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Decanter at PJ section 17

Section 17 is a cute place which has loads of hidden gem. 
The last time I came here for nyonya food, I spotted a few more interesting dining places along this small stretch of shops.

I was particularly drawn to this all white restaurant, named Decanter. 
So one morning when I was hanging around PJ, 
we went to this place, 
hoping to get a great brunch to fuel us for the rest of the day!

 This place has a cozy home-like decoration. 
The decorations are really simple. 
It definitely gave off a very cozy ambiance and you would feel as if you were entering somebody else's home. 

The menu was quite interesting. 
The word Jumbo breakfast has attracted my eyes so I immediately decided that I would order that! 
In my head I was expecting a generous amount of mushrooms, eggs, potatoes, huge sausage, nicely seasoned and cooked ham and generous portion of omelette. 

But when the food was served, 
I was absolutely disappointed. 
It looked like this:

 I mean, seriously??? 
Even my BF makes breakfast that has 100 times better presentation. 
This one is just below our expectation! 
I thought to myself, 
that's okay, at least, I hope that the taste would compensate. 
And guess what?
It tastes as terrible as it looks! 
Nothing special and it was a total disappointment. 
I can cook all these better! -.-

My sister ordered Ham and Cheese Omelette (RM18)

 Which again was a total disappointment! 
They were so stingy with the portion and the ingredients. 
The taste was really average and nothing impressive. 
And I think their food is overpriced. 

I have also given this place another chance and came back for set lunch, 
which again put us to disappointment. 

By the way, when we were asked to pay at the second floor, 
I was so surprised to see that they store a wide array of wines for all the wine lovers! 

This place serves very home-ish fusion dishes
 and their prices should be revised. 

I am most probably not coming back this place anymore. 

Address: 5 Jalan 17/56, Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya, Selangor 46400
OPENING HOURS: Mon - Sun: 12:00 - 00:00
PHONE: +60 379681300
AVERAGE PRICE: RM 32 based on 32 submissions
WEBSITE: http://www.decanter.com.my/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Decanter-PJ/180415131976263

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