Jibby & Co. Empire Gallery Subang

Jibby & Co., has been opened for about 2 years now, 
and it's such a shame that after several visits, 
I've never gotten down to writing up a review about this place. 

This place which is built outside of the mall at the outdoor parking space, has created a hype!
Images of its beautiful interior design can be seen all over instagram and FB. 
This place adopted the industrial interior design, 
with exposed metal pipelines, and metal staircase connecting to the duplex sort of second floor,
and it has glass ceilings and ceiling to floor windows covering the whole restaurant. 
It gives a lot of warmth and brightness to the restaurant. 
And the light bulbs hanging on the ceilings that light up when the dusk comes, 
would surely give off a romantic vibe.

This place has always been full house since it's opening. 
I remember visiting here a few times, just to leave empty-stomached, 
because the waiting list is too long. 

D had also been dying to dine at this place after hearing so many ravings about the food here,
so we picked this lovely Sunday, which was also our 4th Monthsary, 
to taste their highly talked about brunch menu!

Enough of our faces! Hahahaha! 

We were seated at the lower floor because the upper level was still closed when we arrived. 
We were quite excited for this, and also we didn't want to squeeze with the crowd, 
and had to shout over conversation when people are accumulating in such a small space,
so we came extra early. 
Which I then thought was quite a bad idea, 
because the staff serving us was very inexperienced, 
and we were not allowed to order any add-ons! 

Thank god we were early enough, 
so the sun hadn't started glaring yet.
I'd expect this place to get pretty warm towards mid-day though. 

Andddddd... We waited quite long for the food to be served. I was quite surprised because the restaurant wasn't even full yet. They were really quick on my past visits.

So anyway...

I picked Egg Florentine (RM24)

 That is essentially Eggs Benedict?
I must say I really love it! 
The poached eggs were so nicely done!
And they were really generous with the hollandaise sauce too! 
I love how it is cheesy and buttery, 
and it compliments well with the bread. 
And I love their portobello mushrooms! 
I love love love them! Ligthtly stir fried with some spinaches! 
Just the way I love it. 
And when the yolk runs over them, that was the perfect taste! 

 And D went for Jibby Big Breakfast (RM31)

D loved it! 
But I think it shouldn't be too difficult to make at home. HAHAHA!
Poached eggs were nicely done too! 
And again... The portobello and spinach combo was game winning. 
And the rest was pretty good! 

Jibby & Co.
GK-11, Ground Floor,
Empire Shopping Gallery,
Jalan SS16/1,
47500 Subang Jaya,

Tel: +603 5613 7070

Daily: 8.30 am - Midnight

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