Friday, July 31, 2015

Afternoon Tea at Shangri-La, KL

It was daddy and mummy's wedding anniversary, so I reserved 5 places for the family at Shangri-La Hotel, KL for a lovely bonding afternoon.

Shangri-La is one of the most renown hotel group in the world, almost everyone would have heard of Shangri-La, or yearn to stay there for once. I hope my photos and words do the hotel justice, because the hotel was really beautiful and posh, and it doesn't help now with my sleepy head as I am tapping these words away.

We were a little ahead of our reservation time, so, we had to utilize the time we had to stroll around and snap away!

 I believe this is the Lemon Garden Cafe. 
It is outdoor and the sun was blazing, if you are a sun person, 
this place would've been perfect for a cuppa. 
But, I'd prefer the luxury of air-conditioner rather than the sun glaring directly at us. 

 This fountain is quite a signature for Shangri-La KL I suppose. 
I was in love immediately with the lush designs of the hotel, the high ceilings, the dim lighting, and the fresh flowers arrangement all around the hotel area, I was quietly ticking off these luxurious hotel must have list in my head. 
Not forgetting, their service was sterling! Staffs were friendly and were always smiling. 

 The staffs kindly reserved seats beside the lush water garden! 
We marvelled at the beautiful scene through the floor-to-ceiling glass walls, 
it was quiet, the greenery was soothing to the eyes, 
and you get a lot of privacy!
However, my mum, being all princess-y, 
complained that the sun was too hot for her liking, 
so we were then given an ordinary place. LOL! 

 They have a nice selections of cakes for your indulgence. 

 Vast variety of tea leaves for you to pick from! 

 "I'm gonna swing from the chandelier~~~" 

 We picked two different teas, 
I went for one with caramel infused tea and I can't remember the other one. 
I love how they provide honey as the sweetener instead of sugar. 
It adds so much aroma and taste to the tea! 

Then I thought, it would be such a waste if I didn't take enough photo by the beautiful lush water garden, so my sister and I sneakily went there to take few more photos. Hahaha! The staffs were really nice and lovely! They allowed us for photo taking even though the table needed some re-arrangement to accommodate the next group of customers who have reserved this place beforehand.

When we were done romping around the place like small kids, our three-tier afternoon tea set was served.

 The classic tea set came with :
Truffled Egg Mayonnaise and Caviar in Brioche
Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Roll
Tuna with Pepper and Guacamole in Saffron Roll
Chicken and Mushroom with Mustard Sandwich in Puff

Feuillantine Hazelnut Gateaux
Classic Baked New York Cheese Cake
Raspberry Macaroon
Passion Fruit and Mango Mousse Dome
Chocolate Pralines

Almond Cake
Marble Cake
Scones, both plain and with raisins and sultanas, served with mascarpone cream, strawberry and apricot jam
Fruit platter.
The Malaysian Afternoon Tea set came with:
Percik Chicken Pie, Deepfried Salmon Spring Roll, Golden Spiral Curry Puff and Gado Gado, which has shredded vegetables in a crispy nest with tangy peanut sauce.

Sweet delectable Malaysian treats include Royal Palm Coconut Pandan Crepe, Red Bean Apam Balik with Sweet Cream Corn, Mango and Jackfruit Trifle Pudding with Red Pomelo, Sarawak Pineapple and Kaya Swiss Roll, Lychee Almond Tart, Malay Kuih Lapis, Kuih Talam and Kuih Sago. There is also the Fresh Sliced Fruit Platter.

We were almost feeling quite full when we were half way through the set. My dad ordered another Lobster bisque to relish in. So, we were really taking it slow in the lobby lounge, as though the world has slowed down with us. We were always in a haste, be it eating or walking. lol. So, I really like the idea of having afternoon tea with my family!

I certainly wasn't lying when I said the staffs were really nice! Before we finished with our food, she came to us and offered us two slices of cakes!!! If this is not kindness I don't know what is.

 Poached pear pie. 

 Apricot cake. 
I have never tasted an apricot cake in my life, 
but this was really good! 
My mum just couldn't stop eating it. 

They do provide smoking area too, so you could enjoy afternoon tea and smoke and die alone outside if you're a smoker. HAHHAHAHAHHA!

The price for each set was RM80 nett. And the parking fee was RM10.

Anyway, it was such an amazing experience. It was really nice living high off the hog once in a while, just relaxing and chatting without rushing time.

11 Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, 50250, Malaysia
T:(60 3) 2032 2388

Thursday, July 23, 2015

TWG Tea Boutique and Salon, Pavillion

It is yet another tea session at TWG, but this time we are enjoying ourselves at Pavillion branch, which is also my personal favourite!

During our last visit at Sunway Pyramid's branch, we saw this high tea set which costs RM68nett for high tea set, that is sufficient to serve for 2 pax. We thought it's a pretty good deal, since the one we had that day came up to above RM75, we couldn't get this bargain off our mind and decided to go for this set this time round.

 Forgotten what tea we opted for. 
There is no need to fret about what tea to opt for, 
the staff would recommend you according to your preference! 

 Serviette instead of napkin? 

 We were there upon Mother's Day celebration!
That explains the existence of carnation in my mum's handbag. LOL. 

 The first food served, 
chicken that tasted like terriyaki, 
Green curry and satay akin chicken. 
It was really good! 

 And here comes the 3 tiers. 

 Of course the top, we have desserts. Yummmsssss.. 
All their desserts were on fleek! 
Macarons, nicely done, not too sweet. 
Raspberry mini tart was great, sweet with a hint of sour, the way I like it. 
And the chocolate pie was the bomb! 

 Sandwich and a little cake. 
Sandwich was great! 
And the green little cake was really sweet! 

Egg pie and salmon pie. 
Both were amazing! 

TWG tea boutique and salon has got to be my favourite all time afternoon tea go-to!

Give it a go! I am sure you would love it as much as I do, even my sister who does not even have a sweet tooth is loving their desserts.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Restoran Todak, Masai, JB

As much as I love posh upmarket restaurant for Chinese cuisine, I do like having seafood with view with occasional sea breeze come brushing on our face, as though they are telling how much they welcome us. If you are like me, you would have heard of or visited this place, Restoran Todak, which is a renown seafood place in Johor Bahru. 

If you have sharp eyes, you could probably spot the cranes behind. That is a shipyard of Sembawang, Singapore! The weather was pretty good for me, it was slightly grey-ish, but I love grey days! So yeay! 

And this side is just so MALAYSIA. LOL. 

My dad picked out the best seafood of our liking, and you will see a lot of shells lol, That's just what we like! 

Fried rice, 
which is rather bland and just oily. 

We need our fibre intake, so here is some vege. 
Which was pretty normal. 
And again, OILY!

Asam steamed fish. 
I am a huge fan of asam flavoured food! 
And this was quite all right! 

Garlic steamed shells. 
It is a really simple dish,
just place all those chopped garlic and a but of ginger and steam them! 
It is tastier when you eat them with the garlic on top! 
Though you may have to struggle through the day with stinky breath. lol. 

Kam Heong style fried shel. 
This is another type of shell, which shame of me, I have forgotten the name. 
There were too many choices, 
even my dad who picked them can't remember. LOL. 
This was gooooddddd! 

Another garlic steamed shell. This is pearl scallop! 
Which tastes good, provided if you eat them with the garlic! Hahhhaa! 

The food was okayyyyy, not very impressive or amazing that I was astonished, but they were really fresh! 

One down side to this place is that, it is wayyyyy too crowded and you need to wait very long before they serve your food. And it is crazily overpriced!!!!! Our total came up to above RM350, which was super crazy!!! 

I will never revisit this place again. I could simply get food like this at the fraction of this price at some other places, which cook even better and serve faster. lol. But if you are keen to eat fresh seafood and you love a bit of view and sea breeze, you could give this place a go!  

Restoran Todak
No. 1, Kampung Orang Asli, Telok Jawa, 
Masai, 81750 Johor Bahru, 
Tel: +607 386 3696