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My Althea's Wishlist for Christmas 2018
Gone are the days where I was completely devoted to Western beauty,  I am a total convert now! 
This place has been around since 2015.  I could still remember those days when the hype revolving this cafe was insane.  As you may hav...
Brunch at Yellow Brick Road @ Batai Village, Damansara Heights
Best mineral sunblock for oily/acne prone skin- Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway
Regardless of your age and skin type, sunscreen/sunblock is the most important skincare step in your morning regime.
If you haven't heard of this word, or this place, or seen a photo of this place on your Instagram, I will have to assume that you'...
Birch DC Mall KL - Brunch at an instagram-worthy cafe
New Menu Unlocked at Naughty Nuri
Do you think you are the master of ribs?  Probably not this year as  Naughty Nuri  has found their first ever Ribs Master on the 9th of...
Table and Apron - delicious Asian fusion delight in PJ
Omulab PJ Section 17- Innovative omelette dishes
Nestled under a luxurious residence, this lesser known area keeps seeing returning patrons,  you may wonder why?  But I guess the answe...
Authentic Japanese Restaurant Kimi-Ya in Old Klang Road, PJ
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