Monday, January 26, 2015

President's list Award

I am not a blow-hard person really especially when it comes to my own achievement, but I made it a point to pen down or more precisely type down these special moments in my life, just because I do not always receive award and hence every single award means a lot to me. After all, I endeavoured my entire degree life for moments like this, is it wrong to celebrate? :P 

Although I took a very long time considering if I should attend this ceremony, I finally gave it in and decided I should just enjoy the possibly last award of my whole life. I mean, other than schools, who else would really give me an award? LOL. 

This time though it is slightly different, unlike the past ceremonies which I had to attend alone, I have my BFF Winnie with me. It is definitely doubled joy! 

I have completely lost track of the traffic conditions in the morning around 8-9 in the morning because normally hours like this I am already working in a closed lab where I would not know what is happening at the outside. HAHAHHAHAHA. Very unfortunately I got stuck in a massive jam which took me an hour extra to get to MSU. 

I looked for my BFF and visited my dearest SV, Ms. Jenny. Ohhhh how much I have missed her! I could still remember how she has helped me to overcome my greatest fear and just helped me in any possible way she could! I could never forget such a great lecturer for life. 

After a super long chit chat and got all sweaty due to our excitement, LOL, I went down to theatre for rehearsal. One thing about the management of this university is that they do not know the beauty of punctuality. A rehearsal that is supposed to start at 10.30 am started at 12.30 instead. We were rotting inside with our stomachs growling. 

Went to have lunch later on and asked my friend P to come over and to enter the hall using the tickets for family so that he could help my BFF and I to snap photos! I couldn't thank him enough! He is always helpful and always present! 

All thanks to my friend P, I am able to see how foolishly I smiled on the stage! HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHA! NO la! I think this photo looks great and captured the essence- me smiling wide from joy for getting the award! 

Then there you go my compulsory rose and the stage photo that I took for every award ceremony that I attended!

Took some photos for remembrance when the event was over. Again, photo credits to my friend P. Would not have had all these beautiful photos if it wasn't for his generous assistance.

Then we both stuffed our stomach with loads of fruits! And I saw so many parents stared at my friend P and I. They must be thinking we are a pair and this is a weird combination! Hahahahahhaha. I seriously dislike stares like that! But overall, I had a satisfying meal- fruits. Hahahhahhhaha. 

The rain started pouring hard and before I left to my car, I received a phone call from MSU telling me to wear formal attire tomorrow for a photo shooting session! I was overjoyed!!! It means I am enlisted for some award, which they apparently acting very secretive not to reveal before the convocation! 

I had no umbrella to get to my car and thank god my friend P shielded me to my car! That's a really kind gesture! Thank you! And he was really good I did not even get drenched at all despite the heavy rain. 

Got home had a good rest and all ready for tomorrow's rehearsal! It would feel amazing to see all my friends again! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Hoorraayyyyy I am excited that today is finally the last day of teaching. Not that I don't like teaching, but I feel slightly uncomfortable if I have to look after someone's student. Hahahahhaha. You know I need to entertain someone by talking to them, and not being able to do my piling workloads just drive me nuts. Hahahahhaha. But I was really patient until the end.

Like any other teaching days, my day started by setting up and anticipating the arrival of student. Hahahahahha. The moment she got here we started the work immediately. Honestly I was rather quiet today, just because my prof. gave me some tasks which need to be submitted or completed before I go away for my two days leave.

Thankfully all the training ended earlier than I expected, she left before lunch hour and I was able to have my tasty Kiwi fruit as my lunch. Hahahahhaa.

In the afternoon I have lost all the will to work and all that was on my mind was convocation. I was dying to know what award am I going to receive. Hahahahaha. But I have got to complete a chemical hazard form, so I spent my noon completing that.

Before heading home I stopped by Touch N Go customer service to fix my smart tag, that my mum dropped on the floor yesterday and now it has stopped working. Unfortunately, the service centre near my place could not fix it and I would have to send it to Bangsar South or KL Sentral to get it fixed. Sighhhh.. It looks like I will have to live without smart tag for several days, which I believe would be a turmoil especially during peak hours.

Suppose to go out shopping this afternoon but my mom has bought the stuffs that I needed when she was out and about running errand this afternoon. Got some pretty good deals for AEON member days!

Now all I have to do is to think about what to wear tomorrow. I have also decided that I am not bringing any family members with me because I think it is so much more convenient! :D

Okayyyy! Look forward to tomorrow, it has been ages since I last spent a day at MSU! Hahahhahahaha.


It is another teaching day for me! It is not because I have a lot of students, it is simply because my experiment is divided into two phases and that is exactly why we need two days to complete it!

Basically I have nothing to report, I was just running the experiment as usual and in the afternoon I supervised Leena while she ran the experiment. Of course I provide guidance and assistance whenever she needed.

Got off work and went straight to Subang Parade again to haunt down the blouse that I wanted! And hoorrraayyyy they still have my size and I finally got it! :D It was a perfect fit and I think it is super pretty!!! I can't wait to wear it already! Although I have gotten that already, I am still on the hunt for beautiful blouses, which is so lacking in the market currently! Gggrrrr...

I went to MSU after that to pay for President's List Award. Yessss.. I finally made up my mind to attend. I was pretty reluctant to join because I despise the idea of having to pay RM30 to receive an award. Hello, do the celebrities pay to attend Golden Globe or Oscar Award? In fact they are paid, or rewarded! What an injustice the uni has done to their student. Bull shit.

I have also collected the tracer survey study coupon from SCD like finally!!!! I asked around the uni and no one seemed to know about it. I found out from cc earlier today and that is how I finally got it.

Done for the day and I headed home!

I worked at home this evening, so many things to print and just so many paperworks to do! Life of a researcher who is the one dealing with the lab. I swear if I have a partner I would happily let him/her run all these errands while I relax! Hahahahaha.

Nowadays I am quite unhappy at home. It all started on Sunday when my sister made me angry when I told her to keep the luggage and she did not want to do it. Honestly, she's never ever packed the luggage for even once. I was the one who handles everything and I thought we should be fair in the sense that I do the packing whereas she does the unpacking. But she was so mad at me and she kicked the luggage away. It is what she did that really exacerbated me! I was so damn freaking pissed off when she kicked off the luggage and she screamed saying that she was the one who did all the chores in the room like wtf. I did it sometimes but I never ever asked for credit. And most of the time when I done it she did not even notice it wtf. But I was super enraged that I almost slapped her on the face. Then my mother came and stopped us from fighting and I let her do all the complaint while I kept quiet. I think my mother thought I was being unreasonable, so these few days she has been acting weird at me. She just wouldn't talk nicely to me and I am also very frustrated these few days because what my stupid sister did really made me very angry. I did not talk at home since Sunday night till today. And I am still not talking. It is president's list award on Thursday and I should actually bring my family to attend but I am thinking I am just going to attend it alone.

OK la. After venting it I finally feel slightly better. Signing off! BYE!

Monday, January 19, 2015


Well hello Monday, to teach is definitely a last minute plan. I got a text from a lecturer Dr. Ed yesterday night asking if I could demonstrate just how I normally run my experiment.

I came in the lab early and started cleaning everything and whoa I am so happy that the lab look superbly clean! Hahahaha. I killed spiders and wiped off dusts, which both are my pet peeves in the world. I am so proud of myself. Prepared notes for the both of them too, and there I was anticipating for their arrival.

We started the training around 9 in the morning and we had also learnt a lot from each other. That is the perks of having the generosity to share the knowledge, when it is done to the right person, we ourselves may be benefited too!

After the training was done, I sent them off and I had my lunch. I had an apple as my lunch. I am trying to eat clean but let's see how far could I go! Hahahahha.

Headed home rather early today! Because I am heading to Subang Parade to restock my skin care.

The traffic was rather sluggish despite the fact that I have left work earlier. And what added to my despair was that they have discontinued the sunblock that I am currently using. But! They are bringing out a product with higher protection but lighter in texture! Hoorraaayyyy! 

I got an eye cream that I have wanted! And I spotted a cute blouse, which I did not buy and now I am regretting. I think I am going back tomorrow to get that top! Hahahhahahhaa, 

Came home and found that mum did not cook, so we went out for dinner. It was all up to me to choose whatever I wanted for dinner, I chose Nando's! I love Nando's! Anyone else does? I think it is so tasty and healthy! I am trying to eat clean so Nando's was definitely a good choice because I really wanted to cut down on carbs!!! 

Then went for shopping! Ordered something that I have wanted, super pricey though! But it is a necessity! Hahahhahaha. Going to buy it on Wednesday!! 

Went home, showered and had a good rest! Another teaching day tomorrow! :D

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fun filled Saturday

I guess I do not need to tell why it was a fun filled day, people like me, found entertainment and happiness through shopping. Hahahahaha. But also I think I am going to splurge only until CNY and after that I really gotta think about how to save up my money... Hahahahaha.

Went for dim sum in the morning, I am a huge fan of dimsum, if you haven't already known. I can just eat those char siew pao all the time, eat those chee cheong fan and just everything they serve on a dim sum.

Honestly what is on the photo are the ones that I ate. I ate them all yes, no shame.Hahahahahaha. I realize I can really eat like a dinosaur if it is my favourite food. And at this instance, my stomach is growling because I haven't had my lunch and I think I am going to die of hunger. LOLOL.

Then we headed to the mall that we desired! Got my G2000 blazer. I am a huge jacket/blazer kind of person (hint: can always gift me with jackets I will love it!!!!), so, what is a new year without a new jacket, right? I finally spent on G2000 blazer. I have wanted it for ages but the price kept holding me back and I finally got myself one, that I know I would make full use of it.

Then went to Ralph Lauren and got myself a pair of jeans!!! YESSSSS!!! We also took some photos while dad was busy shopping.

I spotted a nice shoes that I like from DKNY! It costs about 2k for a pair but I really love it. 
I did not get it though, I thought it would not look very nice with jeans. But now that I think about it I actually regretted of not getting it. Maybe I will get it on my next trip! 

After we have done shopping here, we went to another mall to chill. The journey to another mall was quite long... So I took some selfies while the others were sleeping! Hhhahahahhaa. 

When we got to the mall, we definitely had to take a break by having some desserts. And we opted for Malaysian style! And man how I miss having this! I can't wait for Penang trip to gulp a few bowls of this down!!! 

Here is an image of how the mall looks super pretty with chinese decoration for the chinese new year! 

Some damage was done when I got into Sephora. No surprise, But I have gotten some products that I had been eyeing for super long and finally decided to just buy it. 

I got a red clay mask from first aid beauty, sephora make up brush, Bare minerals foundation, a loofah, and a hand cream! These few items actually came up to a few hundred. Money always goes out easier but takes so much effort to get them. Sigh. 

Then we went home to chill after buying some bread as tomorrow's breakfast. Then once again we headed out for dinnner. This time at our fav italian place!

 Pumpkin salad which I can't even...... 
It is soooooooooo tasty I just want to eat this photo up. 

 Ravioli! I came to love Ravioli ever since we started visiting this new dining place! :D

 Burger which is juicy and tender! 
Everything was just perfect. 

 Grilled salmon, which was good. 
But I wish the portion was bigger! 

 Pan-grilled dori fish! 
Looking good and again... The portion.... :(

Angel's hair is my current addiction and it is sooooooo gooddddddddd.. 
It was cooked to perfection. 
This is aglio olio which is the simplest way of cooking a pasta but also the hardest. 
It is spicy and tasteful, 
the spaghetti was just nice! 
I just love it! 

Ok! That's all for today! 

Friday, January 16, 2015

En Route to Summer House

Today is a rather delighting morning because I do not need to travel to hospital all alone, my sister Kat who hasn't checked out on her hostel yet need to sort this out whereas my youngest sis Jas wanted to donate blood for good cause. I have never really brought the both of them to hospital together, so I am slightly terrified if the others would be judgemental.

After I have gotten my secondary antibody incubated, I brought them to the transfusion department. My sister was desolated when she found out that her haemoglobin was too low and made her illegible for blood donation. We return to the lab and I left them at the pantry while I went on with my work.

I finished up everything pretty quickly because I was all ready to hit the highway and get to our summer house. But when I had a short meeting with prof, he has dragged the whole process by quite a lot and it made me very impatient. When he finally spoken up and insisted I stayed for at least an hour before leaving, I couldn't disguise my exasperation behind my smile any more. His obstinacy drove me crazy sometimes.

I left anyway, because my sister needed to check out before 12pm or else we would have to come to do it another day or just wait till 3pm, which are both ridiculous idea. After we have finally sorted all the things out, we went for lunch at an economic place. The food was very bland but we needed to have something in our stomach quick, so we couldn't complain.

Went home and packed the rest of the luggage and we departed!

I knew I would be napping a lot so I only wore comfy outfit and spectacles. Hahahhaha. 

We got into the wrong exit and it caused my mum to be super frustrated. But with the help of waze, we managed to reach our summer house safe and sound! 

We took some rest before heading out for dinner. 

The yet to complete living room! But it is already a heaven to me! :D

Went for dinner at a bird's nest place! The place was beautiful but I did not take any photo of the place. Hahahahhaha. 

Fugly but don't care, it is what vacation is all about. 
Being ugly and be myself and relax! 

I am ending this post with two desserts! 
I am not just a fan of english desserts, 
I am a fan of all sorts of desserts! :D

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Appointment with dermatologist

Had an early and pretty busy morning today because I was going to leave earlier from work today to see my dermatologist.

Other than being very exhausted and sleep deprived, I have had quite a good day because my experiment worked as I expected. But I was also given a lot of research to do. But I think all these would have to be delayed till perhaps next week? It is all because I am going for a weekend get away at my summer house! Very happy! :D

I went to the dermatologist a bit earlier because I knew there would be a huge crowd! I picked up an orange drink and waited patiently for my turn. Today's total fee was a bomb! I was quite shocked! It is all down to a few new medications that were not prescribed to me previously. I had 2 stubborn zits that is feeling a little too comfortable at their territory and I am going to act hostile! Hahahahha.

Then I went home and started packing for my trip! Today was quite a mundane day, but I feel happy. Perhaps it is the idea of going away and driving for 4 hours in a row tomorrow gives me some kind of high. Hahahahahaa.

Had a good chat with Dr. Ed who is super kind and generous. And also read my book.

My proposal will be reviewed by the faculty tomorrow I am so excited, wish me luck! :D