Dinner at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

D's relative is celebrating her 60th Birthday this year, and the birthday celebration was held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. 

Happy Things

I am feeling super duper blue, 
so that calls for a Happy Things post. 

I just want to get out of this despondency soon. It's suffocating me. 
Sorry that I digressed, let's jump straight into happy things! 

1. Bahulu
 Because I love eating bahulu! 
And D knows that I love it. 
So we both waited patiently for the stall to start operating while they took their sweet time to make each and every one of these.
It's just amazing how D always buys my favourite food/snack for me whenever he sees one. 
I can never get over of how thoughtful he is. 

2. Pancake and Rocket Salad
Because these are my favourite breakfast combo! 
And D kindly made these for me. 
Ever since we discovered hypermarkets that sell rocket salad, 
it has changed our lives! 
We live by eating rocket salads! Hahaha! 
Anyway, D makes the best breakfast all the time. 
My heart cringes every time I see him all sweaty, bringing these food and arrange them nicely in front of me. 

3. Matching outfit
Because I appreciate D's effort in matching my outfit all the time. 
We both wore grey tops and dark blue bottoms. 
And this was before D left for gym, 
and he made sure I was comfortable at a cafe nearby,
with food, drinks and entertainment all covered. 
That's why I love D. 

4. Grocery shopping
Because D always bought me things that I like whenever we do grocery shopping together. 
And this is especially a memorable one, 
because it was after a long NY break, 
and we are both going to be really busy as the new year starts. 
And we may not be able to meet each other as frequent as we did last year, 
I was dejected by the thought, 
and I shed some tears. 

5. Dairy Milk Chocolates
Because prof brought these back from the UK. 
And it's a small Christmas gift to everyone in the department! 

Ichiban Izakaya at One Utama Mall

It was yet another random ramble in the mall, but this time with my BFF Winnie tagged along. 

Happy Things

Monday blue calls for a happy post. 
So I am going to go through some of my happy things and things I am grateful for. 

1. Roasted Chicken Rice
 Because I used to hate having chicken rice, for its bland taste. 
But I have grown to love it with time. 
D has been talking about this chicken rice for ages, 
so I can't hide the excitement in me, 
when he brought me to try his favourite food. 
It feels like he was introducing me to his life, 
or his life to me. Works either way. 
And this chicken rice in USJ tastes really good!! 

2. Nail stickers
 Because I love painting my nails, 
and my cousin Stacia kindly got me this from Japan. 
I should probably use this for CNY because of the red tone, 
and floral prints. 
Love it! 

3. Feasting trip to Kuala Selangor
Because it was the first time D introduced me to his friends. 
And his friends were incredibly kind and generous! 
Spent a great day with them, 
and D took great care of me. 
He didn't even forget to take care of me even though he was busy catching up with his friends.
And I love how D was never afraid to show his affection, even in front of his friends. 

4. Apple Adapter
Because mine got soaked in water and was spoilt. 
D immediately got me a new one the next day, 
because he knew how upset I felt about not being able to charge my phone. 
D always do all the little things to keep me happy. 
I feel really loved by him.

 5. Malacca Road Trip
Because although it was spontaneous, 
it was one of the best road trips I have ever had in my entire life. 
Unlike most people who always plan and don't execute plans, 
D always plans things and MAKE SURE PLANS WORK! 
That's how amazing he is. 
Thanks D for driving all the way despite being severely sleep deprived. 
During the trip, he had also done something that really touched my heart.
He gave me a sum of pocket money to buy anything I want during the trip. 
I burst into tears. I am a cry baby like that. 

Noble House @ Jalan Delima, Kuala Lumpur

This was a memorable dining experience, not because of the food or the restaurant, because I have dined here before, which you can read from here.

Sheesh Mahal @ SS15- North Indian Cuisine

It was "baby-sitting" kinda Saturday night, 
where D had a task- to bring the sisters our for dinner.

Happy Things

These happy things were those things from last year, 
that gave me awesome memories to bring forward to 2016!

1. Muesli bars and Granola bars
 Because D always buys me snacks that could fill my tummy,
yet healthy. 
D knows I am a breakfast person and I can't survive the day without breakfast,
so he bought a couple of boxes of these for me, 
just to ensure I have something for breakfast every school day. 
How thoughtful! 
And I really love these bars as they are handy and delicious! yum! 

2. Gift from Myanmar
 Because I think everyone should show their gratitude! 
I love this adorable research assistant who came to my lab to learn lab techniques from me. 
She is an absolute fast learner! And she is very independent!
Most importantly she is considerate. 
She is like a student, like a friend and she is one of the best person to work with. 

3. Family gathering with D
Because I love how D always proudly bring me to any function, 
and introduces me to everyone he knows. 
We love sticking together all the time, 
so it's important to be able to attend functions together. 
And I smiled in jubilant the whole night, 
as I heard compliment of me resembling a 80's celebrity, 
as well as the all-rounder songstress G.E.M.

 4. Christmas gift for D
 Because giving is equally happy as receiving. 
I love occasional surprise for D. 
Because he would always return me with a huge and lasting grin. 

5. Japanese Curry Rice
Because we both are Japanese Curry fan! 
I told him I wished he could cook this for me when we were hanging out.
And D, who is constantly experimenting new menu, 
cooked this for me as lunch one weekend. 
Always thankful for his effort in preparing all these mouthwatering meals for me.

De Thai Restaurant at Oasis Square, Ara Damansara

I think we are all no stranger to Oasis Square, Ara Damansara. 
I have visited several restaurants in this area, but I have never tried De Thai, 
a very nicely decorated Thai restaurant, 
located strategically facing the big pond area. 

Happy Things

Here are a few things that have added more happiness to my end of 2015.

1. Pumpkin dessert
Because D knows my taste so well that he would go ahead and proceed with ordering,
knowing that I would love what he ordered for sure. 
And yes, it was heavenly, one of the best dessert I have ever eaten. 
I feel so grateful to have D who knows me so thoroughly,
and it is especially amazing when he could help me with picking food,
because I am super indecisive. 

2. Glutinous Rice Balls
Because it's the first time D and I celebrate Winter Solstice together, 
and he insisted that he must eat those that I rolled and cooked in Ginger Soup. 
So I gave him loads of them, 
and he finished every single piece of them, despite suffering from sore throat. :)

3. Heat Pad
Because D is constantly worried if I could bear with my excruciating dysmenorrhoea. 
He came and delivered this to me one morning, 
and he even gave me a few extra ones to use at night.
That's how well D is taking care of my well-being, 
I don't even have to fret a single thing. 

4. Shin Ramen
Because D gave me this packet of instant noodle and D's mother gave me all of these fishballs.
And that was my simple home alone lunch prepared by my thoughtful D. 
Although it was just a simple lunch, but it's wonderful how he made sure my tummy is well fed,
even without him around me. 

5. Korean Beauty Stuffs
Because D always know how to make me happy. 
Didn't expect him to get me any of these at all, 
but he constantly helped me to notice for the Mineral Powder's stock availability 
whenever we pass by Innisfree. 
And when he saw the products on the shelf, he was as excited as I was. 

I live everyday feeling grateful that I have found someone who cares about me so much, 
and would do anything to keep me happy all the time. :)

Ichi Zen Japanese Dining at Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL

It was my birthdayyyyyy, so D and I took some time off to spend some time together. After all, it was our very first birthday celebration of mine together.

Photo diary of colleague's wedding

Year end must be the wedding season for Malays, because I had been receiving tons of wedding reception invitations. 

Menya Musashi and Nana's Green Tea at One Utama Mall

I was not a big fan of One Utama mall and had never been here for more than 10 times my entire life. So it was pretty interesting to explore this old but new to me, mall with D on a casual Sunday.

Happy Things

Hello Year 2016. I still can't believe it's 2016 yet although we are already 3 days through 2016. 

My holiday withdrawal is really kicking me hard and I haven't been on my usual cheery mood whole morning, so I thought it's time for me to look at these photos which remind me of my good old times in 2015.

1. A simple dinner
Because any meal after a long nap seems satisfying. 
And it feels amazing to stroll on the streets in the evening with D where time was not the limiting factor, and not knowing what to expect. 
Although it was a really simple meal, 
it was one of the happiest meal I have ever had with D this far. 

2. D's companion to my annual dinner
Because I want to spend every moment with D if possible, 
and D is such a good sport, 
he always agrees to be my plus one, 
and is always more than happy to accompany me everywhere I go.
He even dressed up so well for a normal event, it melted my heart. 
And also million thanks to his effort in helping me to take great photos that night. 
Seeing all the sweats dripping down his forehead wetting his shirt,
made my hear cringe and at the sight of it. 
D always give his 125% to keep me happy. 

 3. Pies
Because we are both pie lovers! 
But that's not quite the main happiness here. 
D was such a patient man, he knew I had work to do, 
so he followed quietly and helped me with all he could. 
He snapped photos so patiently and carefully, 
and he helped me so much from driving me around to jotting down names for food. 
D is such an all-rounder BF!

4. Coincidental matching outfits
Because that's how great minds think alike. 
I was under a great amount of stress that day, 
but the moment I saw D got off his car with a purple top and a pale pants, 
I was surprised because my ensemble if an exact opposite of yours. 
And I do not have that many purple clothes and he has only one. 
So the chances for such coincidence were virtually nil. 
It's amazing how D could always read my mind,
and make great predictions!
I am impressed!

5. These breakfast set
Because D knows how much of a big fan I am for eggs and toast,
and he looked all around the place just to get us here, 
so we could try their renown breakfast set. 
As much as I love eating eggs, 
I found eating half-boiled eggs such a hassle, 
but D got it all covered. 
He would peel off the egg shell nicely and season them with the best proportion of soy sauce and black pepper while all I had to do was to devour them!

2016 New Year Resolution

I haven't even checked my 2015 resolution and see how many percent I have accomplished and I can't believe here I am tapping away on the keyboard writing about my 2016 new year resolution already.

Time flew by! I had so much fun in the past year so I really look forward to another amazing year ahead. But before we start, I thought it's best I set a few resolutions as guidance!

1. I want to stay in happy and lovey dovey mode as long as we could in my relationship with D. I want to eliminate and avoid sticky situation and fighting as much as I could.

2. I want to be more open to D and tells him everything off my mind and not hiding anything that bothers.

3. I want to workout twice a week! Twice a week, that's not very much to ask for. I believe I could definitely spare an hour a day for twice a week for some workout and it goes with my previous year resolution to stay as lean as possible.

4. I want to be more organized at work and squeeze in as many experiment as possible in a day so that I could finish my studies on time! I too want to read at least a paper a day for every working day so that I am up to date to the latest development on both breast and prostate cancer and get better vision of what I am doing and I could do with each passing days.

5. I want to read a book every month. So, 12 books in a year. I want to read more and learn more vocabularies, which I believe would help in my academic writing as well as helping when I am conversing with others.

6. I want to be more understanding towards others. I want to be able to see where they are coming from to have made them react in a certain way and have kindness when dealing with people like these.

7. Attitude wise, I want to again, be as patient as possible while talking to people, try to lower my expectation or better yet, have no expectation when talking to people, and assume I am always talking to an infant who requires a lot of explanation before they understand what I am trying to convey.

8. I want to stick to my current skin care regime as long as possible. Avoid getting tempted to buy too many face make up and piling on too much make up on my skin.

9. Apply lotion with UV protection during day time before stepping out of my house every single day.

That's everything I could think of for now and I think I would be a better person already if I could achieve all these in 2016. One more thing, remember that I am in 2016 and I am already a 25 year old lady now. It's time to act like a grown up. Nooooooooooo!

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