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Tedboy Bakery, Bangsar

Patrina Tang and Edward Tan, the lovely couple has taken a brave change on their profession to venture into this risky F&B industry upon welcoming their first baby boy, Ted, in hopes that this change would allow them more time to spare with Ted. 

These loving parents works on a philosophy that I personally love, that is to only bake breads, buns and cakes that they would feed to their own child. The team in Tedboy Bakery pays close attention to all the ingredients used for baking, ensuring only the finest, all natural ingredients. To make their food baby friendly, preservatives are greatly avoided in all of their productions.

Just like everyone out there who stereotyped this bakery as a full fledged bakery, taking a step into their shop would definitely amaze you!
I was extremely surprised to find out that this place adorned a very cozy interior. Using mainly brown as its theme colour, it goes well with the bread theme for an earthy, natural, and cosy vibes. They have also gradually added some black accents to make it more neutral.
The whimsical paintings on the wall have also caught my eyes. According to Melinda, these illustrations were done by Patrina's friend who used Tedboy’s features in the drawings so these paintings really represent him.

Besides baking fresh loaves, buns and cakes daily, 
it is also a cafe that serves simple fare like gourmet coffee, freshly squeezed juices, sandwiches, pizza, salad and pasta. 

The popular Ted himself, does appear in the cafe for quite a bit. To keep him busy, this little play station was set up. Other kids are also welcomed to play in this area while the parents enjoy food in peace. 

They have a myriad of assortment of baked goods, from breads to buns, to sweeter options like cakes and danish. 

Fresh Cold Pressed Juices
Tedboy has their own cold pressed machine to make these 4 lovely juices. Fruit juice lover should know the quality that cold pressed machine produces, they are top-notched and the juice pressed out is delicious plus residual free. Red Dragon is my personal favorite among the four of these juices.

Salmon Croissant
This is entirely fresh from the oven, you can taste the crispiness of the crust. Inside the croissant it's stuffed with strips of mango and raw salmon. On the sides, we have garden salad with balsamic vinaigrette, making it an overall balance meal of carbs, protein, fats and fibers.

Durian Cheese Cake! 
This is yet to be marketed, and we were the lucky ones who got to taste it before anyone else. Dessert is like the main character of the entire dish serve. All the other food on the table became irrelevant the moment this cake comes out. EVERYBODY is hogging on this and it's finished in less than 5 minutes. The chef that made this cake said they used D24 grade durian to make this cake. Even if this cake is priced at RM100.00 per kg, I believe TedBoy Baker will still be short-handed by the amount of order they are going to get.

Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry flavored shortcake is among the preferred version of shortcakes. It didn't taste too sweet and too creamy from the strawberry jams and whipped cream. 

Spaghetti Agolio Olio
So far, I have never eaten such a dry base kind of agolio olio. Every time we place order for this dish, there will be oil residue at the bottom of the plate. It has turkey breast ham and mushroom buttons sprinkled with chili flakes and grated parmesan cheese. 

Ham & Mushroom Pizza
D is a pizza lover. Not even Papa John's Pizza in Malaysia could satisfy his reminiscence of him eating pizza almost every week while studying in the states. D always complain how bad Malaysian's pizza are until he tried this. He gave two thumbs up after taking his first bite! 

From Left to Right, we have the Cranberry Apricot Bread, Cranberry Cheese Loaf and Country Bread. The breads served by them are really very fresh. You can eat it just like that without butter or any additives. Not your ordinary good, but good kind of good.

I was so spoilt with choices I honestly couldn't made up my mind on which to bring home. 

These freshly squeezed juice are sold at RM7.90 per bottle. 
It is available for both take away and dine in. 

I was overjoyed when I found a RM10 gift voucher in my goodie bag. 
I knew I had to buy some bread home immediately. 
And need I repeat myself again? 
It was honestly one of the toughest decision I have ever made. LOL. 
In the end I picked fruits and nuts bread and raisins danish.

I guess this gesture of mine justified enough how good their breads are. 
I am definitely revisting this place for more bread and buns! 

Tedboy Bakery,
10, Jalan Telawi 4, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2202-1312
 Open 8am through at least 9pm daily

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