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Happy Things

Here comes another series of happy things, 
which is the favourite series of D!

1. Instant noodle
Because I can't cook, 
so D bought me these when he learnt that I will be alone at home for a few days 
while he was on his vacation and my family away from home. 
I appreciate his simple little gesture to ensure that I am somewhat fed 
even when he was hundred miles away! 

2. Hydrangea bouquet
 Because it's not just about the flower, 
but it is how D has came to accept me. HAHAHAHA! 
D always hated the idea of making a complaint, 
but I on the other hand love demanding for consumers' rights, 
and I didn't like money spent on something unworthy. 
So I was super glad that D didn't angry at me when I secretly made a complaint. 
Besides, shout out to HAPPY BUNCH! 
Their after sales service was soooooo impressive! 
After complaining to them that the first batch of flower we received were not fresh, 
they sent us another complimentary one the following day. 

3. Ginger tea
 Because it is always bought at the right timing. 
And I love how it helps tremendously in soothing my insane cramp. 

4. Manuka Honey
Because D would always feed me with these, 
if he know I was going to get sore throat or a flu. 

 5. Lunch pack
Because I gave my feedback to D, 
telling him how much I love having ham in my salad, 
and how it enhanced the flavour, 
without the need for any dressing. 
And the next day, 
D gave me a generous amount of ham to go with my salad! 
Crazily attentive to my appetite! 

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