he'd been dying to find ways to relieve this problem for me. 
He got me these fibre which I should consume every morning, 
and he knew I hate the fibre-ish taste and scent, 
he kindly picked this one that tastes like fruits, 
just so that I could enjoy the drink 
and then have a happy bowel session. 

5. Whitening mouthwash and toothpaste
Because I'd been dying to whiten my teeth ever since I used the wrong mouth rinse for about a month.
I started getting stains on my teeth. D knew how much it bothers me, 
so he brought me to the pharmacist and bought a set of teeth whitening products for me, 
and made sure that I use them everyday!
And I couldn't be any happier, 
because I have seen improvement on my teeth, 
they are really getting whiter and shinier! 
This stuff along with the toothpaste, 
really does work wonder! 

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