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Happy Things

It's been more than a week now since I last updated on this space. 
I have been extremely busy with scholarships application, then interview, 
and my aunt has been admitted to the hospital because of advanced stage stomach cancer. 
I have also been really busy with work as we were rushing for deadlines. 

So while I am waiting for my experiment to run, 
I would just quickly talk about some of the things that had been keeping me sane, 
despite the stress and hectic lifestyle.

1. Red Wine Chicken Udon
I normally felt extra lethargic and needed heaty food during that time of the month. 
And I have the best chef in the world, 
who would automatically cook these for me, 
once or twice a month. 

2. Japanese Miso Ramen Lunch
Because I love ramen, 
and although D was quite reluctant to let me eat instant noodle, 
I am truly spoilt when he occasionally allows me to eat these, 
and he even went the extra miles to cook them, 
and added so much more ingredients, of which are all my favourite. 

3. Beauty stuffs 
Because I have dyed my hair to yellowish undertone colour, 
and my previous eye brow mascara was more of a reddish tone one. 
Had been wanting to buy one but never got the chance.
And also, this face mask that is perfect for blemish prone skin, 
great for keeping the oil in control, 
as well as repairing those scars and redness. 
These two items are my daily essentials, 
so I was rejoiced to get them! <3

4. My beauty regime essentials
This eye cream is something I swear by, 
could never go on a day without using it. 
It instantly lifts the eyes, to reveal a brighter and energised look. 
I had been struggling with uneven eyelids all my life, 
and this eye lift is life-changing. 
Now I don't have to worry about waking up to uneven eye lids anymore. 
Next I have the sun protection base, which again changed my life drastically. 
I hadn't been able to find the most suitable sunblock for the longest time, 
they either clog pores or leaves a sticky residue. 
This doesn't only provides maximum protection, 
it is also non-comedogenic and gives a sheer pink tone, 
that emits a rosy glow. 
Truly grateful that my needs were understood. 
I am definitely the luckiest person to be taken care in every single way. 

5. Tea
Because I am a tea devotee! 
I love love love tea. 
I love green tea and English Breakfast especially, 
but lately I have been gravitating towards camomile tea, 
because I long for calmness and peace of mind. 
These has become my daily drink, 
as the fragrance was soothing to the mind,
and the taste was refreshing. 
Feels very lucky every time I boil these teabags! 

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