Precious things

Well... This is actually the series of Things that cheered me up! I decided to change this series into Precious things, because these things that I posted are absolutely precious to me! :) If you have been reading this series, you should've known that I am a person who feels contented with all the simplest things in life, as long as they're filled with love! :D

This pastry from The Sumbs!
I saw my twinnie bestie Aishah dined with her pals at this place the other day!
I saw her posting photo telling how tasty this thing taste!
I am sorry that I have to refer it as this thing!
I don't know the name of it! :(
Anyways, I simply commented that I would love to try it!
And guess what? 
The next day when I got to campus,
it was placed nicely on my work station in the lab!
I knew it immediately it's from my bestie! (Before I even opened it)
I walked to her place with OMG-I-AM-SO-TOUCHED face.
And told her thank you!
Once in a while, a thoughtful move like this,
could really cheer up one's day!
Especially when I was feeling stressful for my research!
I managed to put a smile on my face because of her! 
Putting all the love aside,
this food is really tasty! :D
But of course, the love made it tastier than ever! 
Because you can always buy it with money, but you can never buy love! :)

My dear sister Winnie asked me to hang out with her one day when she was feeling down. 
When I saw her from far, 
I spotted my favourite snack on the table!
She said she was really moody so she decided to snack on some chocolate.
But of course, very thoughtful of her,
she bought one for me, 
and made sure we would share the joy together!
Isn't she sweet?
She always had me on her mind!
She even ended up giving her chocolate to me!
I was quite reluctant to finish it though. 
I kept it till the next day,
and when I felt down the next day, 
I munched on it and it enlightened me! :D

These cream puffs!!!!
And these are not ordinary cream puffs!
They're baked by my twinnie bestie Aishah!!!!
And what's more amazing she baked this for my birthday! :D
She's always been an amazing chef!
Basically, she can cook/bake anything that you can think of!
Food, pastry, cakes, bread and the list goes on and on.
When I first tried her pavlova, I sank in the world of delicious meringue! LOL!
And this time, she didn't disappoint me either!
It's better than some of them which are available on the market.
I wish if I have half of her talent,
so that I can be a perfect woman! Hahahhahahahahah!
Because people always say, to win a man's heart, 
you have to win his stomach! Hahahahahhahah!

This heartwarming home cooked dinner at Winnie's place!
She cooked the vege for us!
It's really sweet because she is a princess that never cook!
Eventhough it was just a simple dish, 
but she cooked it well! 
Well done Winnie!
Cooking skill level 1 unlocked! Hahahahahha!
Thanks for inviting Vivienne and I over for this lovely dinner!
And special thanks for the red bean soup! 
Because you always know what satisfy my appetite! :D
And it was such a coincidence that I was craving for it! 
Thanks again!
It was an amazing night!
Thanks for the companion, and thanks for the time u spared! 
I have always loved night hangout with you and Vivienne! <3

Because learning is a life long journey!
When there is no one there to help you, you will always have these self help book to resort to! 
I have been reading this a lot lately. 
By a lot, I mean I kept reading those pages which I found really meaningful.
I'm afraid that I would forget what it's taught me,
so I kept refreshing my memory by reading it again and again!
And I even read to Vivienne!
This book had taught me to think maturely, 
and be a honorable and noble person!
I want to keep these qualities forever,
I want to save these meaningful and inspiring words in my mind! 

Final Birthday Celebration with Twinnie

Now let me look at the hands of those who puked reading the title of this post! *laughs* I am sorry to bore everyone with my birthday celebration! Even my sis whined about how long my birthday celebration went and it almost feels like some chinese god's birthday which would be celebrated for a week! *laughs*

So as I said. This is the final one and there won't be anymore birthday posts after this. As for me... I am sure I will miss these days and I am already anticipating for next year's birthday! Hahhahahahahahha! :P

This final celebration my companion was Aishah, who is also a November babies! We planned about this outing on the first day of semester 6 and we are finally making it happen! LOL. We were both excited about this! But we didn't have much on our mind, we decided to just go with the flow. :D

In the morning we arrived at KL central about 11am and I brought Aishah and her sister Kak Bib to this building which I personally love a lot! Hahahahhaha! I am sorry but I have no idea what does the building call. It's located opposite Aloft hotel anyway.

And we decided to have our brunch here....
At Olive! :D

This is Aishah's pretty sister Kak Bib!! :D

US!!!! :D

 My drink! Black coffee! It's weird that they didn't provide creamer! -.-

 My meal!!
Egg's Benedict!!!

 Aishah's brunch! 

And this is Kak bib with her meal! Heeeee...

So overall this place has really awesome ambiance! And the best thing is that this building is consider quite new, so not much people know about this place, which means less customers and more privacy! *laugh* Well, I was just trying to say we didn't feel awkward taking photos at all. We even talked and laughed loudly because for a period of time there was only the 3 of us in that restaurant! *laughs* The service on the other hand was good, although they can't really speak malay nor english well. LOL! And the food was delicious la! We enjoyed ourselves a lot there and almost refused to leave that place since we felt really comfortable there! *laughs*

We managed to request the staff to take a few photos of us...

We then headed to Bukit Bintang.... We got to Fahrenheit and was totally attracted by the beautiful Christmas decoration! So we went crazy and took some photos! *laughs* And the good thing was, there was not many people there so we didn't have to squeeze or wait for turn or being photobombed by unknown! *laughs* Unlike Pavillion, it was too congested we didn't even want to take photo there! Hahahahhaha! 

Then we had some awesome time shopping in Sephora! *Laughs* We practically were lost in Sephora for a couple of hours before we decided to step into Pavillion!

Like I mentioned earlier, it was really crowded so we didn't take photo of the deco. But we managed to selfie in front of a christmas tree. *laughs*

Without further due, we headed to the main destination of the day! TWG tea boutique!!! :D


We were really lucky to be given this place which has a signboard above us! Hahahahahhahah! What else we would do? We selfie all the wayyyyyy...


 We decided to make this as our birthday cake! LOL!

Their tea was of course beyond amazing!!! We kept wanting to order more and more and more! Hahahahahhahahahhaa! I love their macaroons! It doesnt taste too sweet and their flavours are really amazing! :D

Ooppssss blurred...

After the meal we walked around and waited for Kak Bib to do her make up shopping and then we headed home! 

Happy Birthday to us once again!!
Thanks for being an awesome companion in class, before class and after class! Hahahaha!
Thanks for always believing in me!
Thanks because you are always there for me!
Thank you so much even if we are far apart, we still remain close in the heart!
Really.... I am very grateful to have you as my twinnie bestie!
We think the same way in many aspects despite our difference!
I feel safe to tell you everything and I feel comfortable around you!
You are an amazing chef and you are multitalented! Hahahhahha!
And of course you are always so courteous, polite and gentle.
You will always be there for me when I am weak or when I needed someone.
When I was terribly sick and almost fainted u were there with me until I was alright!
U helped me in every single way you could and you never rant about it.
How can someone so wonderful exist in this world?
I want us to be twinnie bestie forever no matter what!
Remember, we will make it through whatever!
Friendship never dies! 
I love you! <3

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