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Happy Things

My life has been nothing but tired for the past week. My aunt died of metastatic stomah cancer, and I was down due to very bad flu. And also I had some very severe family drama going on, so yeah, I needed some happy vibes injected into me. 
Which is why I am digging out some of the things that spark joy! And the things are as follows: 

1. Mum's birthday celebration
 It made me really happy because D finally could join us casually and officially as an extension of my family! 
I was really happy that the whole luncheon turned out really well, 
everyone was at ease with each other, 
and we even spent some time strolling in the mall together afterwards. 
Simple things like these made me the happiest person on earth! 

2. Yummy lunch pack!
 I cannot stress enough how grateful I am for D's diligence,
and it was mind blowing. 
Although D had been preparing really simple lunch for me (salad), 
he never failed to fascinate me time and again with his endless creativity. 
Sometimes different dressing, sometimes different vege.

3. Stickers and markers!
 Call me a kid and I wouldn't mind,
because.... Look at these cute stickers! Who could resist cute stickers. 
I know I definitely cannot. 
I have always been a fan of cute stickers, 
not only they add cute elements to my belongings (stationeries), 
they also made labelling easier. 
You know things get mixed up in the lab and people always borrow my stationeries without returning them, so when I have stickers on, it made me easier to spot my stuffs if they are floating around in the lab. LOL. 
And markers!!! D knows how much I needed an assortment of coloured marker for tons of labelling work in the lab, so he decided to get me a new and complete set of markers! 
If this is not amazing I don't know what is. T_T

4. Green tea from Japan
 I am a tea lover and I must make myself tea every single day in the office. 
So it really warmed my heart when D suddenly shoved this into my hand one day, insisted that I bring these to office because the loose tea leaves weren't the most user friendly one. 
And what can I sayyyyy... I love love love it! 

5. Strawberries
Because D knows that Mitch and I both love strawberries, 
so he gotten these for us to share! 
I was over the moon when he brought these for me while he was fetching me to uni. 
He even took the leaves on top off so that I could eat them easily. 
Thoughtful or what!!! 

Everyday with D and my family is a blessing. They are the motivations for a happier me! 

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