Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday_feeling pathology

Hello, I almost fell asleep right after I woke up. I felt tired. Strange. Since I slept quite early last night. I guess it must be some nightmare that I had in my sleep that made me felt restless. But I woke up and got myself done! I am excited for today because I have bak kwa as breakfast, and I have my multigrain V soy which taste so thick and delicious. Typing this makes me craving for both of them already. It is ok! I will have them as my breakfast again tomorrow. Hahahahhaha.

Before parking my car today, I sent some more gifts to the department. While doing that, bumped into a colleague who said I look like I have opened up a stall in the department, providing snacks and mandarin oranges. Hahahhhaa.

Of course I parked my car later on and walked as usual. But what differ today from other days is that there is this one guy who initially walked behind of me walked passed me and looked at me. While we were on the way into the hospitals, he turned and looked at me several times. I guess that is good news to me because somebody noticed me. HAHAHAHHAHA. Pathetic.

I am also so proud of myself today because I am working towards my new year resolution to smile at everyone I see and make eye contact, do not shy away. Hahahahhaha. Today when I was walking towards my department after buying drinking water, I saw a chinese guy who looks kinda cute. This time instead of shying away, I looked at him and smiled! I thought it was very difficult but it is actually pretty easy! I shall do that more often!! :D

Today is definitely a pretentious pathologist day for me because I have so many slides to view. I need to view 100 of them today. So I prepared my peppermint tea to calm me down, I have my earphone and several pens and papers.

It has been ages since I last really used a microscope, I noticed I started getting headache and nauseous feeling after a few slides. I even felt like throwing up. Thank god I had my peppermint tea with me.

Half way viewing, prof. Wong was visited by neurosurgeon/neuropathologist who came and sat beside me because they needed to use the microscope too. Then came another young one, Dr. Teo I think. Hahahahhaha. Very sneaky ears I have.

He looked at me. And I think he definitely looked at me more than once. Hahahahhahha. The plump neurosurgeon sat very closely to me and he couldn't move forward to the microscope, while he was adjusting the chair, I moved my chair a little and he pat my shoulder and said sorry. -.-

I got back to my office once I was done and started looking at the dating site. And I saw someone of at least quite a good quality, has masters degree, not too old and currently working at research industry too. Hahahaha. I replied his email, He is the first I replied an email too. Just be friends right? There is no harm in getting to know more friends. I should be wise enough to not get into trouble. :D

No one to lunch with today because the gang wanted to go out and I, who despise the heat, is reluctant to step out of the uni. Hahahahhaha. I went to the food stall at centre court to see if I could get any food. I was a little too late and food was sold out, I bought a pao that cost me RM1.80. But the staff said RM1.00 will do! Hahahhahahaha. So nice one! Sometimes, random act of kindness can really make someone's day! I am in support of that!

Then the rest of the day was pretty boring. I did nothing very much other than checking on the dating site and also doing some of my research work. In one day's time, I have received interest from around 60 people and I really think that is an amazing number! :D

Went home, had a great dinner. Dad is back for tonight's prayer. But I am not joining the ritual, because as much as I wanted to take my day off tomorrow, I slid the chances to bring it up to my prof. I felt bad for taking leave so often. So fine... I shall go to work obediently. :(

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I joined matchmaking website

Hello, it is yet again an ordinary day that I may not have a lot to talk about. Woke up in the morning as usual, but feeling lazier than ever, holiday withdrawal is still going on. Like what I did yesterday, I put on a new blouse and hope it could at least make my unbearable humdrum day seem a little better.

Today I left the house in a hurry because I had to stop by the department before parking my car at the parking lot to unload some gifts I brought for the colleagues in the department. Thank god I have my sister Kat to help me out, she helped me carry my stuffs, they are in 3 big bags and there are more tomorrow. Love the spirit of giving but dislike the idea of carrying. LOLOL.

Bumped into the cleaner of the department and found that she was not able to enter the department because no one would unlock for her, so I scanned my access card and allowed her to enter. I shared some of the gifts with her. It is amazing how little gestures like this could light up somebody's day! :)

We left everything in the pantry and hopped into the car and dropped my sister at her faculty before parking the car and walked to my own department. I was just a few minutes later than I usually would arrive but the parking space was almost fully occupied. I spotted one and quickly do my reverse parking. Phewwww, managed to secure myself a place.

I knew it was going to be a long and boring day today because today is the day where I would start to work on real pathological work. I would have to view hundred of slides and evaluate each of them accordingly. It is going to be fun since I have always wanted to be a pathologist, I think this could be a good opportunity for me to brush up my skills on looking at tissues and also learn loads of new things about tumours.

I have also done the dumbest thing in my life today, that is joining matchmaking website. Hahahhahaha. I know right, I shouldn't even have done that, but when I look at all the couples showcasing their love on social media, I can't help feeling left out. Hahahhaahhaa. Whatever. I received many people showing interest notification but wtf all of them are either way too old or look very horrible. What's worst, most of them are like what Malays/indians. WTF. I wrote there clearly I am looking for somebody with profession, attractive appearance and only white or chinese are accepted. -.-

It is also the kind of day where I have to take lunch alone, because I had class with my prof immediately after lunch. I felt bad I had to turn down Steph's kind invitation to lunch with her friend. If I did not have a class, I would have gone and have fun. I haven't hung out, out I mean outside of the campus for some time and I miss those times. But also it was because I much preferred staying indoor in air-conditioned room because it is summer again. -.-

Had a good class with prof and I thought I should do all the preparations needed and only start the evaluation of slides tomorrow! So yeahhhhh! Let me get enough of rest today and I would strive tomorrow!!! :D

Left a bit earlier at 4pm today with the thought of stopping by MSU to collect my first class honours letter but it was pouring rain so I went home instead.

And guess what???? Got another perfume today!!! Hahahahahha. And yes... This time it is the ever so luxurious Giorgio Armani Si which obviously cost a bomb, but it is worth every penny spent! Overall I am a happy girl! :D

This dating site is really funny. LOL. I get notifications almost hourly, a few of them normally, of people showing interest or sending email to me. But none of them suit me. They are all so old and hmmmmm... Some of them look exactly like a pervert! But it gave me a good laugh! hahaahahhahaha.

Gonna sleep early today! Night!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Prosperous start to work-Tuesday

Finally back to work!!! Though really reluctant to even drive myself out to KL today, I had to. Such a long holiday has made me such a lazy person. But I motivated myself with this little quote I saw from Hannah Tan's instagram a couple of days ago or yesterday saying, To Be Successful, You Have To Love What You Do.

So I started counting my blessings, I thought about how much I was dying to study here under my prof, and how much I wanted a doctorate degree and how much I wanted to be respected in the society, so I dragged my ass to Uni, with the companion of my sister, I kick-started a brand new year!

I was a little annoyed thinking that the PhD student may come again and that I may lose my freedom and tranquillity due to his presence, but thank god my prof does not have any prostate cancer slides at the moment and there is no way we could run any experiment without any samples, so yeay! I have another day of freedom. I think I should be free and easy this whole week, which is exactly what I needed, to bring me back into that striving mode.

To ease my withdrawal from a long break, I put on a new blouse. Hehehe. A new blouse always makes me happy! :D

Because Prof. Wong wear bow tie almost everyday, now that I wear a bow at the middle of my collar I think I look like Prof. Wong. HAHAHHAHAHAHHA. 

And also to make my days better, or shall I say to make my upset tummy feels better, I have these babies that I have picked up on first day of CNY! 

I am making myself peppermint tea today! 

Studies suggested that drinking Peppermint tea could calm our upset tummy. I normally drink a special blend of peppermint tea chamomile. I find this pure peppermint tea really refreshing. 
But I always forgot to remove the tea bags after 3 minutes and left them on for too long. Hahahhahhaa.

Another great news is.... Paul is back!!! It means I could go out for lunch again!!! hehehehhe. He also got some souvenirs for us. I never thought he would because before he left he told us time and again that he would not buy us any souvenirs! So I am glad he did! I guess it's a trick, it is better you do not give out any expectation, hence no disappointment. 

I was reminded that today was the last day of Guardian's sale, and I remembered I wanted to buy another set of collagen drinks before the promotion ends because it is cheaper by RM50, I think that is a lot of money! So I stopped by the nearest Guardian on my way home and grabbed one. I also picked up two pairs of silicones for my heels. 

It was a night where I planned to do a little reading before sleeping and the electricity decided to turn me down on that. SHITTTT... Stuck in darkness for about an hour before the electricity resume but by the time I was already sleepy. 

So that was how my day ended. Looking forward to great days everyday! :D

Friday, February 20, 2015

Penang island_Penang Road Chendol, Macalister Mansion, Bora Bora by Sunset, Clarke Quay

I am so pumped for today because it's been years since our last visit to this beautiful island, my mother's hometown. I have loved Penang for the way it is, the food, the western influenced buildings, the great people there. That explained why I was willing to wake up at 3 in the morning just to get ready so that we all could depart before 5am to avoid the horrible traffic.

I slept all the way to Penang. And it was the first time we travelled on the Penang second bridge. Which is fairly boring, it is not as attractive as the old one and it is definitely longer than the old one.

We needed food to feed our hungry stomach so we looked for food around Penang, and we dined at a coffee shop, which is located at Malay Street Penang. It is corner shop which is fully loaded with customers. I honestly did not have a great time there because we were seated in front of a char kuey teow stall and they were frying the noodles there and yes, the smoke lingered on me and I dislike smelling and feeling greasy. -.-

Generally the food was all overpriced and the portion is scarily small. Hahahahahhaha. But I would recommend the herbal soup kuey teow, it tastes really good.

I captured some photos along the street because I was so enthralled with these old buildings. It looks like each of them has a story to tell.

After meal, we hopped on our car and left to look for Chendol! When you are Penang, how could you not eat the infamous Penang Chendol? :D

 It is still crowded as ever. Hahahahhahaha.

 Ohhhh yeayyyy! My bowl of chendol! :D

In the past, if you were to eat this chendol, you would have to stand beside the stall and gulp down everything quickly because of the unforgiving heat! Hahahahhahaha. But now, the boss has renovated his house and opened for us to sit and enjoy our chendol! :D

 My mum, being an asam laksa fanatic, ordered one from the stall in front of the boss' house. But she was very disappointed because it doesn't taste as good as she would have expected.

Address: Jalan Penang, 10450 Pulau Pinang

If you can't find it, it is somewhere near Komtar. 
This is Komtar. What used to be the iconic building of Penang. 

 Spotted a beautiful gate which I thought would be a perfect backdrop for a portrait! :D

Then we hopped on our car again to visit two temples, Siamese Temple and the Sleeping Buddha temple. OMG! The heat was sooooooooooooo unbearable it made me very frustrated. But I braved the heat and captured some beautiful photos. We started with the Siamese Temple.

Next, it is the Sleeping Buddha Temple.

After walking for more than half an hour under the sun, we were all lethargic and frustrated. I thought it should be good time for some tea at Macalister Mansion.

But in the end, we did not even dine there and we left after visiting the places and captured some photos of it. But in case you haven't already know, this place serves casual dining and fine dining. You can pick the one you desire.

  1. Address: 228, Jalan Macalister, Georgetown, 11400 Pulau Pinang

Everyone got tired after that, so we thought we should just go to the hotel and get some rest. 

My sister and I spent the entire afternoon by the poolside and beach side. It was a rather relaxing afternoon. But we had so much fun just enjoying ourselves under the sun (though I hate the sun, but the breeze made up for it). 

Around 5.30p.m, we left the hotel for dinner. I did a lot of research before coming and I saw this, or my friend suggested this to me, can't remember, but I thought it must be a great experience to be able to listen to the waves hitting the shore, children screaming, the breeze caressing whilst having dinner. I also thought it would be really nice to catch the sunset while we are at it too. 

But my mum did not seem to like this place very much. She thinks it is not very clean and the food they serve are only average. Well, I agree. 

No photos of food because frankly speaking the food was really average. 

Then I suggested that we visit Clarke Quay to enjoy the breeze and look at the houses of the rich people. HAHAHHAHAHHAHHA.

While we were taking our stroll slowly by the walkway, we saw a man with a huge dog, which looks like ball of fluff, but very fierce. Hahahhhaha. We were very interested so we looked at it and I snapped a photo of it. 

 Suddenly the man stopped and gave the dog water and stuffs. It also looked as if he was giving us the opportunity to take a photo of his dog. Hahahahahaha. 

The sun finally set and this is how Clarke Quay looks like at night. 

We heard the landed house here cost 7-8 million.So expensive! But if I have that much money, I would really purchase a property here because I enjoy this place a lot! 

That is pretty much the first day of our Penang trip! 

First day of CNY

Hooorrraayyyyy!! It is finally the first day of CNY! Although I slept pretty late last night, I could still wake up really early this morning just to get ready and prep myself for the day full of visiting. Actually there isn't many houses to visit too, every year, all the relatives would gather at grandma's house in the morning to distribute angpau and chit chat. Then we would visit my maternal grandma and aunts and that's it. Hahahahhaha. Though it sounds like a boring day but it is also the only time we get to dress up prettily to relative's house and I think it is very fun! :D

Got up early, had my breakfast and then quickly showered because I had to put on make up and do my hair, I would be taking longer time compared to other family members so I made sure I shower first! Hahahahhahah.

But mum had some chores to do before the visiting, so we were very delayed this year. When we arrived at grandma's house, most of the relatives have left home, only 5th aunt and 2nd uncle is left in the house. LOL.

Did the usual thing, greeting and eating roti canai with mutton and chicken rendang. Hahahahhaa. I think my blog post on CNY will be the same every single year. haahhahahhaha.

We also took some photos, but less people this year because most of them left early.

Went to maternal grandma's house. Did not eat a lot, only some snacks. Spent some quality time with cousins and aunt! :D

Then went back to grandma's house again because 4th aunt's children came to visit. After that we headed home, sisters thought staying in on CNY afternoon were really boring, so I brought them to The Curve.

Took some photos and browse some shops and stuffs. I got myself 3 types of tea! So happy! Cannot wait to make them at office! :D

We went for dinner again at 6th aunt's house. It is steamboat tonight. And I wore really simple because we were going for movie.

It was such a great bonding session! Us cousins got really close after this outing. Thanks to my pharmacist cousin for the movie (Dragon Blade) treat and my masters holder cousin for the starbucks treat! :D

Got home really late and I had to sleep because we are going to Penang tomorrow!!! :D