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Tim Ho Wan & TWG Tea Salon at The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley

Tim Ho Wan has finally came to Malaysia, and they have selected The Gardens Mall, the hub of entertainment and work, to open up their first store.

On the grand opening, the whole Malaysian went berserk and I heard the queue was crazy long, one had to wait for hours to get a seat in the restaurant.

Although I love good food, I was never patient, so I waited for several months till the hype was over, and there was I on a Sunday afternoon, with only about 10 minutes of waiting time, we got ourselves a really small table.

This place definitely does not have the best ambiance, owing to its origin from Hong Kong, they adapted the small space, small table and fast service concept, which was not the best experience.

 We ordered egg tarts that came in three. 
Price was slightly overpriced, 
but I thought it tasted all right. 
Maybe it's because I have my heart for Portugese egg tart, 
I always think these ordinary tart is missing something. 

 Mushroom, Sausage and Chinese Sausage braised rice,
which was apparently chef's recommendation. 
It was rice topped with some of the aforementioned ingredients, 
upon serving, 
soy sauce will be poured into this pot of rice, 
and placed in front of us. 
My mum thought this is a cheat meal,
because it looked like it didn't require much cooking, 
and it tasted salty and nothing much. 

 Polo Buns that came in three. 
This was the infamous THW Polo Bun, 
so I insisted trying them,
but I was dejected. 
It was really normal? 
Nothing special.
Bread wasn't crispy and fragrant enough, 
and the char siew inside was just normal. 

 Ordered these two different dumplings that looked pretty much the same, 
and these were not my favourite, 
due to the presence of cilantro, 
which was my pet peeve in any dish. 
Although they taste quite okayyyyy but the cilantro just ruined everything for me. 

Cheong fan! 
I loved this one! 
I thought they were being pretty generous with their ingredient! 
My family thought the sauce was a tad too sweet though. 

So... Overall, I personally think this place isn't worth the hype and it is such a shame that I didn't try out those in HK so I can't compare. 
But I think this place basically serve overpriced but ordinary dim sum. 

Address: Unit 27-G, The Boulevard, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Malaysia

So anyway, after the rather unsatisfactory meal at Tim Ho Wan, we strolled around the mall and finally decided to pamper ourselves in one of the tried and tested best afternoon tea sets in KL! 

We went to TWG in The Gardens Mall! 

I have been to the other TWG tea salon for a few times but I have never tried the one in The Gardens Mall yet because it was always full house! 

We got ourselves a pretty nice place! I love the comfy chairrrrr and relaxes my back and my leg after a day of walking. 

 Tim Ho Wan was way too busy and crowded, I didn't even have time and place to properly place my camera, so now that I am resting here in such a big comfy chair, 
I had to selfie awayyyyyyy! 

 Tried Green Tea this time, 
and it was soooo crisp and good! 

 Afternoon tea = happiest time
But I think I should limit myself of afternoon tea, 
because the sugarrrrrrr is pretty scaryy!

My favourite afternoon tea sets!
I love love love all the dessert at the top tier, 
and I also love my green tea small cake on the second tier! 

I still think TWG Tea Salon serves one of the best afternoon tea! 
And the price is absolutely reasonable! 
Service was sterling too! 
I love their cups and cutlery which are gold plated!

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