Friday, June 26, 2015

Little Heritage House, PJ

It is already no secret how much my family and I love Nyonya cuisine. I guess it is in the blood. My mum grew up eating Nyonya food cooked by her parents every single day. So, the best way for my mum to reminisce those old times, has got to be bringing her to a Nyonya Restaurant. 

I am constantly on the hunt for great Nyonya and Thai restaurant. When I saw this place on the internet, I was sold, from the images of the place. The ancient design, the posh dining hall and antique collection have attracted me, I knew I must give this place a visit. 

However, it is relatively difficult to find this place. It is secluded in a quiet neighbourhood, with only one row of shop lots, but all of them are cool restaurants/ cafe. 

It was no surprise, I was captivated by the beautiful design from the outside, alas when I stepped my foot in, I was slightly dejected, because I expected to see the beautiful dining hall as shown in the pictures from the web. But what greeted us was ordinary marble round table.

Still, the place was beautiful... 

Then, the staff was kind enough to offer us a tour around the restaurant. I thought, yea, finally I get to see what I saw from the web. The staff said this place is famous amongst film makers and production team, people often book this place for filming or photoshooting. They also do catering services, and hosts parties and celebration. Just make sure you arrange with them beforehand!

Ancient Kebaya owned by the Nyonya.


They have a fair mixture of western influence. 
Which made sense,
because Malaysia, Penang especially, 
was ruled by the British, 
and those were also the time where Nyonyas were abundant!

After we were done with the touring, 
our food was already served. 
I told them to hang on before I take photo of the food. HAHHAHAHA.

 Fried Spring Roll. 
Normal Spring Roll uses pork and very generous with Yam, 
but they replaced with chicken to make it Muslim friendly, 
hence the blandness. 

 Jiu Hu Char.
Also, pretty bland. 
And honestly, it doesn't even look appealing, 
because Jiu Hu Char is supposed to look darker, and cooked till they are dry. 
This is not on par with my expectation. 

 Rendang Ayam.
This tasted quite all right. 
It has got to be the best dish of them all, 
though not very impressive. 

Can't go on a day without egg. 

 Bitter gourd. 
Which was... OUT? It tasted so bland,
and very bitter. 
Basically other than bitter, there was nothing else. 

 Asam Pedas. 
Which in overall is a failure. 
It wasn't soury, it wasn't spicy, 
it was only salty... 
And the fish was not so fresh, 
so it was a disappointment. 

And it's dessert time! 
 Pulut hitam! 
This one tasted great! 
Mainly because, any pulut mayam with generous coconut milk should taste good. 

 Chendol is bae! 
I love a good chendol. 
It tasted all right. 
Nothing too special. 
The best one is still the one I had in Malacca. 

 The tour guide, 
whom I believe should be the manager of this restaurant, 
kindly gave us fruit rojak at the end of our meal. 
But we were all super stuffed by then.. 

Now it's time for some sincere comment. I think the whole place is undeniably beautiful, but the waitress, who took our food order, was very inconsiderate. She ordered large portion for all of us, which was INSANE, because there were so much of food and we ended up letting some of the food to waste, because we were too stuffed. And... All the food was sooooooo superrrrrrrrrr overpriced, our total bill came up to over 350, which was insane! Because these were just normal food, it's not even a delicacy or the sort. SHOCKING PRICE TAG!

I WOULDN'T go back to this place again. The food was really under my expectation. And I could get really good nyonya food at a fraction of their price.

  1. Address: 23, Jalan 17/56, Seksyen 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Vilaggio Restaurant, Johor

I am uber excited to introduce this place, because I have finally found an upmarket and classy western dining place in Johor Bahru. I have lived in KL all my life, sophisticated western, or more specifically Italian dining place in KL, was never deemed elusive. Just go to Bangsar, KL city centre and it's scattered all over the streets. But it is the exact opposite when it comes to Johor. 

This place definitely worth a shout out, because it is sooooo beautiful inside out, both literally and figuratively. LOL. The staff, oh wait, we were served by the boss, was super friendly and he recommended the best meal for us. The interior design, OMG, it was sooooo nicely done. The boss admitted that he's spent more than 400k on renovation 4 years ago. The opulent decoration and elegant ambiance have put me to shame, as I was only wearing shorts and tshirt. 

On a side note...  The boss is only 22 this year. I seriously need to reflect on my own achievement thus far. -.- 

I should not bore you further, so let's jump straight into the food sections.

 They offer a wide selection of Italian Cuisine, 
from Pizza to Pasta and even risotto!
You name it, they have it! 

 I love restaurants who provide complimentary plain water. 
Water is human basic needs, 
I don't understand how could some restaurants charge plain water at crazy price. 

 Pan griled salmon. 
The salmon is grilled to perfection. 
You could still taste the freshness, and its moisture was also nicely retained. 
The mashed potato was really nice! 
Adequate buttery flavour and texture. 

 Seafood pasta. 
Very nicely cooked! 
Taste was just exactly how I wanted it to be.
Not too soury and not too salty. 
It is satisfying to my taste buds! 

 Spicy creamy pasta. 
I have forgotten the exact name of this, 
but it tasted really good! 
I think this is perfect for those who want a bit of both tomato and cream. 
This combination was just god's creation. 
Nicely done, the pasta was also cooked to the perfect state. 
The way I loved it. 

 Pumpkin soup!!!
Pumpkin itself has a sweet savoury, 
so do expect this soup to be sweet. 
But I think it is just fine for general taste buds, 
probably only my sister being a tad too picky.
Again, this is worth a try! 

 Foie Risotto. 
This is the bomb, 
I hate eating porridge but I love risotto! 
Great taste, and when you couple it with Foie Gras, 
even delicious is an understatement! 

Lamb Pizza. 
I honestly have never eaten a pizza with lamb toppings! 
So I was very excited when we were recommended to try this out! 
I think after trying all different cuisine, 
I could say they are best at making pizza. 
You gotta eat it to be able to know why I said it is the best. 
Unique combination of toppings, generous toppings, 
roasted in ancient brick oven, 
all the dough are freshly prepared. 
If this is not perfection I don't know what is! 

Overall we had an amazing dining experience there, and the boss was very very kind and treated all of his customers like VIPs. We were even gifted with a free Pizza upon leaving. TOO KIND FOR WORDS. We are definitely re-visiting this place again sooner than later! Not forgetting, the price was also reasonable! Our total bill was less than RM140. BARGAIN! 

I highly recommend this amazing Italian restaurant!

  1. Address: No 48, Jalan Hang Tuah 4, Taman Skudai Baru, Johor, 81300 Skudai, Malaysia

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ippudou Ramen, Kulai JB

While you think I am here to talk about the renown Ramen shop in town, Ippudo Ramen, I am so sorry but you will be crestfallen as you read further. I was also, sold by the name and reckless about the slight difference in the spelling.

I read a good review about this place earlier and I thought whoa, finally there's a cool Japanese restaurant which people rave about in KL opening up here, but when I got there, I was like? Eh? Why is the design radically different and they don't look like an upmarket Ramen shop at all.

With all the jubilance I had earlier and how contrasting the shop is with my expectation, I almost not dine there, but, I thought, the review said it was good, we should totally give it a world. As the saying goes, don't judge a book by its cover.

So we went anyway. I must say the interior design was completely out, it was not cosy at all, and the furniture just looked cheap. One thing that vexed me the most has got to be the flies.

We went on the reading the menu and gosh, it doesn't look good at all, everyone in my family was already complaining but I was chilled and said, I read good review about it so wait until we tasted the food...

 Takoyaki which tasted So-so. 
Price range around RM9.00

 Ramen which doesn't look very ramen at all, 
but my mum said the broth tasted quite all right! 
Price range around RM20.00

 My duck meat dried Ramen, 
It tasted quite all right. 
Nothing memorable about the taste, 
but at least the duck meat was acceptable. 

 Stir-fried Ramen,
which tasted again, So-so. 
Nothing worth remembering. 

Sushi platter
Price range around RM50.00. 
This was again, So-so. 
Definitely not the freshest ingredient.

So now if you ask me if I would pay a second visit to this place, I am sorry but I had to say no! I am not impressed at all! But the price was rather reasonable, but I certainly think it is still not worth the money because the portion is fairly small! And the ambiance was definitely not on par with some other Japanese restaurant in town. 

Ippudou Ramen
48, Jalan Kenanga 29/3, Bandar Indahpura, 81000 Kulai Johor

(I remember they put up a banner saying they are moving, so I shall update if I found the latest address of them)

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Humble Pie & Co.

I am back again today with a very light meal, which is also another recent obsession of mine. Well I guess it's pretty obvious now that I don't just simply like anything; if I like something, I make sure to go ALL OUT! I became obsessed with it. LOL!

So there was another day where my sister and I needed to settle our own dinner before heading home, and also to escape from the crazy traffic, we wandered in the street of famous cafe in section 17 PJ and we found this pie shop, which we thought looks very cute! Of course, we opted for this place all because we were so in love with PIE!

I am guilty as charged for not taking any photo of the place, because the idea of blogging this did not cross my mind when I was there. But then I thought, the pie was great and it would be such a shame that I do not advocate for them.

This place has a modern design, with a row of tables arranged next to the wall. This row has got to be my favourite because these tables are dimly lit, and they are paired with comfy sofas! I love it, especially after a long day at uni!

My sister loves a good salty pie- Mushroom pie with Japanese Potato Salad, 
whereas I love a good sweet pie- Strawberry Pie. 

I must say the pie is very savoury, the salty one I am referring to. It is sooooo rich and creamy and the potato salad, it was soooooo good and as the name denote, it is a reminiscence of Japanese cuisine. It is definitely a best of both worlds combination for both western and Japanese cuisine lover like us! 

The strawberry pie was also something I took pleasure from! They were very generous with the strawberry, but of course, it comes with a price, literally. The base, which is also the pie, was very fragrant and crispy and it is basically everything you could ask for in a pie. 

The price wise, I must say it is slightly overpriced. But if you go for lunch set, it would be so much more worth it. 

I strongly recommend this pie shop, but make sure to visit them during lunch hour for awesome deals! 

Address: Jalan Harapan, Seksyen 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Friday, June 12, 2015

Pho Hoa, Tropicana City Mall

Fuhhhh... It's been a long hiatus. I have been so busy living, so as I always said. I am not even in my office much, let alone the time to write up something here. These few weeks were as though I was on a roller coaster ride, emotions welling up, swallowed down, nerve-wrecking and heart-wrenching all in one.

But, complains aside. I am going to talk about a Vietnamese food that I have tried out earlier.

I guess it needs no elaboration for how avid of a fan I am for Vietnamese cuisine. When I was extolling about Vietnamese cuisine with my colleague one day back in the year of 2014, my friend told me I am missing out big time if I don't try out this one in Tropicana City Mall. I was so eager to try it but when time passes, it was left behind my brain.

But when I was ambling with my sister in the mall one day last month, I saw this shop and all of a sudden I remembered what my colleague said about this shop and my sister and I decided to testify the verdict!

So this is how I look on one of the long school days. 
Hahahahha. I tend to exchange between school days and sometimes work days, 
because I do have a proper office hour to conform to, 
but most days it feels more like work than a student. LOL.

My sister and I both are trying to cut down food intake during dinner time, so we ordered these two, 
which we thought were the best representative of Vietnamese Cuisine. 

Vietnamese popiah ( yes, I still fail to remember the proper name of it,
and what's worse, too lazy to even google for it -.-)
I think this dish is appetising attributed to the special sauce at the side. 
It tastes like peanut butter but sweeter. 

We picked spicy and sour pho to share. 
I think pho generally taste quite bland. HAHAHHAHA. just saying. 
And this is just as any other phos you get. 
It has a certain flavour, but it is not as good as asam laksa or tom yam noodles. LOL. 

OK! It's time for some comments. I think.... All the food here is overpriced. The pho that we ordered was about RM30 which I think is just ridiculous! And the appetiser, was more than RM15 like what. These are just street food in Vietnam and they charge us with gourmet price. The taste was quite all right but not as good as I would have expected it to be. But I gotta say I like the interior design! I love bamboos (probably that's why). 

And my sister and I both had diarrhea the next day, and we have yet to figure out what was the cause of it. So, you may have to think twice before visiting this place. Oh well, these are just my piece of advice. 

It is located at the first floor of tropicana city mall. Just take the escalator nearby secret recipe and you will see it!