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Toh Yuen Restaurant @ Klang Executive Club (KEC)

Back in those days, KEC was deemed as one of the most iconic luxury club in Klang. 
Only the people from the upper class join as members, 
because well, those extra money spent at a club was just excessive. 
It's crazy how I've never dined at KEC, 
despite born and raised in Klang. 

Although KEC had its glorious days back then, 
this place has definitely seen better days. 
It's crazy how run-down this place has become, 
and passing days has taken away all its old glory. 

It was a simple family dinner for D's family friend. 
The share holder of this place, who is a distant relative of D's family,
has kind sponsored the dinner. 

First off, we had Yee Sang! 
Because it was about a month and a half prior to CNY, 
and restaurants were already selling this dish, 
to cater to the market's need for company year end dinner. 

 And then we had this dish, 
which is an immediate reminiscence of a dish I've always had in Noble House. 
But of course, appeared slightly stingier than the one's from the Noble House.
Taste wise, it was okay. 
Nothing too impressive, 
but I love a good mixture of vegetables. 

 I thought the presentation could be improved though. 

 Next, we had Peking Roast Duck.
Which is, one of my favourite dish. 
But then again, nothing too earth-shattering delicious. 
It was okay because oh well, 
you can't go wrong with some good sauce and a nicely roasted duck skin!

 Cod fish! 
Cod fish has got to be my favourite fish of all time! 
So as long as the fish is fresh, 
it normally tastes good by just steaming it. 
This dish was the best of the night. 

I love venison!! 
And this was cooked pretty all right. 
The taste was okay and the presentation was satisfactory. 

And the final dish was sang-har-mee! 
Which used to be my fav noodle dish from any chinese restaurant! 
When I saw this I was over the moon,
because this dish brought back loads of my childhood memories! 
But to my utter consternation, 
it tasted nothing like those old days great sang-har-mee. 
It was pretty bland! 

So this pretty much summed up my post! 
The overall dinner was okay, nothing impressive, 
and it definitely doesn't turn my head, 
in other words, I would not be visiting this place anymore. 
Price wise, I had no clue but it should be slightly more expensive than ordinary chinese restaurant,
as it is located in a club house. 

Oopppss! Forgot to mention, this is a pork free Chinese restaurant! 

Address: Persiaran Bukit Raja 2, Bandar Baru Klang, 41150 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-3344 3888

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