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Happy Things

Time flies! Can't believe it's the Friday already. 
I love Friday and I love the happy vibes on Friday. 
To keep this vibe going, 
I am here to talk about some of the happy things

1. Chocolate wafers
Wafers have got to be one of my favourite snacks of all time. 
I love the thin wafer crust on the outside, 
and how it is filled with creamy cremes inside. 
D knows my obsession with the previous purchase which was in vanilla flavour, 
he decided to get me another flavour and see if I would love them the same.
I absolutely adore this brand! 
The vanilla one has a sweeter taste, and this one is filled with dark chocolate creme, 
so it is not as sweet. 
But I really love how generous they are with the fillings! 

2. Clarins products
I have previously talked about how much I love their sunblock, 
and the previous one gave a subtle pinkish glow. 
I tried out this blue one about half a year ago, 
and I shocked many people because it left me looking really blue. 
But I love how it manages to calm my redness and even out my skin tone. 
And I have found the best way to use it, that it to blend with the pink one. 
The other product on the right, is the all new whitening serum! 
I highly recommend their whitening serum because it is absorbed so rapidly into the skin! 
It leaves no sticky or heavy residue, 
and it leave the skin looking brighter and skin tone appears more even. 
I was definitely overjoyed! 

3. Heart shaped pancakes!
Because D knows I love love love pancakes! 
So he would suggest making me pancakes every now and then for brunch. 
Sometimes when he was feeling very loved, 
he would even mold them into heart shaped! 
Absolutely adorable. 
He made me very happy with these cute looking and delicious pancakes!

4. Snowflake desserts!
It has been ages since I last eaten snowflake's dessert. 
But D has definitely re-introduced this obsession into my life again! 
I especially love the black sesame ones! 
They have all sorts of tapioca cubes in 4 different flavours, 
yam, sweet potato, black sesame and green tea! 
And perks of eating it with D? 
he would give me all of them! HAHAHAHHAHA! 
Happy girl! 

5. Salad 
I never used to like salads, 
because I don't like eating vegetables raw. 
But it has started to grow on me. 
All thanks to D, 
who would always do his best to make the salad looks and taste more appealing. 
I love how he would wash the vegetables several times, 
and when I told him how much I enjoy ham, 
he added loads of them for me! 
Feel very well taken care of! 

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