Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Things

 Because D knew that I was unhappy the night before, 
so he purposely came to see me the next day,
just to make sure that I was fine, 
and he even prepared simple meal for me. 
Although it was just a really simple meal, 
it kept me happy for the whole day, 
both my tummy and my heart. 
D showed me how powerful love can be, 
it brought me out of darkness, 
and it turns frowns to smiles. 

 Because I had been dying to recreate this lovey dovey photo
that comes along with infamous relationshipgoals hashtag. 
But it was difficult to get a nice shot while the car was moving, 
so D stopped the car by the side of the road, 
just so that I could take a perfect shot. 
Though this was nothing, 
but I was in awe, 
how he could even take care of little things like this so well, 
in order to keep me happy. 

 Because D ALWAYS know what I love. 
Anyhow, it wasn't the the gift that was the prime reason I was so happy, 
it was how I am always on his mind. 
It feels absolutely wonderful to have someone tell you, 
"I got you something and I am sure you'd like them". 
And through the guessing game, we have given this snack a new name, 
the Magic Wand,
to go with the whole unicorn magical land theme. 

 Because it was the first time D and I did grocery shopping together. 
Apart from buying all his necessities, 
he never forgets about getting some stuffs for me too. 
He got me these, which are all my favourite food, 
so that they would keep me awake on the sluggish road, 
and also to keep me mildly filled on days when I am too occupied. 
It was because of D, 
that I know being prioritised and pampered everyday, 
feels as if miracles were happening every single day, 
my mundane life has been injected with new lives.
Craisins again. 
Just because D promised that he would get me more of these, 
if he sees the bigger packets. 
And there you go, 3 large sized craisins, 
in my favourite pomegranate flavour. 
One of my favourite things about D is how he always walk the talk. 
He keeps to his promises, 
and he turn all his promises into actions. 
It wasn't the food and the gifts he gifted to me that made me such a happy person, 
it is actually the person he is. 

POOLS sound art event at SGFA

I have never seen, oh wait, listened to sound art before, so this was definitely something new to me. 
Which explained why I was overjoyed to receive an invitation to this event.

I honestly had no idea on what to expect on that day, but I was definitely nervous because it looked a really formal event.

It was an event of new sound art composition featuring Malaysian and New Zealand ambient sound synthesis.
For SGFA's inaugural pavilion - Urban Folly

The event was opened by HE John Subritzk,
New Zealand High Commissioner to Malaysia

Paul Timings,
the sound artist.

Sound art is ratherrrrrrr unique. 
You listen to a mixture of different nature sound, 
and I guess you have to pictureeeeeeee some form of arts? 
Not quite sure how it works. 
But it's such a shame that people started talking when he started to play his sound art. 

Made a new friend from Cambridge,
who came here for an internship. 

Overall it was a fun experience and I look forward to explore more different forms of arts! 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Photolog: Art Expo 2015 at MATRADE

It was the annual Art Expo again. This year, it was at the same location, MATRADE. 

I guess I will let the pictures do all the talking! 

The first booth we visited, 
was none other than TAKSU! 
Our favvvvv and most familiarised art gallery of all times. 
It feels great to look at artwork done by artists whom we know personally.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Things

 Because he said his queen must dine in a palace! 
It's really adorable of him when he kept telling me
"I am bringing you to the palace"
and I was there like, yeah yeah, 
 I thought, how could a place like this hides a castle. 
Yeahhhh! He surprised me! 
It was also really amazing of him, 
when he managed to snap such an awesome shot of me and the palace. 

 Because when he was feeding me this, 
he asked me if he could feed me all the time, forever? 
Of courseeeeee I had to say yessssssssss! 
And it's really heart-melting when he told me,
he loves feeding me because
I smile every single time he fed me. 

 Because his excitement when he took his first try of the soft serve green tea ice cream was priceless. 
Andddd it's so amazing how we share common interest for green tea. 
Andddddd how he was willing to give the best part of the ice cream to me, 
but I insisted that he should have it. 

Because he was always the more excited one, 
when he spotted a unicorn! 
Too adorable!

Becauseeeeeeee I love Ramen, 
and he brought me to eat Ramen! 
Anddddd he was feeding all the time and he barely ate any. 
Anddddd he told me it's awesome how I could just eat anything in the world, 
and not have much to fuss about. :P
Also.... That was the night I witnessed how much healing power he holds, 
when he held me as I wept. 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Happy Things

People tend to give me that incredulous smile whenever I said that I am also actually under a great amount of pressure. I guess that's because I am always focusing only on the bright side of everything and I try my best not to let any negative vibes get into my way. 

So... While the stress is building up in my head, 
I opted to look at my happy things, 
to reprieve me from the gallows. 

And these items are not available in Malaysia. 
D kindly asked me to pick some of the items that I'd love getting from US. 
And he never report back the status of these products since then. 
I almost thought my dream to use try out these highly-raved about products will never come true. 
Andddddddd booommmmm!!!
All of these items appeared in front of me like magic, 
and I swear as I was screaming in excitement, I almost deafen him. LOL. 
He also sneakily got me two extra items, those Fresh Lip Balms. 
This joyous feelings defies any description. 
I feel extremely spoilt! 
And what touched my heart the most was when he told me this:
"Do you still remember when did you place these orders? Months ago right? 
That's when I had set my mind that you're the one"

It was the first time D cooked for me. 
I was unwell that day, 
and he told me to get some rest while he prepared the perfect meal for the ailing me. 
Well I gotta say I am very impressed that my man can cook! 
He let me picked between poached or pan-grilled salmon, 
andddddddd boy was the pan-grilled salmon goooodddddd! 
It could probably be one of the best salmon I have ever tasted in my entire life. 

 Because D volunteered to snap a photo of me. 
Again, I was impressed. 
He took such a nice shot of me! 
Andddddd.... What's better was that, 
he picked Thai cuisine for lunch that day, 
just because of how fond I am of Thai cuisine. 
It was so heart-warming to know that D knows me soooooo well. 
And it is definitely the best feeling ever, to be prioritised every single time, no exception. 

 Because I told D that I was still feeling slightly unwell the next day, 
and he told me he had to come and visit me by hook or by crook. 
A man never breaks his promises. 
D cameeeeee and he experienced my life as a scientist for a brief moment. 
D is such a quick learner and I gotta give him credits for always living up to my expectation. 
I was enthralled, 
by his earnest look. 
My man is charming. <3

Because D made an effort to wake up really early in the morning,
just to prepare this mouthwatering and hearty breakfast for me. 
It is a complete set of sandwiches andddddd green tea latte!
D picked lambbbbbbb for me, 
which is my fav kinda meat! <3 
Anddddd Macadamia milk for green tea latte, 
which tasted so creamyyyyyyy and macadamia-ish, 
which is again, my fav kinda nuts. 
I still smile looking at this picture, 
and I guess I will never stop smiling, 
with D in my life. 

Edo Ichi Japanese Cuisine at Publika

Stopped by Publika this day for some meal. Upon googling I found this Edo Ichi Japanese restaurant, which always came at the top of the search list. 

We were all in the mood for some Japanese cuisine, so after looking at the reviews posted, we decided to check this place out. 

It was slightly difficult to find this place, because it is located at the ground floor, where I have never explored before, I always thought it's parking lot. LOL. 

The place was nicely decorated. 
We were seated in a cubicle, 
which gave us tons of privacy. 
But it's also because we were somewhat hidden from view, 
it was slightly hard for us to reach to the waiters.. 

This was GGOOOOODDDDDDDddddddddd! 
Although the prices were at the pricier side, 
but would you just look at the portion, 
I thought they were really generous. 
Every slice was thiccckkkkkkkk
and fresh! 

Set lunch is available, 
so go for them set lunchhhhhhesssss! 
Which again, I think is really worth the money! 

Cod fishhhhhhh!!
Which was really gooooddddd!
But I could be biased here because I have always loved cod fish! 
It's fresh and cooked to perfection. 

Need I say more? 
HUGE portionnnnnnnnn and super generous and high quality ingredient. 

Look at the sizeeeeeeee!!! 

I picked this special dish to try out, 
and it was MIND BLOWING!
It is volcano roll, 
there are sushi underneath those look like melted cheese? 
Every piece of the sushi was covered with the sauce, 
which tasted slightly sweet and sour but thick and creamy. 
Saying this is tasty is definitely an understatement. 

Overall, the meal was on the pricier side compared to ordinary Japanese Restaurant,
but their portion is pretty impressive. Would definitely come back for another bowl of Volcano Roll and try out their other dishes as their menu changes according to seasons!