Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Happy Things

Oopppsss! Didn't mean to have a hiatus on my blog but I was so busy with workkkk and stuffs I barely had time to sit in front of the computer to write things out. 

Anyway, it looks like my happy things are overflowing so I thought it's best I start to update regularly so that I won't have to squeeze all of them together. 

1. Pick me up!
 Because I was in dire need of caffeine and D surprised me with a cup of coffee and a pie during my lunch break. 
D normally informed me a few hours prior to lunch time if he were dropping by so that I could apre an hour or so for him during mid day.
This time though, he just asked me what experiment was I running and how long would the experiment take. 
And when the clock struck 11:25, he told me he had some errands to run and couldn't talk to me. 
And yessssss! He then appeared in the uni and told me to see him at the usual place. 
I was over the moon to see him, 
especially when I was in utter exhaustion. 
D is no doubt the sweetest person I know. 

2. Half-boiled egg
 Because D prepared these for me to fill my tummy throughout a long day. 
I was always caught up with work and had no time for lunch breaks, 
besides, I have some disdain towards canteen food, 
couldn't let those oil and grease go through my throat. 
This simple meal was one of my favourite food on earth. 
Love how healthy yet filling the simple meal D prepared. 
This was also rather significant to me, 
because this was the beginning of awesome lunch packs journey! 

3. Longan
 Because I believe only D would peel so much longan for me. 
I am a super huge fan of longan, 
and D knows it well. 
So when he saw longan, 
he immediately thought of me. 
And he knew I wouldn't want to ruin my nicely painted nails, 
so he got them all peeled for me. 
How thoughtful! 
D always does little things like this that made me feel like the luckiest woman alive. 

4. Saturday brunch
 Because after several fail attempts to making poached eggs, 
D finally got one successful one.
I truly appreciate how he kept trying to perfect poached eggs for me despite all the failure.
And what made me happier was, 
he would always ask me what do I want for breakfast, 
and he would prepare accordingly. 
How sweet! 
This was my perfect kinda Saturday brunch, 
and I am forever thankful D's battle in the kitchen to serve me awesome brunch! 

5. Pomegranate fruit juice
Because D always buys me my favourite things! 
Pomegranate is my all time favourite juice and yes it is pricey! 
So we were both happy to have found this amazing cold pressed juice place.
Although D loves fruit juices as much as I do, 
he would always give them to me. 
That's how much he cares about me. 
He even prepared a cute little glass for me, 
when I told him I wanted to make it looks picturesque. 

Thanks D for always making my day! :)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dinner at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

D's relative is celebrating her 60th Birthday this year, and the birthday celebration was held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. 

I have never been to the hotel mentioned, so I was pretty excited when D extended the invitation to me weeks earlier. This was also the first time D is introducing me to his extended family, 
so I was both nervous and excited. 

All the kiddos in the car. Heh. 

I love it when D wears a suit!! 
And I think this ensemble of him looks absolutely matching with mine. 

We were arrived slightly earlier than expected, so before started the socialising, 
we went around the hotel to snap a few photos. 
The place looks absolutely stunning! 

It was also Christmas season then, 
so look at the lovely fairy lights and the decor! 
I adore them! 

The beautiful lounge area, 
which I believe serves afternoon tea! 
I took a look at the desserts displayed, 
and they got me drooling. 
I can't wait to come back for their afternoon tea! 

D and his two little sisters, 
who have both become my close friends. HAHAHA! 

Can't help ourselves from taking some fairy-tale-alike photo! 

Felt really happy that D decided to bring me along to this family gathering. 

This was us chilling by the chairs outside of our private dining room
after entertaining some of the aunts. LOL. 

I thought the menu looked pretty elegant! 

The dinner started with the birthday cake.

It was her 60th birthday celebration!!

9 course meals look pretty impressive. 

But they decided to serve us in individual portion. So I didn't bother to snap every dish. 
They look less appealing when they divided the food. 

By the time this dish was served, we were all melting in heat already.
The air-conditioning was really bad. 
D even had to remove his blazer to prevent getting soaked in sweat. 

And they have the abalone! 
Although the presentation looked slightly okay, 
the taste was really bland. 
I think they ran out of salt in the kitchen, hehe. 

Overall the food tasted really bland and cold, and wasn't up to our expectation. 
When I saw the dessert, 
It looked so french. Hehe. 

It tastes as good as it looks!!
Love the lemon cheese! 

We had a great time there, but the experience would have been better if it was colder. 
On a second thought, maybe that's why the food is served cold,
otherwise we would all die in heat. HAHAHHAHAHA. 
Crap aside, 
love the settings and love the ambiance, 
but they need to work on their Chinese cuisine. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Happy Things

I am feeling super duper blue, 
so that calls for a Happy Things post. 

I just want to get out of this despondency soon. It's suffocating me. 
Sorry that I digressed, let's jump straight into happy things! 

1. Bahulu
 Because I love eating bahulu! 
And D knows that I love it. 
So we both waited patiently for the stall to start operating while they took their sweet time to make each and every one of these.
It's just amazing how D always buys my favourite food/snack for me whenever he sees one. 
I can never get over of how thoughtful he is. 

2. Pancake and Rocket Salad
Because these are my favourite breakfast combo! 
And D kindly made these for me. 
Ever since we discovered hypermarkets that sell rocket salad, 
it has changed our lives! 
We live by eating rocket salads! Hahaha! 
Anyway, D makes the best breakfast all the time. 
My heart cringes every time I see him all sweaty, bringing these food and arrange them nicely in front of me. 

3. Matching outfit
Because I appreciate D's effort in matching my outfit all the time. 
We both wore grey tops and dark blue bottoms. 
And this was before D left for gym, 
and he made sure I was comfortable at a cafe nearby,
with food, drinks and entertainment all covered. 
That's why I love D. 

4. Grocery shopping
Because D always bought me things that I like whenever we do grocery shopping together. 
And this is especially a memorable one, 
because it was after a long NY break, 
and we are both going to be really busy as the new year starts. 
And we may not be able to meet each other as frequent as we did last year, 
I was dejected by the thought, 
and I shed some tears. 

5. Dairy Milk Chocolates
Because prof brought these back from the UK. 
And it's a small Christmas gift to everyone in the department! 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Ichiban Izakaya at One Utama Mall

It was yet another random ramble in the mall, but this time with my BFF Winnie tagged along. 

I suggested that we dine Japanese food because I was craving for it, and of course it's because those are D's favourite. Since we were all unfamiliar with the mall, we went straight to the directory once we stepped into the mall, and looked for Japanese restaurant. 

To be honest we were slightly bored with ordinary Japanese Mall restaurant, 
so we went for Ichiban Izakaya, 
a name that we have never came across. 

This place is rather secluded, we had to go outside of the mall, 
to find this place. 
But once I saw the beautiful decoration, 
I kept bugging D and telling him: " I AM SO GOING TO DINE HERE!"

 I mean...
Look at this place...
It doesn't even look Japanese, 
more like a modern cafe. 
But I love all the woods and natural lights shining through..

 This is definitely not your ordinary Japanese dining restaurant, 
with this live performance set up. 

 My BFF Winnie! 

 As much as I adore the sort of alfresco setting, 
I don't think it is all that practical in this sweltering hot weather, 
they only had one big fan rotating above of our head, 
so it was slightly slightly hot. 
But the staff were super kind, 
she brought a portable air cond and placed it directly beside our table, 
so that we get cold air ALL THE TIME!

 The small glass of green tea was welcome drink. 
Everyone only gets one small glass, 
and it is not refillable -.-
So if you are keen for green tea,
you gotta order yourself a glass. 

 Perks of hanging out with other people,
we get to take photos like this rather than resorting to wefie all the time!!! <3

 Winnie ordered fried rice! 
Tasted exceptionally good!! 
Didn't expect a simple fried rice to taste this good. 

 D has been working really hard to increase my fibre intake, 
so we started ordering one salad everywhere we go. 
And I am loving Japanese salad, 
they have interesting salad dressing!!!! 

 The legendary fan I mentioned earlier. HAHAHAH!

 D and I also ordered this one. 
I love crabbbb meatttt!!
So I have my bias for this! 
Honestly, we did not get much choice that day because
it was their last day of operating before they shut down for renovation. 
They wanted to revamp this place, 
so I am looking forward to visiting this place again!! 

It was a nice dining experience overall, staffs were helpful and responsive, and the taste of the food was on par, matched nicely with the nice decor!

We didn't get to try out most of their famous dishes, or dishes that appear appealing to us on the menu, so we are definitely coming back again when this place reopens!

Ichiban The Izakaya
Ground Floor, Rainforest Zone, 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya. Near HSBC.