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Happy Things

I have been a little sleep deprived lately, and that has made me quite irritable. I feel really sorry for D who had to live with that side of me. LOL. But yeah, here are the bibs and bobs that had made me a happier person!

1. Glow granola bars! 
I am the kind of person who grabs a bar or two and leave the house if I spend too long curling my hair. LOL. Bars like these also come in handy if I have a busy day at work and couldn't spare more time out for lunch. But these bars are a little more special than the usual ones, as they are high in collagen! D knows how much of a collagen addict I am! 
Which is why he kindly got me these, 
not to just fill my tummy, but also to provide some collagen boost at any time of the day! 

2. Fresh daisy
We've been having so much fun looking for a different variety of fresh flowers! 
And for this week, we opted for yellow daisy! 
Having some fresh flowers around just make me so happy! 

3. Red wine chicken 
This has probably got to be the only reason I enjoy 'that time of the month'. 
D got his hands dirty in the kitchen again and prepared this mouthwatering dish for me! 

4. Family luncheon
Because it was only my parents and me. 
I'd rarely spend time alone with them so it was most definitely a great experience. 
I felt like I was the only child. HAHAHAAH! 
It was so great to catch up with them, something I feel like I haven't done for ages. 
Though simple, it was one of the best lunches ever! 
I was also super excited that my parents bought a few buns for D after we finished our lunch! 
Thoughtful parents are thoughtful! 

5. Crab meat salad
Oh yes... I had jumped on the eat clean and healthy band wagon, 
and now I just couldn't stand myself eating too much oily food. 
And D, being a healthy conscious person, 
had been really supportive. 
When he knows I am all into eating clean, he brought me to this lovely restaurant, and ordered my favourite crab meat salad! 
I love how the crab meat added a little bit of sweetness to the otherwise bland vegetables. 
This has become my all time fav salad! 

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