Happy Things

Hello guys! 
I am back again with another happy things post. 

It's the once every four years 29th of February!
Of course I had to put up something happy!

1. Lunch pack 
Because D always knows how to up his game! 
It's amazing how he would always switch things up a little 
to keep me from feeling bored of the same kind of food. 
And I will always eat all the food he prepared
while grinning from ear to ear. 

2. Ribena
Because I didn't think D would buy me this, 
from our random stroll in 7-11. 
I was such a huge fan of ribena, 
so I'd always always crave for ribena, 
while D on the other hand isn't so happy with the idea of drinking ribena, 
because it's full of sugar and nothing else. 
I was super happy when he got me this, 
especially when he purposely picked the one with cranberry, 
which is my all time favourite! 

3. Heartshaped eggs breakfast
Because D makes the best egg on earth!!! 
I love the seasoning he uses it just made the egg soooo soooo sooo much tastier! 
Not forgetting his effort to cook them in the heart shaped mould!
And the chicken floss which was my favouriteeeeee!!
Super happy with this extra effort to make all these for me,
when he was already extremely sleep deprived every morning. 
D would always made sure I had my filling breakfast while he drove me to uni! 

5. Lamb sandwich with soy milk
Because D has never repeated any meal in a week, 
he would always give me different food every morning, 
so that I have something to look forward to. Hahahahah!
Thanks D for always cracking his head up for new menu and new food to prepare, 
and yet always made the tastiest meal and made me the happiest girl. 
D always surprised me with how thoughtful he is, 
when he prepared soy milk for me, 
so that I'd have something to go with the toast. 
Love it! 

5. Salad
Because it was before D left Malaysia for several days, 
and I told him he need not to prepare food for me, 
because all the vege left at home would have rotten by the time he got home. 
So he went to the market and got me this bowl of salad. 
I am super thankful that D would always have everything nicely planned for me. 

Anyway, at the end of the day, it isn't all about the things he got for me and how the things he got for me made me happy, because what matters was his thoughts! 
It's always his thoughts that touched my heart. 

24th Birthday Celebration at Ratatouille, Publika

The time has come to finally celebrate J's birthday for the first time! I suggested that we celebrate J's birthday on the weekend earlier because of her hectic schedule as a PhD researcher. J gave me full authority to plan the entire event.

Bestie's wedding Photo Diary Part 1

It was my Bestie Aishah's wedding back in December. 
I was really happy for her to have found her life partner! 

Happy Things

I have got a whole lot of happy things which I'd like to share! 

1. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
 Because I am finally converted to a SK-II user, 
and I couldn't have had the luxury to use their products, 
if it wasn't for D's generosity! 
I had gotten myself their clear lotion to try out and I was giften with sample of the essence, 
after using it for a week, 
I was so impressed with the results and I knew I had to own it! 
And D was super generous to get it for me! 
I can't even begin to explain how touched and happy I feel! 
But I am so thankful that D is so awesome! :D

2. Snail gel
 Because I had been using the aloe vera gel for more than a year now, 
and I thought it's time I up the game and move on to the snail gel,
which has amazing repairing power! 
I remember D once told me, 
that the gf/wife image reflects the ability of the husband, 
so he would do his best to provide me the best, 
because not only does it give me whole loads of happiness, 
he wants the whole world to know that he's making me happy, 
and giving me the best too! 

3. This set of handcreams! 
 Because it was a gift from D's mother! 
D's mum know how big of a fan I am for handcreams,
and I just recently purchased a few tubes of hand cream from Crabtree and Evelyn. 
She immediately told D that if she ever travelled to Aus she would get me more of those. 
And one day when she was sorting her stuffs, 
D told me to join him in his parents room, 
and D's mum pulled out this beautiful box and told me it was for me. 
I was in awe when I saw so many hand creams inside! 
I was overjoyed not merely because of the gift, 
but also for the thought! 

4. Fibre Cleanse
 Because D knows I'd been struggling with constipation for the longest time, 
and he'd been dying to find ways to relieve this problem for me. 
He got me these fibre which I should consume every morning, 
and he knew I hate the fibre-ish taste and scent, 
he kindly picked this one that tastes like fruits, 
just so that I could enjoy the drink 
and then have a happy bowel session. 

5. Whitening mouthwash and toothpaste
Because I'd been dying to whiten my teeth ever since I used the wrong mouth rinse for about a month.
I started getting stains on my teeth. D knew how much it bothers me, 
so he brought me to the pharmacist and bought a set of teeth whitening products for me, 
and made sure that I use them everyday!
And I couldn't be any happier, 
because I have seen improvement on my teeth, 
they are really getting whiter and shinier! 
This stuff along with the toothpaste, 
really does work wonder! 

Happy Things

I notice that happy things are flooding February's entries, 
I wonder if people would think that these are redundant? 
Let's dive into the world of happiness with these items below:

1. Capsicum salad with lamb satay 
 Because D prepared all my favourite things in a combo set! 
And I love how colourful the salad looks, as opposed to the usual greens, 
so it makes devouring them really appetising! 
And I love lambbbbb! 
And D generously ordered so muchhhhh lamb satay and secretly packed most of them for me. 
And this was by far the most filling lunch that D has ever prepared for me. 

2. Breakfast with a surprise
 Because the eggs were in heart shapes! 
I remember both of our eyes shone when we accidentally found this in D's house, 
so when D suggested he would prepared dried meat and egg, 
I knew it right away that he would do the heart shaped eggs for me.
I truly appreciate his time and effort to make such a simple breakfast looks extra cutesy, 
it elevated the whole eating experience, 
and yes I was grinning from ear to ear the whole morning! 

3. Red Wine Soup Udon
 Because I really didn't think D would abide his promise, 
and made me this again on my period, 
when I was most vulnerable and in need of heaty food.
It was really warm to have him getting all sweaty in the kitchen cooking the soup and noodle, 
and he even separate them in two different containers so that the noodles remain springy ( the way I like my noodles ), 
and kindly gave me the guidance to heating them up so that it's best for eating. 
Thanks D for his delicate care during my weakest time. 

4. Brunch like this
 Because D would always bring me to eat my favourite food on a random day, 
and he would gift me flowers for no reason, 
just because I love it. 
This rose though is special because it comes in the rawest form, 
and it requires courage to get it! hehe :P 
But it was a really fun morning and I loved it! 

5. Homecooked dinner
Because although D has pretty limited cooking skills and knowledge for now, 
he never stopped attempting to prepare me meals that are healthy. 
I love D's mushroom soup with tons of mushrooms in it. 
And I love how D always come out of the kitchen with sweats drenching him, 
but still patiently feed me all of the food. 

Happy Things

These pre-cny happy things gave me a walk down to memory lane, 
although it was only weeks away, 
it brought back loads of happy memories which I thought worth documenting. 

1. Dinner with Uncle Sam and wife
 Because it was the first proper dinner we had with Uncle Sam, 
and it was also the first time for me to meet Uncle Sam, a family friend of D. 
Always thankful for D's family for counting me in, 
regardless of occasion. 
I was over the moon to get complimented by Uncle Sam, 
and I genuinely like how humble he is. 

2. Sneaky capture in the palace
 Because although we are both full-fledged adults (as I'd like to believe, due to age factor), 
we are perpetually resisting the urge to grow, 
and is permanently a little kid at heart. 
Although we knew it was absolutely illegal to snap inside the royal museum, 
we insisted to snap a sneaky shot, 
when we found a corner where we couldn't see any surveillance camera. 

3. Standing among the flowers
 Because I love flowers and I love CNY!
And most importantly grateful for D to always help snapping photos for me, 
and not gonna lie, he is improving really well! 
He's managed to snap fast and precise, 
so I do not need to feel embarrassed by the weird stares throwing at me. 

4. This photo of us
 Because we don't get people to take our photo all the time, 
so when we are out with other people, 
we would always ask them to take a photo of us! 
And I especially love how we look in this photo! 

5. More markers
Because no one has been more adamant than D is to assist me in completing my collection. 
He brought me to the stationery shop again one day after work, 
and he just pick up whichever he knew I was lacking. 
He even wanted to get me a whole lot more stuffs which he thought would help me in my studies,
but was stopped by me, 
because while I do appreciate his kind offer, 
my heart cringes to see him spending so much on me,
although to many this may be a small amount, 
but all these small amount sum up to a bigger figure later! 

Annual dinner at Souled Out, Bangsar South

After joining UM for two years now, 
it was the very first time I was invited to join an annual dinner. 
As it is I wasn't already excited enough, 
I was told that we could bring a partner along! 
I informed D immediately and he was even more excited than I was! 

Happy Things

Oh yes, yet another Happy Things post. 
I am really keen on clearing up my Happy Things post 
so do bear with me. 

1. A lovely afternoon tea
 Because D knows I love afternoon tea, 
so we planned a lovely and simple afternoon tea session 
to commemorate our fourth monthsary! 
But honestly though, 
it definitely feels like we have been through so much more than just 4 months. 
Especially we have been seeing each other every single day, 
it sure does feel like we've been dating for years now, 
and it is amazing how D could always read my mind instantly,
within just 4 months time. 

2. Green tea coconut ice cream
 Because D loves coconut and green tea, 
and this was the perfect combination of his favourite flavours! 
And it was especially a fun ice cream eating session 
because we were joined by the two sisters of D. 
And a grocery shopping session ensued, 
which was surprisingly really fun and exciting. 

3. Ultimate spicy korean ramen
 Because it was a discovery during the grocery shopping session, 
and we all came to a consensus, 
that was to challenge ourselves with this. 
It fascinates me how eating a bowl of ramen, 
which could be done under 3 minutes, 
could create so much fun and laughter. 
And I had to give it up to D and his sister, 
who were so brave, 
although they were never a fan of spicy food. 

4. Dim Sum
Because it was the first time I had breakfast with D's family, 
and it was dim sum! 
Thanks to D and his sisters, 
who never failed to make me feel welcomed. 
I certainly feel like I was a part of their family everytime we were spending time together. 

 5. Waffle
Because D and I are not the biggest dessert fan. 
but we were both so fond of this, 
and it made both of us felt like kids again by eating these waffles. 
They were one of the best waffle I have eaten thus far, 
they were crispy and fragrant. 
And most importantly, D and I both love it 
- that's what matters most. 

Happy Things

Stressful mid week calls for a happy things post!!!

1. Thai style pork salad
 Because the mixture of sour taste and spiciness, 
is absolutely appetising! 
What surprised me more though, was that despite the fact that D doesn't really eat spicy food, 
when I told him I wasn't able to finish the dish, 
D still finished the whole thing, 
just because D knows I am a person who doesn't like wasting food. 

2. Banana Pancake
 Because D finally listened to me, 
and made Banana Pancake for me! 
D didn't think it would work, but spending loads of time watching YouTube, 
I was pretty positive that this recipe would work. 
So after a lot of convincing, 
I was so glad that D finally decided to give it a go! 
D even made a heart shape one for me! 
Although they don't necessarily look the most appealing, 
they taste heavenly! 
And of course, even tastier with all D's hardwork! 

3. Hello Kitty Pasta dinner
 Because when I saw the hello kitty pasta in the supermarket, 
I went crazy a little. 
D bought it without any hesitation, 
and one lovely evening, he prepared these awesome dinner for me! 
I truly appreciate D's effort to always explore new recipe and trying out new cooking materials for me.
I love the asparagus, and the black pepper chicken on top of hello kitty pasta! 

4. Chinese dessert
 Because it was just a random request, 
and D made my dream came true. 
It was a tiring working weekday where we both had to work, 
but prior to finishing work, I told D I was craving for some red bean soup or dessert of the sort, 
I didn't know where to buy them, neither did he. 
But he asked around and finally found a place that sold it. 
He bought 2 different types to be shared and one for his sister. 
I know as long as I have D, I won't live a day feeling hungry. hehe. 

5. Lunch pack
Because D prepared complete lunch pack for me, 
knowing that I had a long day ahead! 
I still remember D went to the night market two days before this, 
and he came into the car all secretive and filled with jubilant, 
he told me he got something that he knew I would love, 
and it was those grapes!!! 
He also gave me a few chicken hams to give me extra fuel for the day. 
I remember this lunch pack from D made my colleague S all envious! 

Paradise Dynasty at Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya

I guess it is already no secret that I love my Chinese food, and I do crave for Chinese cuisine once in a while. 

Happy Things

Since I am still in CNY mood, 
and my brain isn't working at its best when it comes to writing, 
it's best I put up more of my happy things, 
that makes me happy and also requires relatively less effort in writing. 

1. Markers
 Because if you're a lab person, 
you would know how important it is to colour code everything! 
I have a bit of a weird fetish, 
that is if I were to own a pen, 
I need to get the whole collection of colours available. 
D being so supportive all the time towards my study, 
was the kind benefactor who has been sponsoring me all the stationeries, 
and with these, my lab has been more organised, 
and all the documents and equipments etc had been looking super cheerful. 
Definitely enhanced my working experience. 
D MAKES SURE everything is at the best condition for me! 

2. Aglio Alio
 Because D came to visit me on a lunch break again, 
and he always let me pick what to eat. 
I am super thankful for D, 
for the fact that he would always take my suggestions, 
although he prefers to eat clean. 
I know this may seem like nothing to other people out there, 
but small sacrifice like this means so much to me. 

3. Ice cream
 Because Doris bought us this! 
And D allowed me to pick whichever combination I wanted. 
so I made one with green tea ice cream, custard and kiwi! 
I don't really eat ice cream all the time, 
but I am happy that D always manage to satisfy my occasional sweet tooth every now and then.
Although this doesn't necessarily taste the best, 
the happy times we had, 
which D generously spared from his working hours, 
were very much appreciated! 

4. Baby lettuce lunch
 Because I didn't think D would constantly prepare lunch for me, 
so when he did it again, 
it surely touched my heart all over again! 
This time though, 
D popped in some sweetness with the help of cherry tomatoes, 
and some semi-uncooked egg which he had been attempting to perfect all these while. 

5. Rocket salad
Because rocket salad is my favourite kinda salad! 
And D has found the market that carries them, 
and to make things better, he gave me the whole bowl of rocket salad, 
he even went the extra mile to peeling the egg shells for me. 
Super thoughtful BF and I think he totally deserve the best BF title. 

Happy Things

I obviously enjoy life a little too much,
especially with the CNY still going on, 
I barely have time to sit down and document what was happening, 
which was such a shame, 
because I believe great memories are made better when it's documented. 

Anyway, digression aside. 
I shall show you my happy things!

1. Eye drops
 Because my eyes have been extra sensitive lately, 
probably due to prolonged hours of wearing, 
and also napping with my lens on, 
Once D knew about my desperate need for eye drops, 
to retain the moisture of my eyes, 
he went straight into pharmacy and got me some of the best eye drops, 
he even got me a few for use with lens and without. 
Super thoughtful! 
D always make my life so much easier! 

2. D driving me to uni
D has been driving me to uni for more than a month now, 
and it has made me sooooooo happy! 
I enjoy all the extra hours we spend together, 
and not gonna lie, 
we have become clingier than ever,
and it made me feel happy all the time! 
I truly truly truly appreciate D's effort to wake up early in the morning every single day, 
just to pick me up,
got stuck in the jam together, 
then come and pick me up again after work, 
every single day, 
without a single complaint! 
I am such a lucky girl! 
Knowing the fact that I would be seeing him in less than an hour everyday after I am awake, 
really motivate me to jump out of the bed, 
and kick start my day! 

 3. Healthy Lunch Pack
 Besides getting a lift to university daily, 
D has been waking up so much earlier just to prepare lunch for me,
so that I can have some healthy lunch alternative. 
Anddddd.... I really love the lunch D prepared although it consists of only vege and eggs. 
They are healthy and tasty! 
D picks my favourite vege all the time, 
so it makes eating them such a relish! 
I am really touched not just by the great selection of food he prepared, 
but also how he would still prepare me something, 
regardless of how tired and how sleep deprived he is. 

4. Cold pressed juice
 Because D would always always always stop by cold pressed juice stall and grab me a bottle or two, 
whenever he stumbles upon one. 
And he knew I need that extra entertainment in my lab, 
so he would always prepare things that would spice up my otherwise really mundane uni life. 
He lent me his amazing headphone, 
which I had so much fun using, 
and really amazing tasting fruit juice to sweeten up the day, 
as if my life is not already sweet enough. 

5. Pan Mee
Because it was a random craving and D made sure my cravings are fixed all the time! 
Although D always think he would bore me to death if I had to wait him to finish gym session, 
but I really enjoy waiting him to do things that he enjoy doing. 
And I especially love that lovely little dinner we share after his workout session. 
I mean, I can never say no to an hour or two extra looking at D's face, 
and get lost in his voice and his stories. 

Happy Things

Oopppsss! Didn't mean to have a hiatus on my blog but I was so busy with workkkk and stuffs I barely had time to sit in front of the computer to write things out. 

Anyway, it looks like my happy things are overflowing so I thought it's best I start to update regularly so that I won't have to squeeze all of them together. 

1. Pick me up!
 Because I was in dire need of caffeine and D surprised me with a cup of coffee and a pie during my lunch break. 
D normally informed me a few hours prior to lunch time if he were dropping by so that I could apre an hour or so for him during mid day.
This time though, he just asked me what experiment was I running and how long would the experiment take. 
And when the clock struck 11:25, he told me he had some errands to run and couldn't talk to me. 
And yessssss! He then appeared in the uni and told me to see him at the usual place. 
I was over the moon to see him, 
especially when I was in utter exhaustion. 
D is no doubt the sweetest person I know. 

2. Half-boiled egg
 Because D prepared these for me to fill my tummy throughout a long day. 
I was always caught up with work and had no time for lunch breaks, 
besides, I have some disdain towards canteen food, 
couldn't let those oil and grease go through my throat. 
This simple meal was one of my favourite food on earth. 
Love how healthy yet filling the simple meal D prepared. 
This was also rather significant to me, 
because this was the beginning of awesome lunch packs journey! 

3. Longan
 Because I believe only D would peel so much longan for me. 
I am a super huge fan of longan, 
and D knows it well. 
So when he saw longan, 
he immediately thought of me. 
And he knew I wouldn't want to ruin my nicely painted nails, 
so he got them all peeled for me. 
How thoughtful! 
D always does little things like this that made me feel like the luckiest woman alive. 

4. Saturday brunch
 Because after several fail attempts to making poached eggs, 
D finally got one successful one.
I truly appreciate how he kept trying to perfect poached eggs for me despite all the failure.
And what made me happier was, 
he would always ask me what do I want for breakfast, 
and he would prepare accordingly. 
How sweet! 
This was my perfect kinda Saturday brunch, 
and I am forever thankful D's battle in the kitchen to serve me awesome brunch! 

5. Pomegranate fruit juice
Because D always buys me my favourite things! 
Pomegranate is my all time favourite juice and yes it is pricey! 
So we were both happy to have found this amazing cold pressed juice place.
Although D loves fruit juices as much as I do, 
he would always give them to me. 
That's how much he cares about me. 
He even prepared a cute little glass for me, 
when I told him I wanted to make it looks picturesque. 

Thanks D for always making my day! :)
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