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Happy Things

I have been so busy lately. I think that's how I start my happy things post every single time. LOL. 
But yeah, busy days wear me out very easily. So these happy things play an important role to keep my spirit uplifted. 

1. Salad
 I could still remember how I thought raw vegetables were absolutely disgusting and I would try my level best to avoid eating salad at all costs. 
And now? Thanks to D I've been eating salad pretty much everyday. 
I love how it makes me feel less guilty but giving me the energy during the mid-day. 
Of course, D's consistent effort was the one thing that made me really happy. 

2. Bag hook
 Everyone brings their handbag around to the mall, to restaurant etc. 
How many find it somewhat inconvenient when it comes to dining with your bag sitting in front of you? 
D's mum has kindly given me this hook which she's gotten during her last overseas trip. 

3. Room decor
 Some time ago, I told D how much I wanted to decorate his room, to give it more of a homey feeling. So we had been scavenging for simple and nice yet affordable home decor items. 
I was so happy that D finally agreed to get these! 
It makes me happy to see now his bed header has our initials on! 

4. Fresh rose
 I am such a huge fan of fresh flowers! 
And I really adore the idea of using fresh flowers as decoration. 
But I am gutted by how easily they wilt and how high maintenance it could be to have fresh flowers indoor. 
But D, who is ever so generous and lovely,
has granted my wish by started with buying a cute mini vase, 
followed by picking up 3 strands of fresh flowers, 
one of them being pink rose! 
I love love love how it elevates the aesthetic of the room! 

5. Brunch
 D is definitely a Sunday morning gym person. 
So it had been difficult to find time for Sunday brunch (what I really love doing). 
I was over the moon when D rescheduled his gym time, 
just so that he could bring me out for brunch. 
We strolled along Bangsar Telawi street and we saw this place,
which I love, but it is also the most difficult place to get seats. 
Thanks to D's immense patience, I finally got to try out their brunch. 
And the verdict? 
I LOVE IT!!!! 

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