Happy Things

Hello guys! It's Monday again. 
Where did the week go? I barely slept yet and the weekend was over. 
I had been really busy lately, 
everyday I am praying that god will spare me another hour extra to get all my things done. 
But oh well, not all wishes are granted. 
Ranting aside, I have some happy things that kept me alive. 

 This is my all time guilty pleasure. 
I love love love nyonya kuih. 
I love all things with shredded coconut, 
I think those are the simplest yet delicious sweet treats! 
I was exhilarated when D brought these along with him when he came to pick me up one evening. 
The pancake was thin and yummy, 
and they were so generous with the shredded coconut! 
So moist and juicy, and the portion was enormous! 

2. Fried bihun
 I love Fried Bihun and I think I can eat fried bihun for two months straight and still don't feel disgusted. 
Nahhhh.. Better not risk it. LOL. 
So anyway, D told me his parents love going to this place and they cook one of the best economic fried bihun he has ever tasted. He knows my love for fried bihun, so he kindly bought one for me, as my lunch one fine afternoon. 
Appreciate how D always knows what I love and give me what I love! 

3. Lunch pack
 Don't know if I have mentioned this, but I am such a spoilt girl now that D comes over to bring me lunch every single day! How amazing is that! 
I am truly touched by his perseverance and persistence! 
He is so amazing! 
He comes by everyday and never complained a single thing. 
He would diversify my simple salad and make sure I eat healthy! 

4. Birthday cake
Because mum's birthday celebration was supposed to be on the weekend, 
but her birthday falls on the weekday. 
And we thought we'd be horrible daughters if we just let her birthday passed without any celebration. 
I dropped by her favourite cake shop to buy her favourite cake. 
And that made her happy! 
And of course made us happy too!  

 5. Sandwich
Because it was another Friday, where D picks me up to the uni. 
And like he always did, he prepared breakfast for me. 
And I love that day's breakfast, it was tuna sandwich!!! 
I love how D always made really simple but incredibly delicious food. 
And I love how he would always pack nicely for me. 
He knew I ate like a dinosaur so he made enough food for me all the time. 
Super awesome to have someone who knows me inside out! 

Happy Things

Time flies! Can't believe it's the Friday already. 
I love Friday and I love the happy vibes on Friday. 
To keep this vibe going, 
I am here to talk about some of the happy things

1. Chocolate wafers
Wafers have got to be one of my favourite snacks of all time. 
I love the thin wafer crust on the outside, 
and how it is filled with creamy cremes inside. 
D knows my obsession with the previous purchase which was in vanilla flavour, 
he decided to get me another flavour and see if I would love them the same.
I absolutely adore this brand! 
The vanilla one has a sweeter taste, and this one is filled with dark chocolate creme, 
so it is not as sweet. 
But I really love how generous they are with the fillings! 

2. Clarins products
I have previously talked about how much I love their sunblock, 
and the previous one gave a subtle pinkish glow. 
I tried out this blue one about half a year ago, 
and I shocked many people because it left me looking really blue. 
But I love how it manages to calm my redness and even out my skin tone. 
And I have found the best way to use it, that it to blend with the pink one. 
The other product on the right, is the all new whitening serum! 
I highly recommend their whitening serum because it is absorbed so rapidly into the skin! 
It leaves no sticky or heavy residue, 
and it leave the skin looking brighter and skin tone appears more even. 
I was definitely overjoyed! 

3. Heart shaped pancakes!
Because D knows I love love love pancakes! 
So he would suggest making me pancakes every now and then for brunch. 
Sometimes when he was feeling very loved, 
he would even mold them into heart shaped! 
Absolutely adorable. 
He made me very happy with these cute looking and delicious pancakes!

4. Snowflake desserts!
It has been ages since I last eaten snowflake's dessert. 
But D has definitely re-introduced this obsession into my life again! 
I especially love the black sesame ones! 
They have all sorts of tapioca cubes in 4 different flavours, 
yam, sweet potato, black sesame and green tea! 
And perks of eating it with D? 
he would give me all of them! HAHAHAHHAHA! 
Happy girl! 

5. Salad 
I never used to like salads, 
because I don't like eating vegetables raw. 
But it has started to grow on me. 
All thanks to D, 
who would always do his best to make the salad looks and taste more appealing. 
I love how he would wash the vegetables several times, 
and when I told him how much I enjoy ham, 
he added loads of them for me! 
Feel very well taken care of! 

Bari Uma Ramen, Jaya Shopping Centre

If you have read my blog here, then you should know that Bari Uma is one of my all time favourite ramen place. I love noodles, but I never quite like the idea of eating noodles that is dipped in soup. I despise the idea of soaking up my shirt and the sweat running down my temples like a deluge just for a bowl of noodle. If I am going to go through such an ordeal, that bowl of noodle has got to be worth all my effort. LOL. With this you know, this ramen place is definitely worth a visit, because 1) I don't mind sweating; 2) I keep coming back!!!

Outfit for CNY 2016

I know I am super late for this! Blame it on the piling backlogged posts. I am about 2 months late, but I am still very excited about the clothes that I got for CNY! I am super glad that off the shoulder trend is back this season! It is something I could see myself wearing for any occasion for a more feminine and sophisticated vibe!

Cny day 1

 Sunglasses : Coach
Off the shoulder top : H&M 
Jeans : Calvin Klein 
Bag : Bally swiss
Shoes: Aldo

CNY day 2

 Cropped top : Topshop
Denim button down skirt : Topshop
Shoes : Aldo
Bag : Banana Republic
Watch : Michael Kors

CNY day 3

 Off the shoulder top : Forever 21
Jeans : Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren
Watch : Dior
Shoes : Aldo 
Bag : Banana Republic 

CNY day 4

 Sunglasses : Coach
Bag : Banana Republic
Shoulder cut out top : H&M 
Jeans : Denim and Supply Ralph Lauren
Flip flop : Fipper lol 

CNY day 5

Off the shoulder bell sleeve top : Pull and bear 
Jeans : Armani Exchange 
Shoes : Aldo 
Bag : Bally Swiss

Cny day 6 

 Back slit blouse : Miss Selfridge 
Jeans : Armani exchange 
Shoes : Aldo
Bag : Bally Swiss 

Happy Things

It's been more than a week now since I last updated on this space. 
I have been extremely busy with scholarships application, then interview, 
and my aunt has been admitted to the hospital because of advanced stage stomach cancer. 
I have also been really busy with work as we were rushing for deadlines. 

So while I am waiting for my experiment to run, 
I would just quickly talk about some of the things that had been keeping me sane, 
despite the stress and hectic lifestyle.

1. Red Wine Chicken Udon
I normally felt extra lethargic and needed heaty food during that time of the month. 
And I have the best chef in the world, 
who would automatically cook these for me, 
once or twice a month. 

2. Japanese Miso Ramen Lunch
Because I love ramen, 
and although D was quite reluctant to let me eat instant noodle, 
I am truly spoilt when he occasionally allows me to eat these, 
and he even went the extra miles to cook them, 
and added so much more ingredients, of which are all my favourite. 

3. Beauty stuffs 
Because I have dyed my hair to yellowish undertone colour, 
and my previous eye brow mascara was more of a reddish tone one. 
Had been wanting to buy one but never got the chance.
And also, this face mask that is perfect for blemish prone skin, 
great for keeping the oil in control, 
as well as repairing those scars and redness. 
These two items are my daily essentials, 
so I was rejoiced to get them! <3

4. My beauty regime essentials
This eye cream is something I swear by, 
could never go on a day without using it. 
It instantly lifts the eyes, to reveal a brighter and energised look. 
I had been struggling with uneven eyelids all my life, 
and this eye lift is life-changing. 
Now I don't have to worry about waking up to uneven eye lids anymore. 
Next I have the sun protection base, which again changed my life drastically. 
I hadn't been able to find the most suitable sunblock for the longest time, 
they either clog pores or leaves a sticky residue. 
This doesn't only provides maximum protection, 
it is also non-comedogenic and gives a sheer pink tone, 
that emits a rosy glow. 
Truly grateful that my needs were understood. 
I am definitely the luckiest person to be taken care in every single way. 

5. Tea
Because I am a tea devotee! 
I love love love tea. 
I love green tea and English Breakfast especially, 
but lately I have been gravitating towards camomile tea, 
because I long for calmness and peace of mind. 
These has become my daily drink, 
as the fragrance was soothing to the mind,
and the taste was refreshing. 
Feels very lucky every time I boil these teabags! 
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