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Happy Things

Hello guys! 
I am back again with another happy things post. 

It's the once every four years 29th of February!
Of course I had to put up something happy!

1. Lunch pack 
Because D always knows how to up his game! 
It's amazing how he would always switch things up a little 
to keep me from feeling bored of the same kind of food. 
And I will always eat all the food he prepared
while grinning from ear to ear. 

2. Ribena
Because I didn't think D would buy me this, 
from our random stroll in 7-11. 
I was such a huge fan of ribena, 
so I'd always always crave for ribena, 
while D on the other hand isn't so happy with the idea of drinking ribena, 
because it's full of sugar and nothing else. 
I was super happy when he got me this, 
especially when he purposely picked the one with cranberry, 
which is my all time favourite! 

3. Heartshaped eggs breakfast
Because D makes the best egg on earth!!! 
I love the seasoning he uses it just made the egg soooo soooo sooo much tastier! 
Not forgetting his effort to cook them in the heart shaped mould!
And the chicken floss which was my favouriteeeeee!!
Super happy with this extra effort to make all these for me,
when he was already extremely sleep deprived every morning. 
D would always made sure I had my filling breakfast while he drove me to uni! 

5. Lamb sandwich with soy milk
Because D has never repeated any meal in a week, 
he would always give me different food every morning, 
so that I have something to look forward to. Hahahahah!
Thanks D for always cracking his head up for new menu and new food to prepare, 
and yet always made the tastiest meal and made me the happiest girl. 
D always surprised me with how thoughtful he is, 
when he prepared soy milk for me, 
so that I'd have something to go with the toast. 
Love it! 

5. Salad
Because it was before D left Malaysia for several days, 
and I told him he need not to prepare food for me, 
because all the vege left at home would have rotten by the time he got home. 
So he went to the market and got me this bowl of salad. 
I am super thankful that D would always have everything nicely planned for me. 

Anyway, at the end of the day, it isn't all about the things he got for me and how the things he got for me made me happy, because what matters was his thoughts! 
It's always his thoughts that touched my heart. 

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