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Grand Launching of The Dark Party
If you haven't gotten your halloween weekend planned out, this post is written especially for you! 
The latest trend in Korean skincare is all about strengthening skin's barrier to achieve that glow from within.  But how do we provid...
SHO Peptide Ampoule and Soothing Treatment Face Mask Review
October Empties
Hi! Can't believe I have accumulated this much of empty bottles at this point!  It's only apt if I talk about my thoughts on th...
Struggling with acne, acne scars (PIE/PIH) and sebum overproduction?  Tried a ton of skincare but couldn't seem to solve the problem?...
 NION Beauty Opus Express Review
Those days where a good bar of soap or a good cleanser alone would suffice a proper cleanse were long gone since the introduction of cleans...
Fermented skincare ingredients are some of the most highly sought after ingredients, especially in the Asian beauty realm.
SEKA Whitening+ Lotion Review
Althea Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Review
My all-time favourite K-beauty platform, Althea had partnered up with Korea's top TV program: Get It Beauty  to release two key produc...
Not sure if you've seen this  blog post . To put it simply, we loved everything about Naj and Belle!
Naj and Belle Courtyard SS15
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