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Happy Things

As I am feeling super stressful after a discussion with my prof, 
I decided to write about things that made me happy, 
just to reprieve me from the gallows. 

1. Lovely family luncheon
 Because I love how D always included me in any of his family function. 
And this one today was special because it was a full moon buffet party. 
I had the one of the best time with D at the luncheon. 

2. Dinner cooked by D
I am not a massive eater, so I appreciate when D cooks simple food like this, 
which shouts healthy but delicious! 
D always makes me salmon because of how nutritious it is, 
and he would always add on some greens so that I'd have a healthy digestive system. 
D also prepared clam chowder for me that day! 
I absolutely love clam chowder. 
Fun fact: I always made my Sims character cook clam chowder hehe

 3. Lunch pack
I had been so crazily into healthy eating, 
after loads of desserts sessions in the previous months! 
And it was another lovely salad, but this time with a different dressing, sesame.
I love how D took extra time to tear the leafy vegetables into smaller pieces so that it's easier for me to eat them without splashing the dressing all over me. <3

 4. My favourite candy
 This is my favourite candy of all time!!! 
I love love love eating these as they have tentacles-like surface which sticks to the tongue. HAHAHAH! 
Thanks D for getting my favourite candy for me, 
and I normally pop one into my mouth whenever I am feeling extra stressful. 

5. Teavana
These two packets of amazing loose tea flew in all the way from the US! 
D has bought this long time ago when he learned how much I love my tea, 
and how I can't live a day without drinking tea. 
He ordered and delivered to his friend's house in the US, 
but due to delayed delivery, 
he couldn't give me on time. 
But on one of our monthsary celebration, 
he whipped out these two upon fetching me and I was all smile. 

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