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Happy Things

Ohhhhh! I think I am catching up on my happy things after all the spamming! :P

1. This spicy duck spaghetti
 Because it was our last FriDate before D flew to Thailand for 5 days trip! 
We had been seeing each other everyday for almost 5 months then, 
so it was really difficult for me to be apart with him. 
But I thanked him for spending one lovely evening out with me, 
doing our usual FriDate, 
even though his schedule was really packed. 

2. Sending D off to airport
 I know it should be something sad, 
but D's parents entrusted me with their house keys and car, 
it requires a lot of trust to be able to do that! 
So I was really honoured, 
and also happy that I got to spend a few more hours with D before he took off. 
Another thing that made me happy that day was
D's mum invited me to join them on their next trip, 
and I was over the moon because it means I never have to be apart from D anymore! Yeay! 

3. CNY!
 Because CNY is undoubtedly my fav festive season! 
I mean, just look at our cheery faces! 
I had fun reconnecting with relatives whom I hardly see, 
and talking to them about random stuffs, 
and also about D. 
Love spending time with my family members, 
and going places together.

4. Our first date after D returned
 Because we had some visiting programme lined up in the morning, 
and we certainly needed a little private time together, 
just enjoying each other's company! 
And one of our fav activities for a date, 
has got to be grocery shopping. 
Because D enjoys making me meals, 
so he would always bring me along for grocery shopping, 
and make sure that he buys stuffs that I love to eat. 

5. One year supply of handcreams
Because D is always so generous!! 
We were initially only buying one, 
but the store was having promotion, 
and he thought that I should become a member if I love their handcreams so much, 
so he generously bought me all of these, 
which we joked should be our one year supply. 
I couldn't thank D enough for always providing me some of the essentials, 
and always making sure that I am well taken care of. 
How can I not be happy with him by my side? 

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