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Happy Things

Normally after the weekend, 
we could expect to see some happy things from me! 
 I am liking this routine and I am going to stick to it.

1. Tuna Sandwich
*didn't realize it was out of focus! 
I love how D always switch things up and make different kind of sandwich for me. 
This has gotta be one of my fav sandwich D has ever made! 

2. Lunch
 The previous times D hadn't been able to peel the eggs for me, 
and the departmental staffs were discussing about that event, 
I told D about it and then voila, 
nicely peeled eggs again! 
And this time D gave me loads of proteins with two eggs and two slices of ham! 
It was superb! 

3. Nail polishes
 Because I haven't gone through a day without having nail colours on, 
and this has been going on for the 5th year now? 
Therefore I am utterly thankful that my needs were well understood, 
and I was even gifted these so that I can use them in case I need to repaint my nails, 
and I don't have any with me. 

4. Wet tissues
Because I can't leave my house without a pack of wet tissues. 
And I normally go for really cute packaging, 
as it enhances the mood. 
So I was happy to see these cute little packaging of wet tissues, 
which is moist and it comes with a hint of fragrance! 
Just the way I love it!

 5. Some of my daily essentials
Gah! Didn't notice it went out of focus again. 
I think I have snapped them really well. Sigh. 
These two are my daily essentials I can't live without, 
I gotta have my mini wing liner on on a daily basis, 
and I normally do it with the Maybelline one,
just because it's really affordable and it comes in a really fine tip, 
perfect for me to work at the roots of my lashes. 
And my air puff! Essential when I am using my BB cushion! 
So I was over the moon when I got these items. 
These are the things I can't live without, 
just like how I can't live without D. 
Thank you! 

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