Monday, April 27, 2015

Thai Thai @ Sunway Pyramid

I guess I need no explanation for my obsession for Thai cuisine. Hahahaha. 

This is a rather strangely located restaurant I would say. It is in between a jewellery shop and a beauty shop. It has a small entrance, with a menu displayed at the entrance. You may check out the price and the food they offer before stepping into the shop. 

We have always contemplated dining here, but the price kind of scared us away. 
But this day, we decided to give it a go. 

And when I stepped into the restaurant, I was enraptured by the beautiful interior designing. 
It is yet, another modern Thai restaurant. 
Besides, the place is incredibly spacious once we stepped into it. It has a long stretch to the end, quite a number of seats to cater to their multitude customers. 
Needless to say,  this place is always crowded! 

This is the infamous Thai style of cooking chicken. 
I guess you could tell that I forgot the name of it. HAHAHAHA. 
Every bite is a burst of fragrance coming from the spices. 
Chicken is nicely cooked, not too hard nor too soft. 
Loved it. 

I don't know how many out there hate this dish, 
Hahahahahahha. I love how unique petai tastes. LOL. 

Another style of chicken. 
Again, have problem with remembering the name. 
But it tastes great!!! 
Soury and spicy. Perfect combination.

Can't eat rice without an omelette, 
because we are omelette fanatic.

Tom yam soup!
This is among the best tom yam soup I have ever had! 
I even shed tears because it was just way too spicy! 
But I really loved it! 

I think this place is definitely worth a try, if you have a couple of hundreds to spare for the month.
It is, indeed, slightly overpriced. 
But their speed of food serving is really fast! 
And the food was really delicious! 
Our total bill was about 350 including 3 drinks and taxes. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Yew's cafe, Taman Perling

Whenever we visit Johor state, we tend to try more western cuisine and cafe rather than ordinary Chinese cuisine. It was because, the Chinese food here was overpriced, and the total would be equitable to that of western cuisine. For the price that we are paying, we would always opt for western cuisine, which is usually overpriced anyway. LOLOL. If that makes sense....

So anyway, we saw this great restaurant, which its chain has mushroomed all around JB since their first branch and had even evolved into beauty lines and such. WOW!

This cafe has a mixed decorations. As much as I would like to say it is nicely decorated, it has a slightly Malay-ish decoration, which is not really up to my liking. And, they were using plastic chairs, which was quite a disappointment for me, because it made the whole place looked rather cheap.

Anyhow, we enjoyed our time there, on a casual Sunday afternoon, because the place was not crowded. So we got to talk and laugh the way we liked it.

Let's get straight into the food and opinions.

 Yew's salad. 
Which, the salad dressing is the BOMB. 
I think it's sesame salad dressing, I dunno.
But we all gone berserk, because it tasted so good!

Cod fish spaghetti. 
I think the portion is rather small for the price we are paying. 
The food was not very impressive but it was okay!

Onion soup.
A dish most of the restaurants could nail it. 
Again, it wasn't super impressive or unforgettable, 
but it was good. 

Asian delight for my dad. 
He picked Nasi Briyani, 
which came in a fancy pot. 
It tasted pretty good according to my dad. 

Quite an average one. 
And I can't stress enough how the portion is not on par with the price. 

Grilled salmon. 
Again! The portion, is rather devastating. LOL. 
They should not have been so stingy on the amount of ingredients they are using. LOL. 
There wasn't any wow factor,
but it was ok to fill the tummy. 

Overall, the place here offers average quality food, but the portion is really very small compared to other western cafes/ restaurants. 

Address: No. 266, Jalan Persisiran Perling 1, Taman Perling, Johor, 81200 Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I'm Spicy, SS17 PJ

Recently, I am gravitating towards Thai cuisine a lot, and I made it a point to eat at least once in a week. Well, the fact is, I don't love it as much as my mum does. I have been searching for great Thai cuisine because I really wanted to bring my mum to savour in her favourite cuisine.

Working/ Studying in PJ all weekdays, have given me a chance to explore the city more. I have a bunch of friends who live in PJ and I have heard them raving about the Thai food around their neighbourhood. So, I did my own research and stumbled upon this little place.

I was instantly drawn to this place when I saw the beautiful interior designing. I have never imagined Thai cuisine can look so modern and hipster. It is a reminiscent of hipster coffee house or bakery, with red bricks all over them, large and rectangular wooden table and cemented seat and a mixture of some steel stools.

I was really impressed with how clean and neat the place is. And another plus point is that this place is fully air-conditioned. It is definitely a big yay for a sweltering hot weather like this, especially in this drought season of Malaysia. This place is managed by a group of Thais. I mean, of course, you gotta eat Thai cuisine from the Thais right?

Chillies, chilli flakes, soy sauce and sugar for you to customize to your own relish. 

I'm Spicy, special blend. (RM9.00++)
It's a mixture of pandan, leomgrass, lime and mint leaves.
This is really refreshing and cooling, perfect for a hot weather. 
The taste of lemongrass was really strong, but I thought it was perfect for me, 
as I was suffering from flu that day. 

Mango salad! (RM8.00++)
My mum just absolutely adore this dish. 
It's a combination of spicy and sour, lol, obviously. 
And the salad dressing was really good too. 
With peanuts blended and mixed in. 
Great one! 

 Tom Yam Soup with glass noodle. 
It was very spicy because all I could remember about this dish was 
I had to use quite a few of paper towels to keep my snot at bay. LOLOL. 
Wow there, TMI. Hahahahhaha. 
And.... *ding ding* this is especially tasty because they used pork! 
Everything tasted extra better with pork. LOL. 

 Stewed pork with flat noodle. 
My sister relished the gust of it. 
It was nicely done. The flavouring was just at the perfect amount. 
And the beancurd that has absorbed all the goodness,
when it burst in your mouth. 
It was as if a volcanic eruption of rainbow in your mouth. LOL. 

Spicy and Sour soup, pork noodle. 
My mum loves it. 
Spicy and sour, all my mum's favourite flavour in one bowl, 
what else can she ask for? 

Thai style chendol. 
It is quite different from what we have in Malaysia. 
They have slices of jackfruit and honeydew in it. 
And they use milk instead of coconut milk, I am guessing? 
Nonetheless, it tasted refreshing and great. 

I think we may have visited the place in the wrong session, because we were hoping for tom yam soup and green curry etcetera, the typical Thai dishes. We were handed with only a menu of Thai street food. So, I am guessing, they serve different types of food for lunch and dinner session? I am thinking to revisit them again to try their tomyam soup and other proper thai food. 

I’m Spicy Thai Restaurant
1, Ground Floor, Jalan 17/45,
46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS3.11875, 101.62982
Tel03-7954 2281 11.00am- 11.00pm except Tuesday 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

TWG Tea @ Sunway Pyramid

This is probably the newest and nearest afternoon tea provider around Klang Valley. I have once tried the one in Pavillion and I had been craving for the impeccably fragrant tea, with all the delightful desserts, and OMG, don't even get me started on the macaroons. Not forgetting, the sterling service too!

I was of course, incredulous when I first found out that they were opening at Sunway Pyramid. To me, a tea saloon should only be opening at the top notch malls. But I am so glad that they open here anyway, it means I do not have to travel miles and miles just for the tea.

My sister, who is also a huge tea drinker, came along with me for this beautiful afternoon tea session.

One of the good service that I absolutely adore, 
is the fact that they allowed us to choose the seats we desire. 
We picked a place at the side, where it is less visible and has more privacy, 
and has a beautiful backdrop of all the beautiful teapots. 

Selfie skill needs improvement. LOL.

The waiter there, was the one who served us. 
He recommended us tea that was really suitable for both of us. 
He was also super friendly. 
And always laughing. LOL!

 The experience wouldn't have been this amazing for it wasn't their golden teapot. LOL. 

 Whole loads of macaroons to choose from. 
And I picked..... 
Blackcurrant, passion fruit and rose!

We went for Fortune Tea set, 
that comes with 3 macaroons, 
2 scones/a dessert of our choice,
and sandwiches of our choice.

OMG I love macaroons I can't even......

Look at the staff who intentionally photobombed us. LOL. 

This is more like a photoblog than a proper blogpost, because there is nothing much to talk about. LOL. But it was a super awesome experience and I am hoping to come back again for their updated high tea menu! :D

Monday, April 13, 2015

Youmiqi Shun De Cuisine, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng

I remembered seeing the name of this restaurant on someone else's Instagram post last year and I had been dying to visit this place ever since. I became more drawn to this restaurant, especially after seeing my friend visited there twice in a very short time interval, this only indicate that this place serves great food that is worth a second visit. 

Since this is a upmarket Chinese restaurant, I picked a nice Saturday afternoon to eat high off the hog, and also to ensure a great experience, I made my reservation ahead.

The building of this restaurant is a nice and small, one and a half storey bungalow. It looks pretty simple on the outside, with a touch of elegance. Upon scrutinisation, you would see the little intricate crafting that have altogether added a combination of oriental and modern feel to the entire place.

We were served with these appetiser once we were seated. 

They served spicy beans and herbal chicken legs. (RM7.00 each)
I relish these unique appetisers, which is contrary to other Ordinary Chinese restaurants that serve nuts etcetera. 
I heard chicken legs are high collagen source. 
So indulge yourself with a flush of collagen. LOL.

The cutleries are pretty simple. 
I wish they were made from ceramic, which gives a sturdy touch;
rather than these plastic-ish cutleries.
By the way, we ordered hot tea. 
Which taste rather diluted and bland. LOL.

The Birthday Girl, Jasmine!

Honestly, we found the menu was a little overwhelming. We didn't know what to eat and I didn't do enough research to know what are their renown dishes. HAHAHHAHHA. Shame on me.

Anyway, the food ordering process went well with the assistance from a knowledgeable and helpful staff.

This is the first thing being served. 
In all honesty, we were all freaked out when we saw this. 
We were thinking how on earth were we going to finish this!! 
But turned out, it's just a tool to steam those fishes and chicken that we ordered. 

They would place the fishes piece by piece on a steaming tray, 
and set timer and allow them to cook. 
Whilst we were waiting, 
they served other dishes that we have ordered, 
to keep our boredom at bay. 

Apparently, they are very well known with their Yong Tau foo.
We picked this dish, which came in 3 different varieties. 
I think all of them tasted surperb!!! 
They are long beans, lotus and eggplant! 
It tasted salty, but and crispy and just really nice!! 

Then we also had this, mushrooms. 
This is like an ordinary oyster sauce style of cooking. LOL.
But I think it tasted really great and I love it! 

I have totally forgotten to snap how the fish and chicken looked when they were done. 
But after we have eaten all the meat, 
they removed the steaming tray and left with a big bowl of soup!
I believed it's boiled with herbs and dates, 
hence the strong flavoured.
While you may expect this to taste bitter due to the use of herb, 
it tasted sweet with the abundance of dates used. 
It was one of the best soup I have ever had in my life, I kid you not. 

If you have FB/ Instagram account, don't forget to check in at YouMiQi, because you will be given free dessert, as below:

Coconut Milk Jelly. 

And this is another dessert that we ordered, 
it is the renown oatmeal bun!
OMG it tasted soooooo good, unlike any other bun I have ever tasted in my life. 
I really really really love it. 
Crispy and fragrant on the outside, 
sweet and thickened on the inside. 
This is a must try! 

  1. Address: Exit Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur