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Happy Things

Hello guys! It's Monday again. 
Where did the week go? I barely slept yet and the weekend was over. 
I had been really busy lately, 
everyday I am praying that god will spare me another hour extra to get all my things done. 
But oh well, not all wishes are granted. 
Ranting aside, I have some happy things that kept me alive. 

 This is my all time guilty pleasure. 
I love love love nyonya kuih. 
I love all things with shredded coconut, 
I think those are the simplest yet delicious sweet treats! 
I was exhilarated when D brought these along with him when he came to pick me up one evening. 
The pancake was thin and yummy, 
and they were so generous with the shredded coconut! 
So moist and juicy, and the portion was enormous! 

2. Fried bihun
 I love Fried Bihun and I think I can eat fried bihun for two months straight and still don't feel disgusted. 
Nahhhh.. Better not risk it. LOL. 
So anyway, D told me his parents love going to this place and they cook one of the best economic fried bihun he has ever tasted. He knows my love for fried bihun, so he kindly bought one for me, as my lunch one fine afternoon. 
Appreciate how D always knows what I love and give me what I love! 

3. Lunch pack
 Don't know if I have mentioned this, but I am such a spoilt girl now that D comes over to bring me lunch every single day! How amazing is that! 
I am truly touched by his perseverance and persistence! 
He is so amazing! 
He comes by everyday and never complained a single thing. 
He would diversify my simple salad and make sure I eat healthy! 

4. Birthday cake
Because mum's birthday celebration was supposed to be on the weekend, 
but her birthday falls on the weekday. 
And we thought we'd be horrible daughters if we just let her birthday passed without any celebration. 
I dropped by her favourite cake shop to buy her favourite cake. 
And that made her happy! 
And of course made us happy too!  

 5. Sandwich
Because it was another Friday, where D picks me up to the uni. 
And like he always did, he prepared breakfast for me. 
And I love that day's breakfast, it was tuna sandwich!!! 
I love how D always made really simple but incredibly delicious food. 
And I love how he would always pack nicely for me. 
He knew I ate like a dinosaur so he made enough food for me all the time. 
Super awesome to have someone who knows me inside out! 

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