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Happy Things

Happy things post to brighten up my Monday back at work. 

1. Breakfast
 It's not so much about the food, 
but the thought of preparing these. 
It reminds me again how I am always being prioritised, 
regardless of occasions. 

2. Dinner
 Instead of squeezing with crowds on Valentine's day, 
I got this awesome home cooked Valentine's dinner. 
all cooked and prepared by D. 
Appreciate D's effort to get me some lamb from the market,
and made it into this delicious main course for me. 

3. This Japanese cuisine
 Because it was a great catching up session with D's cousin, William. 
We had the best chit-chatting session. 
And I love how he casually talked about their family in front of me, 
as if I am part of them. 

4. Noodles
 Because I love how D always customise my ramen for me. 
And although it is a cheat meal, 
he would put so much effort into making it extra delicious and somewhat healthy for me. 

5. Surprise bouquet
I have never received anemone, 
so it was a refreshing change. 
And I love how D came to me with the bouquet hidden behind him, 
and how he kept turning his body to hide it from me. 
Love how D always surprises me!
Makes me mellow!

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