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Happy Things

Today's happy things are going to be Thai editions, 
because these are the items that D had kindly gotten for me, 
during this last trip to Thailand. 

I adore each and every single of the items that he's gotten for me, 
so I thought I would put some of my fav up into one post. 

1. Batiste Dry Shampoo
 I am a super huge fan of dry shampoo, 
and I haven't got the chance to get my hands on this brand until D recently got one for me from US. 
D knows how much I love Batiste Dry Shampoo, 
so I was really happy when he automatically picked this up for me, 
because he knew I love my hair to look volumised at the roots. 
My man sure does know me. 

2. Drugstore Mascara
 As much as I love my high end mascaras, 
I use these drugstore ones on a daily basis,
to uni specifically.
Because these waterproof ones are awesome and they do their job well. 
I really appreciate D's effort to go into the drugstore and cosmetic section, 
to try one by one on his hands and describe the products for me. 
No man would ever do that because they thought it was too embarrassing. 
But D was so helpful and understanding. 

3. Handmade coin purse
 Because I love bringing coins around, 
but I don't quite like putting them in my wallet, 
because my wallet can get really really heavy with my myriad of cards. -.- 
So, D spent his whole trip looking at cute coin purse, 
just to find one that he thinks win both functionality and look. 
He finally picked this one, 
and what can I say? 
He knows me well. 

4. Passport cover
 Because I'd been dying to get one of those high end ones,
but I never really gotten down to buying them every time I saw them. 
And when I saw D had a cute passport cover like the one above, 
I told him I wanted one too. 
He told me he would definitely make me one if he sees any, 
and yes he kept his promises. 
So happy that he picked a princess for me! 
And the colour combination was absolutely gorgeous! 

5. Fragrance soaps
 Which look like real flower / fruit. 
D bought me these for decoration purpose. 
And I am a home decor person!
So these made me really happy. 
I can't wait for my new room to be ready, 
then I will buy a nice plate kinda holder, 
and displace them on my vanity table! 

Tons of snacks, 
but really happy that D got me these. 
Because these cost a bomb in Malaysia! 
So happy that D always knows what I like, 
and what could make me happpyyyy!!  

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