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Happy Things

Work stress is killing me softly. 
So.. I guess it's best I look at some of the happy things and keep that put that happy mood on! 

1. Thai desserts
 I am always thankful that D knows my love for Thai food,
and would suggest Thai food every once in a while
although he doesn't like spicy and sour food himself. 
I am even happier that D always orders a dessert at the end of our Thai dining, 
because we both love thai desserts crazily. 

2. Simple dainty necklace
 I used to be just all about statement pieces, 
the bolder the better. 
But I think with age catching up, 
I have my eyes on more elegant stuffs, 
and from there my love for dainty necklaces developed. 
So happy that I have these two additions to my collections now. 
I love star! 
And D said I am a princess. So yeah! 

 Because I am loving romaine lettuce! 
They are so crunchy and easy to eat!
And D is always super thoughtful, 
he would always got me what suits my appetite the best! 

 Because no matter how much I stop D from buying snacks for me, 
that day will never come, 
as D fears that I would starve myself throughout the busier days of mine,
which is well, pretty much everyday now. 
I especially love the wafers! 
Massive fan of Vanilla so I was blown away when I tasted it!

5. Lunch delivery
It's amazing that whenever D learnt that I'd be having a long day, 
or I hadn't been sleeping enough, 
he would automatically deliver coffee and some savoury pastries for me during the mid-day. 
I am always always always grateful for his time to travel all the way, 
just to deliver these to me.
And made sure I'd have a safe drive home, 
and a filled tummy to work the day! 

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