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It was definitely a great honour to receive an invitation from the lovely Penny, one of the devoted members of the KetchUp team, to join their finale blogger speed run programme.

Hanbing Korean Dessert, Bangsar

About a year ago, "Bing Su" aka shaved ice from Korea has took over the dessert market in Malaysia. We could spot at least a bingsu or two from any random Instagram or Facebook accounts, 
and all the girls went berserk for Bing Su

Tedboy Bakery, Bangsar

Patrina Tang and Edward Tan, the lovely couple has taken a brave change on their profession to venture into this risky F&B industry upon welcoming their first baby boy, Ted, in hopes that this change would allow them more time to spare with Ted. 

Ashley's by Living Food, Bangsar

In this booming world of modernisation, many people have started going backwards in lifestyle, especially on the eating front. This phenomenon has greatly led to the rapid proliferation of healthy eateries all around KL. Ashley's, although being relatively new in Bangsar, has actually come a long way from its sister brand Living Food Bistro. Being a veteran in this field, Ashley's is passionate about bringing healthy food to the consumers, without compromising on taste. They prepare all the dishes from scratch, including baking their own bread, fermenting their own cheese and making their own sauces, all free from preservatives and MSG, staying true to their spirit of  'Real Food, Done Right'. 

OJO coffee, Bangsar

Are you constantly waiting for the arrival of winter to get your favourite Red Velvet Latte at the major and biggest coffee chains? Are you bored of the usual blend of coffee you're drinking at your usual coffee place? Are you in the mood for some special tea but can't think of the nearest place to grab one? 

Roost KL, Bangsar

Strategically located at Jalan Telawi 3, across the street of both BV and BV2, Roost KL is determined to catch the flowing crowd of this popular hangout area for the hipsters. This place was previously occupied by another fairly popular restaurant, F by Buffalo Kitchens. With a new facelift, and a change of name, this place has repackaged itself to stand out in this highly competitive industry. The trinity behind the previous label are still working hand in hand to bring delicious food, with a elegant yet cosy ambiance, for all the hardcore foodies! 

Pulp by Papa Palheta, Bangsar

Pulp by Papa Palheta, opened about two years ago, had created the greatest hype amongst the other cafe's that were launching around the same time. Pulp Bangsar is a spin off of its main Singapore coffee boutique, Papa Palheta. Knowing that this place is in good hands, it is no wonder that this place had quickly become one of the most sought after cafe's in Bangsar! 

Toh Yuen Restaurant @ Klang Executive Club (KEC)

Back in those days, KEC was deemed as one of the most iconic luxury club in Klang. 
Only the people from the upper class join as members, 
because well, those extra money spent at a club was just excessive. 
It's crazy how I've never dined at KEC, 
despite born and raised in Klang. 

Jibby & Co. Empire Gallery Subang

Jibby & Co., has been opened for about 2 years now, 
and it's such a shame that after several visits, 
I've never gotten down to writing up a review about this place. 

Happy Things

Work stress is killing me softly. 
So.. I guess it's best I look at some of the happy things and keep that put that happy mood on! 

1. Thai desserts
 I am always thankful that D knows my love for Thai food,
and would suggest Thai food every once in a while
although he doesn't like spicy and sour food himself. 
I am even happier that D always orders a dessert at the end of our Thai dining, 
because we both love thai desserts crazily. 

2. Simple dainty necklace
 I used to be just all about statement pieces, 
the bolder the better. 
But I think with age catching up, 
I have my eyes on more elegant stuffs, 
and from there my love for dainty necklaces developed. 
So happy that I have these two additions to my collections now. 
I love star! 
And D said I am a princess. So yeah! 

 Because I am loving romaine lettuce! 
They are so crunchy and easy to eat!
And D is always super thoughtful, 
he would always got me what suits my appetite the best! 

 Because no matter how much I stop D from buying snacks for me, 
that day will never come, 
as D fears that I would starve myself throughout the busier days of mine,
which is well, pretty much everyday now. 
I especially love the wafers! 
Massive fan of Vanilla so I was blown away when I tasted it!

5. Lunch delivery
It's amazing that whenever D learnt that I'd be having a long day, 
or I hadn't been sleeping enough, 
he would automatically deliver coffee and some savoury pastries for me during the mid-day. 
I am always always always grateful for his time to travel all the way, 
just to deliver these to me.
And made sure I'd have a safe drive home, 
and a filled tummy to work the day! 

Wakon Japanese Restaurant at Damansara Utama, Uptown

A chef from Hong Kong, with a burning passion for Japanese cuisine, and there was it, the birth of this wonderful Japanese Restaurant at Damansara Uptown. Wakon Japanese Restaurant has been operating for more than two years now, and this place is proven very much loved by the people around PJ as it is always full house on the weekends.

Happy Things

Today's happy things are going to be Thai editions, 
because these are the items that D had kindly gotten for me, 
during this last trip to Thailand. 

I adore each and every single of the items that he's gotten for me, 
so I thought I would put some of my fav up into one post. 

1. Batiste Dry Shampoo
 I am a super huge fan of dry shampoo, 
and I haven't got the chance to get my hands on this brand until D recently got one for me from US. 
D knows how much I love Batiste Dry Shampoo, 
so I was really happy when he automatically picked this up for me, 
because he knew I love my hair to look volumised at the roots. 
My man sure does know me. 

2. Drugstore Mascara
 As much as I love my high end mascaras, 
I use these drugstore ones on a daily basis,
to uni specifically.
Because these waterproof ones are awesome and they do their job well. 
I really appreciate D's effort to go into the drugstore and cosmetic section, 
to try one by one on his hands and describe the products for me. 
No man would ever do that because they thought it was too embarrassing. 
But D was so helpful and understanding. 

3. Handmade coin purse
 Because I love bringing coins around, 
but I don't quite like putting them in my wallet, 
because my wallet can get really really heavy with my myriad of cards. -.- 
So, D spent his whole trip looking at cute coin purse, 
just to find one that he thinks win both functionality and look. 
He finally picked this one, 
and what can I say? 
He knows me well. 

4. Passport cover
 Because I'd been dying to get one of those high end ones,
but I never really gotten down to buying them every time I saw them. 
And when I saw D had a cute passport cover like the one above, 
I told him I wanted one too. 
He told me he would definitely make me one if he sees any, 
and yes he kept his promises. 
So happy that he picked a princess for me! 
And the colour combination was absolutely gorgeous! 

5. Fragrance soaps
 Which look like real flower / fruit. 
D bought me these for decoration purpose. 
And I am a home decor person!
So these made me really happy. 
I can't wait for my new room to be ready, 
then I will buy a nice plate kinda holder, 
and displace them on my vanity table! 

Tons of snacks, 
but really happy that D got me these. 
Because these cost a bomb in Malaysia! 
So happy that D always knows what I like, 
and what could make me happpyyyy!!  

Jonker 88 and Indah Sayang Nyonya Cuisine Restaurant, Melaka

It was New Year which means it was also an international holiday! 
Towards the end of last year, we had around two to three long weekends, 
and it had made me dreading to return to work. 
So before we started dealing with enormous workload and stress, 
we decided to take a breather, 
and travelled down to Malacca for loads of feasting and sightseeing. 

Huan Xi Restaurant, Meru Klang

It was NYE, I was having a really chill day as my prof was back at UK for Christmas as well as NY celebration. I made sure I got all my work done before this day so I could have myself a day off. 
I chilled around with D, had lunch with his friends from Ipoh, 
and chilled until we were summoned back for dinner at this restaurant.

Happy Things

Normally after the weekend, 
we could expect to see some happy things from me! 
 I am liking this routine and I am going to stick to it.

1. Tuna Sandwich
*didn't realize it was out of focus! 
I love how D always switch things up and make different kind of sandwich for me. 
This has gotta be one of my fav sandwich D has ever made! 

2. Lunch
 The previous times D hadn't been able to peel the eggs for me, 
and the departmental staffs were discussing about that event, 
I told D about it and then voila, 
nicely peeled eggs again! 
And this time D gave me loads of proteins with two eggs and two slices of ham! 
It was superb! 

3. Nail polishes
 Because I haven't gone through a day without having nail colours on, 
and this has been going on for the 5th year now? 
Therefore I am utterly thankful that my needs were well understood, 
and I was even gifted these so that I can use them in case I need to repaint my nails, 
and I don't have any with me. 

4. Wet tissues
Because I can't leave my house without a pack of wet tissues. 
And I normally go for really cute packaging, 
as it enhances the mood. 
So I was happy to see these cute little packaging of wet tissues, 
which is moist and it comes with a hint of fragrance! 
Just the way I love it!

 5. Some of my daily essentials
Gah! Didn't notice it went out of focus again. 
I think I have snapped them really well. Sigh. 
These two are my daily essentials I can't live without, 
I gotta have my mini wing liner on on a daily basis, 
and I normally do it with the Maybelline one,
just because it's really affordable and it comes in a really fine tip, 
perfect for me to work at the roots of my lashes. 
And my air puff! Essential when I am using my BB cushion! 
So I was over the moon when I got these items. 
These are the things I can't live without, 
just like how I can't live without D. 
Thank you! 

Jeti Seafod Restaurant at Kuala Selangor

Kuala Selangor has rose to become a famous touristy place, 
not just to people from Selangor, 
but also to people outside of Selangor, 
all thanks to its close proximity to the sea, 
you get a vast variety of fresh seafood. 
And seafood restaurant has long mushroomed all around Kuala Selangor

Happy Things

Here comes another series of happy things, 
which is the favourite series of D!

1. Instant noodle
Because I can't cook, 
so D bought me these when he learnt that I will be alone at home for a few days 
while he was on his vacation and my family away from home. 
I appreciate his simple little gesture to ensure that I am somewhat fed 
even when he was hundred miles away! 

2. Hydrangea bouquet
 Because it's not just about the flower, 
but it is how D has came to accept me. HAHAHAHA! 
D always hated the idea of making a complaint, 
but I on the other hand love demanding for consumers' rights, 
and I didn't like money spent on something unworthy. 
So I was super glad that D didn't angry at me when I secretly made a complaint. 
Besides, shout out to HAPPY BUNCH! 
Their after sales service was soooooo impressive! 
After complaining to them that the first batch of flower we received were not fresh, 
they sent us another complimentary one the following day. 

3. Ginger tea
 Because it is always bought at the right timing. 
And I love how it helps tremendously in soothing my insane cramp. 

4. Manuka Honey
Because D would always feed me with these, 
if he know I was going to get sore throat or a flu. 

 5. Lunch pack
Because I gave my feedback to D, 
telling him how much I love having ham in my salad, 
and how it enhanced the flavour, 
without the need for any dressing. 
And the next day, 
D gave me a generous amount of ham to go with my salad! 
Crazily attentive to my appetite! 

Dolly Dim Sum, Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur

My love for dim sum needs no explanation.
Some time ago, I have a student who came for some lab training told me that she chanced upon a really nice restaurant in Avenue K that serves fusion food, 
it has bright windows all over. 
Since then I had been on the hunt for this place, 
and when I saw someone posted a photo of this beautiful setting on Instagram, 
I know I had to visit this restaurant once. 

Happy Things

Happy things post to brighten up my Monday back at work. 

1. Breakfast
 It's not so much about the food, 
but the thought of preparing these. 
It reminds me again how I am always being prioritised, 
regardless of occasions. 

2. Dinner
 Instead of squeezing with crowds on Valentine's day, 
I got this awesome home cooked Valentine's dinner. 
all cooked and prepared by D. 
Appreciate D's effort to get me some lamb from the market,
and made it into this delicious main course for me. 

3. This Japanese cuisine
 Because it was a great catching up session with D's cousin, William. 
We had the best chit-chatting session. 
And I love how he casually talked about their family in front of me, 
as if I am part of them. 

4. Noodles
 Because I love how D always customise my ramen for me. 
And although it is a cheat meal, 
he would put so much effort into making it extra delicious and somewhat healthy for me. 

5. Surprise bouquet
I have never received anemone, 
so it was a refreshing change. 
And I love how D came to me with the bouquet hidden behind him, 
and how he kept turning his body to hide it from me. 
Love how D always surprises me!
Makes me mellow!

Photo Diary of Uncle William's Birthday

It was a surprise birthday celebration for Uncle William, 
23rd December at V Garden Restaurant, Klang. 
He came without knowing it was a fairly large group of gathering 
inclusive of his mates and relatives. 
D had kindly invited me to join his birthday celebration.

Decanter at PJ section 17

Section 17 is a cute place which has loads of hidden gem. 
The last time I came here for nyonya food, I spotted a few more interesting dining places along this small stretch of shops.

Happy Things

Ohhhhh! I think I am catching up on my happy things after all the spamming! :P

1. This spicy duck spaghetti
 Because it was our last FriDate before D flew to Thailand for 5 days trip! 
We had been seeing each other everyday for almost 5 months then, 
so it was really difficult for me to be apart with him. 
But I thanked him for spending one lovely evening out with me, 
doing our usual FriDate, 
even though his schedule was really packed. 

2. Sending D off to airport
 I know it should be something sad, 
but D's parents entrusted me with their house keys and car, 
it requires a lot of trust to be able to do that! 
So I was really honoured, 
and also happy that I got to spend a few more hours with D before he took off. 
Another thing that made me happy that day was
D's mum invited me to join them on their next trip, 
and I was over the moon because it means I never have to be apart from D anymore! Yeay! 

3. CNY!
 Because CNY is undoubtedly my fav festive season! 
I mean, just look at our cheery faces! 
I had fun reconnecting with relatives whom I hardly see, 
and talking to them about random stuffs, 
and also about D. 
Love spending time with my family members, 
and going places together.

4. Our first date after D returned
 Because we had some visiting programme lined up in the morning, 
and we certainly needed a little private time together, 
just enjoying each other's company! 
And one of our fav activities for a date, 
has got to be grocery shopping. 
Because D enjoys making me meals, 
so he would always bring me along for grocery shopping, 
and make sure that he buys stuffs that I love to eat. 

5. One year supply of handcreams
Because D is always so generous!! 
We were initially only buying one, 
but the store was having promotion, 
and he thought that I should become a member if I love their handcreams so much, 
so he generously bought me all of these, 
which we joked should be our one year supply. 
I couldn't thank D enough for always providing me some of the essentials, 
and always making sure that I am well taken care of. 
How can I not be happy with him by my side? 

TeaWood Taiwanese Cafe & Restaurant, Mongkok HK

It was my first proper dinner in HK so I was beyond excited to finally have the time doing some touristy thing! 
I could still remember how lost I felt the day before when I first arrived, not knowing what to expect,
still getting used to the places (Map and GPS), 
still struggling with internet connection and languages, 
the way back to where I stay etc. 
I settled for a simple set dinner at a simple char chan teng,
which made me felt extra lonely. 

I was happy that my companion Fui finally had time for me! So we travelled from HKU straight to Mongkok and be like a real tourist. 

She used an app known as OpenRice and saw that this place serves some of the best dessert- toast, because Fui is a dessert devotee. 

This place was pretty difficult to find, well at least for me because I still did not know my ways around. It is located at the 10th Floor of King Wah centre in Nathan Road. 

Once you reach the building just go into the lift, press 10 and once the door is open, 
TeaWood Restaurant is right in front of you. 

I was really shocked to see the long queue outside the restaurant, and we had to take number according to the number of pax and patiently wait for our turn. There was only two of us, but it took us about an hour to get ourselves a table. -.-

 I felt my privacy slightly threatened because the tables were so close to each other!!! 

 I am not a fan of soup noodle when I dine out, 
especially when I am in a hurry and I am in a place where I am unfamilar, 
because I tend to get nervous and sweat a lot. 
But I went with this anyway because the rest were mostly fried food. 
My pork noodle cost about $70. 
And the taste was pretty good! 
Noodle was springy! 
Pork was cooked till the perfect tenderness, 
and it has absorbed all the goodness of the soup, 
they went well with the rather bland noodle.
I picked out all the coriander of course! LOL. 

 Fui's pick:
 friend chicken chop with beef noodle.
She insisted that I try a her fried chicken so I did! 
And it was very nicely marinated and fried! 
Super crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside.

 Me after a long day at HKU! 
The rain has ruined my hair completely. -.-

 Red Bean Green Tea Black Sugar Toast
(LOL at the direct translation)

 It was quite ordinary I would say? 
Green tea always go with red beans,
so the combination was spot on! 
I mean, the combination was okayyyyy and everything taste well together, 
but it was nothing impressive. 
Still a delicious dessert. 
But it was really pricey for the price I think.
Priced around the $70 mark. 

After our very filling meal, 
we explored around the area. 
Fui brought me to the lady street, which has become very touristy, 
and they pretty much sell the same thing all over the market. 

 Saw this little eggy that Fui said it is a must-try! 
So we bought one for sharing. 
It tasted like..... Waffles.
But with more eggs if that makes sense. 
Crispy rather than soggy. 
I thought it was good but it wasn't mind blowing. 

TeaWood Taiwanese Cafe and Restaurant at Mongkok

Contact: 2780 2321
Address: 10/F, King Wah Centre, 628 Nathan Road, Mong Kok
Operation hours:
               Mon - Thu: 12:00-24:00
              Fri - Sun & eve of Public Holiday: 12:00-01:00
Price range : $51-$100

Tim Ho Wan & TWG Tea Salon at The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley

Tim Ho Wan has finally came to Malaysia, and they have selected The Gardens Mall, the hub of entertainment and work, to open up their first store.
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