Thursday, December 18, 2014

18th December

Dear Diary,

I know it's been really long since I last posted something up. I am also entirely ashamed of the fact that I often succumbed to laziness. Now though, I thought I would start writing down pieces of short article about how my life goes each day. I was actually inspired by a YouTuber, Amelia Liana, who started out this 5 Years Diary aspiration. I would really love to see what are my life like and how much I will be changing within 5 years time, given these 5 years time are probably the most crucial times where I would graduate, graduate again, fall in love, and get married *fingers crossed*.

I am on my usual routine today, woke up really early in the morning today and came to my lab. I honestly have nothing much to do lately, also because I permitted myself to take a breather while waiting for other lab materials to arrive, hence the time for posting this up.

Few days ago an antibody arrived at my doorstep and I foolishly made a mistake by handing in the Delivery Order and Invoice to my central office while I should really hand in to the research building. So, I had to collect it from my central office. That's pretty much the ONLY important thing I did this morning. LOL.

So here comes the thought of the day:

Since I am hated  by many, due to unknown reasons, I decided to really be as nice as possible to as many people as possible. I live by this quote which says, LOVE ALL, TRUST A FEW, DO HARM TO NONE. But really due to my utterly oblivious character, I think I made a colleague mad at me. She just kept showcasing how much she dislikes me, and it disgusted me really much every time I see her. Still, I keep my cool, and I pretend as if nothing happened. I guess that's life, most of the times, no matter how hard we try, we could never please everyone. I just had to let this out because she stormed into my lab many times today but she never even bother to say hi, I would really let her pass for even a fake smile, but I see no effort of her doing so. Such a disappointment. We used to be really close, at least I thought we were close.

On a lighter note, I have something cheeky to talk about. My colleague T texted me yesterday in full blown excitement about him bumping into K, someone who asked me out for movie about a fortnight ago, which of course ended up nothing since he wasn't really showing interest and I have my guards on.

So, according to T, he bumped into K when he was on his way out of the hospital. Without he realizing, he dropped his ID card, and K who followed all along picked it up for him (very kind gesture).  K then asked T if he was from Department of P, which he answered yes. K then continued to ask T if he is the one who hangs out a lot with me, of course he had to respond yes. T then claimed that K asked if I am single, that according to T, he hesitated before giving an answer of yes. K then asked for my phone number, which T refused to tell me if he has done that or not.

Now this whole thing deemed unconvincing to me. But when I saw T today and confronted him, I told him to look into my eyes are tell me was the whole thing a made up story, he said calmly it was true. I don't buy it though. Let us see in the end if this whole incident was just a made up story or it actually did happen.

So I guess that's all I have to report today.

Back with more updates daily. :D

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fresca Mexican Kitchen & Bar

Hello blogosphere, I am back again to share a cosy cafe which is on the pricier side. This cafe, should I regard it as a cafe, I don't know... So, back to my point, this place is great to just chill out with friends, and is definitely better if you are an alcohol drinker, they have a vast variety for you to choose from, there must be one that suit your taste. But, we were there to chill out in the late afternoon, so we went for things that's under category of PG13. LOLOL. 

Look at the interior design? 
Isn't it so vintage yet kept up with a touch

It was definitely a very happy day for all of us! 

P/s. I used to think that blogging is important when there are people who are reading them, I tend to blog for the others to see and soon I forgot the joy of simply writing a diary for my own. I am trying to find this contentment again, so if you really care to read, just follow me, I won't be posting any link on any social media anymore. :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jake's Charbroil at Medan Damansara

I did bring up this name Jake's charbroil some time ago, but I didn't get the chance to dine there since it was fully booked. This time we were smart enough to reserve a few days ahead, STILL, we were requested to finish our meal before 8pm because there will be another family coming in for our seat. I am in awe how popular this steakhouse is.

If you haven't already known, many renowned politicians even our previous Prime Minister once dined in this humble steakhouse and its fame has burgeoned since then. It has also opened another branch in Starhill gallery. So, for easier access, just drive yourself to Starhill Gallery, but if you are like us, who love all things original, visit this good old steakhouse instead! 

I don't know if you can tell, 
but the steak diner is decorated according to Cowboy setting.
All the waiters wears a cowboy hat, 
adding more "Wild Wild West" to the already very American cowboy setting. 

Frankly speaking, it doesn't have the best ambiance. 
The isle is rather narrow, 
the seats best accommodate 4 person, 
the extra ones would have to be seated at the isle with an extra table attached to it. 
But one thing that's eye opening is that, 
most of their customers are Caucasians!

I love me some escargots! 
Escargots are among my fav, especially when it's done right! 
This one here, is prepared in a way that's different from what I usually had,
it lacks the creamy and cheesy taste to it, 
but nonetheless, it was amazing! 

Not so interesting garlic bread. 
I preferred bread that is served with butter. YUMS!

I think this was Lobster Bisque. 
Since I had it once, 
I always go for Lobster Bisque when it comes to western soup. 

This is Jake's Charbroil Chicken. 
I think this is among their star item since it has the name of the steakhouse. 
It was juicy and delicious! 

This is Bombay Chicken!
Which is also a recommendation from the waitress. 

Australian Lamb Ribs (marinated ribs charbroiled to medium well, served with BBQ sauce or spiced lemon bernaise sauce)

Grilled Medallion Of Salmon with chervil butter and caviar.

I think you can probably tell by the food we ordered that we are not a huge fan of beef, and unfortunately the star here is BEEF! If you are a great beef lover, I am sure they would have something that cater to your taste buds. 

Jake’s Charbroil Steaks (
No.21, Jalan Setiapuspa,
Medan Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur
GPS Co-ordinates: N3 08.399 E101 39.481
Tel: 03 2094 5677

Friday, July 11, 2014

Great tea time deals at Delicious

I am combining two days into one, since they are only at the same place. So, please bear with the amount of photos I am putting up into this one blogpost.

Let's get started.

I became a fan of Delicious when I first started blogging and reading people's blog. It was quite a thing because previously, Malaysia hasn't really been flooded with all sort of cafes and Delicious was one of those with okay food but very great environment. But now.... The city has flourished into a cafe city. LOLOL.

It was a crazy scorching hot day! Heat waves heat waves, wave after wave, wave after wave~~~~ *I am cueing song again* HAHAHHAHAHAHHAH!

Look at the sun beaming into the car, I could barely open my eyes, like the sun swore to roast me to golden perfection. LOLOL.

 Tea time with my BFF! 
Can never ever find anymore BFF like her. <3

So... I was saying it's a great deal! YES!!!
You order a cup of tea and you would be given a slice of cake or the one I was having there for free! 
GOSHHH!!! I cracked my head so badly but still I couldn't recall the name of it. 
This is what aging has done to me. 

Hello pretty BFF!!! 

I love tea sooooo much lately,
especially English Breakfast! Hahahhahaha.
Quite typical I know, but that's just my cup of tea! :P

After a fortnight, I brought my sisters to the enjoy the great deal! Hehhehehe. 

Youngest sister!

The sister after me. 

Me obviously. LOLOL. 

Just loads of photos for viewing! LOL. 

That's all! 
Bye dollies!