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Random thought

"Things changed" This is by far the sentence I heard most from broken up couples.

But really, things changed? Or people changed? Or actually it's your perception that has changed? Believe it or not, when your perception changes, many things change. When you are madly in love, everything he/she does adores you, when you are no longer in love, every little things you once found adorable became annoying and unbearable. It's the mind that manipulates your feelings. 

And one may argue by saying, perhaps it's emotions? Or love? 

Love is an invention, love is an imagination. It's actually a situation you created that makes you sugar high. You can always recreate love, recreate this situation, love fades when one doesn't practice love. 

Be a Giver, don't be a taker! The universe promises return! Give, give unconditionally, don't doubt and don't be afraid of rejection, give without expecting return, and leave the rest to the universe, the universe will decide when to give you back and what to give you back. Just don't expect anything,  expectation leads to disappointment. Let the universe do its job while you do yours. 

Happiness, is something you can practice. And emotions are feelings that you need not to identify with. You should be aware of your emotion, don't deny it, but you don't have to identify with. As absurd as it may sound, we are in control of our emotions, but these days, emotions are in control of us. Most people find themselves losing strength to do anything when they are depressed, putting themselves into devastation. This is unhealthy. A quick example, when a lottery that won RM10 million is given to a person who is upset, he wouldn't tell you I am sorry I am too upset to handle this amount of money, instead he will reel in joy and forget that he was feeling depressed just a second ago. 

Don't be a victim of emotion. Emotions affect sleeping quality. If you are in control of it, you sleep better, and you have more energy. The more energy you have, the stronger your will to take action. The more action you take, the happier you feel. And the happier you feel, THE BETTER YOUR RELATIONSHIPS ARE. 

Slow Dance

Have you ever watched kids on a merry-go-round,
or listened to rain slapping the ground?

Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight,
or gazed at the sun fading into the ninght?

You better slow down,
Don't dance so fast,
Time is short,
The music won't last.

Do you run through each day on the fly,
When you ask "How are you?", do you hear the reply?
When the day is done, do you lie in your bed,
with the next hundred chores running through your head?

You better slow down,
Don't dance so fast,
Time is short,
The music won't last.

Ever told your child, we'll do it tomorrow,
and in your haste, not see his sorrow?

Ever lost touch, let a good friendship die,
Cause you never had a chance to call and say "hi"?

You better slow down,
Don't dance so fast,
Time is short,
The music won't last.

When you run so fast to get somewhere, 
you miss half the fun of getting there.

When you worry and hurry through your day,
it's like an unopened gift thrown away.

Life is not a race, so take it slower,
hear the music before the song is over! 

Happy Father's Day

My dad came back for Father's Day celebration with the family! Yippie Yeayyyy!

My sisters always said when daddy is back, it's as though we are all taking a breather, taking a break from all the hectic lifestyles. It's true though. Whenever daddy is back, it feels like CNY! Hahahahahahha! We'll all hang out together, going here and there, eat all the good food and just have fun! My sisters would leave all her homework aside, and I would usually apply leave from my company and just chill out with the family! <3

Daddy came home on Friday night, he drove really long journey and hence the exhaustion. We just chillax at home! Daddy asked for our suggestions on nice restaurants to celebrate father's day! And.. This noble job is always assigned to me! I proposed two restaurants to daddy, The Hills at Damansara Height and La Risata at Ampang. Daddy picked La Risata at Ampang! :D

On Saturday noon, we all went out for lunch and picked up this cake on our way home! My sister Kathyrn insisted to squeeze all these wishes into the cake! So yeahhhhh! Was supposed to order two cakes! But then... Daddy said that's a waste of money! Hahhahahahahhhaa!

As you could probably tell, it was 
Jack's 23rd Birthday!
Father's Day!
And also 24th Wedding Anniversary of Daddy and Mummy! :D

Daddy and mummy held hands and cut cakes, and blew the candle together! It looked like they were just married. Chinese has this cake cutting ceremony on our wedding reception! And mummy said we should also popped Champagne! Hahahahhaha! 

So after we were all dressed up, we headed out for dinner! We drove all the way to Ampang, and got lost! Hahahhahahahahha! Waze la!!!!!!!!! I typed the address into Waze and thought we would definitely reach the destiny safe and sound! Unfortuantely, we couldn't find it! And while I was calling La Risata to ask for directions to go to their place, daddy found Victoria Station and daddy said we should just dine at Victoria Station! Hahahahahhahah. 

 The steakhouse was fully booked! Luckily we were there pretty early, and still managed to get ourselves a table! :D

So belows are all the pictures of foods! I didn't really snap properly because, they hastily started eating! Hahahahahhahahahahhaa! Pardon my grandmother memory, I really can't recall the name of the dishes! Hmmmmmm....

The complementary bread and butter! <3 

It's a soup of mixture of seafood! 

Lobster bisque! Yummyyyy! This is mine! :D 

All time favourite- ESCARGOTS!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

This is Daddy's lamb! 

 I don't know what is this, but this has combination of all variety of seafood! :D

 Cajun Salmon and Grilled Lamb Loin!

Cajun Salmon and Grilled Chicken Fillet! 

Prawns and Fish Fillet! 

So.... My daddy is my hero! I think my dad is the strongest man alive! He struggled a lot and he had to bear with all kinds of pressure, but he never, never even once, he gave up on his life! I remember mummy telling us, how hard was dad's situation when he faced failure in his life, he never slept at night, he stayed awake all nights to think of solutions! And the next day, he would go to work energetically and enthusiastically, as though he was fine. My dad gave us the best life he could! Daddy wanted all of us to be genius and perfect, daddy set very high target for us in the schooldays, daddy sent us to Piano Class, Daddy sent us to singing classes, Daddy sent us to arithmetic class; Daddy supported our concerts and bought so many tickets, I remembered daddy shouting 'encore' down the stage, just because we asked him to do so! Daddy also hired private tutor to give us tuition since we were in primary schools! Daddy gave us everything we wanted! 

7 years ago, that was the first time I saw my daddy crying. It was such a heartbreaking moment, and I told myself, after this, I am gonna make daddy proud! I will never make him shed a tear anymore! But.. I failed it. I hurt my daddy terribly last year, it hurts me the most, when I read a text from daddy telling me, I am his favourite kid among the 4 of us! I remember daddy's every single text telling me he was crying and his heart aching terribly, to see me became so rebellious! And even I had let him down zillion times, on my birthday last year, daddy brought me to jewelry shop and asked me to choose any gift I want! I picked out a key pendant and a necklace in white gold. And on my president's list award ceremony, daddy purposely took his day off and flew back just to attend. Just for me... All these things that my daddy did for me, made me realize how terrible I was as a daughter. I didn't go home for winter solstice reunion, Daddy waited for me but I didn't even go home.... 

But.. Thanks daddy! Thanks for accepting me again. Yesterday I gave daddy a card, I never gave daddy any Father's Day card ever since I left primary school, my dad kept asking me why wasted money, I just replied with bluekkkk! And after daddy finished reading, he told me thanks! I am really sorry for what I have done! I promise to give you a great life in the future! And I am also determined I would write a book about us, and how my dad and produce awesome children in this family! Daddy, I am proud of you and you are my hero, now and forever! 

Girls day out 16/6/13

I am supposed to blog about Father's Day celebration first, but since it requires emotions, I decided to blog about my girls day out first!

So I actually went out with my babes on Father's day! I was in quandary actually! It took me whole morning to decide what to do! Cause daddy seemed to have planned where to bring us to today! I coudn't decide cause it's been ages since I last hung out with Tyqa too! And she's gonna finish her internship real soon, so I really couldn't make up my mind. So I asked for daddy's opinion and dad asked me to just meet up with Tyqa if I really want to!

We reached the mall pretty early but the parking lot was already full! Imagine... 11.30 a.m with no parking space! We had no choice but to park at rooftop! We were starving while we were waiting for another friend, Kak Ekin to come, so we had one piece of doughnut each while waiting! hahhahahahahahh!

 I picked up the berry something which I cant recall...
Due to the design! 
Love shape always wins! U know.. Always! hahahahahahhaha!

When kak ekin arrived, we proceed straight away to Nando's! hahhahahahahhah! We've already discussed what to eat when we were eating our doughnuts! So once kak ekin reached, we walked straight to Nando's and dine! hahahhahahahha!

Well, my mind is quite slow now! I can't think of much words to say! So as usual, pictures would do all the talking! :D

 Me and Tyqa! :D
My pretty darling! <3

After eating halfway, Tyqa's friend Pin came and joined us! heeee.. I don't have a photo of him eating, but he helped three of us to take photos! :D

After the meal, of course we went for shopping!!! :D

Kak Ekin, Yours Truly, Tyqa and Pin! :D
This was Pin, approached a cute guy, to ask him to take photo for us! hahhahahahahha!
Mad embarrassing!!! hahahahhahha! 

After that just normal walking around and just a lot of talking! :D

That's all! :D It was a great day though it was simple! Had loads of fun! :D

You might wanna know! :)

1. My full name is Tan Jia Shin Jessica

2. I am a Sagittarius baby! So I reckon that pretty much explains how much of a hyperactive person I am! And I love challenges! :D

3. 3 FEARS:  (a) LONELINESS (b) Spider webs (c) Darkness

4. 3 things I LOVE: (a) Sunglasses (b) Perfumes (c) Necklace

5. 4 turn on's: (a) Intelligence (b) career (c) Smells good (d) Short and neat hair 

6. 4 turn off's: (a) LONG HAIR (b) SMOKE (c) LAZY (d) DIRTY

7. My best friend: Winnie, Ungku Aishah (not in order, I love them all equally much!!!!)

8. Despite the fact that I am very sweet with my girls, I AM STRAIGHT and I am heterosexual! 

9. My best first date: NONE! So... Who wants to give me the best first date? :P

10. My height is..... Alright. I am petite! I am 156cm. 

11. What do I miss? I miss the Jessica who is a Miss Independent, charismatic and shines! 

12. I think I was born in the morning!

13. My favourite colors go to... RED, PINK, BLACK. 

14. Do i have a crush? Uhmmmm... No. -_-

15. My favourite quote is... "Chase after your dreams"

16. My favourite place is the none the other than my home sweet home! 

17. Favourite food: (It will take up about 3 pages long) Japanese, Korean, Abalone, Western...

18. Sarcasm is my primary language! Hahahahahahhahahahahahha! :P

19. I am listening to Close your eyes by Michael buble! :D

20. I always look at their uhhmmmm... The way they dress.

21. Shoe size: I am in a size 6! :D

22. Typical asian black eyes! :( Saddddd....

23. Typical asian super blackkkkkkkk hair colour! 

24. I love to wear anything that makes me look sophisticated! :D

25. Prank call? That's my fav thing to do! hahahhahahahahahhaha!

26. Errrrhhhhhh..... NEXT! Hahhahahahahahhahah!

27. It's just my nameeeeeeee!!! It's obvious isn't it? hahhahahahahahha.

28. Favourite movie... I have too many! And I have short term memory! Hahhahahahhahahah!

29. Favourite song... Uhmmmm... LAWSON'S!!!!!!!

30. Favourite band: Need not to mention, I am head over heels for LAWSON!!!!

31. I am feeling very very very happy lately! Even my mom said I am the happiest person in the family! Hahhahahahahahahhha!

32. I love my daddy, mummy and my sisters! :D

33. Relationship status? WUWAAAAAAA... SINGLE of course! 

34. I think I am in the bestt stateeeee of relationship with my family members so far! 

35. Favourite holiday? I AM A HOLIDAY PERSON! Hahhahahahahhahaha! I love all the holidays! :D

36. Tattoos and piercings? Uhmmmm.... I have 3 piercings on my right ear and 1 at my left ear! :D

37. I am not into tattoo! And I don't think I am going to pierce anymore, at this moment!

38. Ohhhhh.. I joined tumblr ages ago and I could hardly remember my log in ID and password now! Hahhahahahahahahhahahahha!

39. The last book I read was THE LAST LECTURE! It is such an amazing book! 

40. Good morning and Good night? Yeapppp!!! From my babes only! Hahhahahahahah! And heyyyy.. I really love good morning and good night texts! Be it just a sentence! It makes me smile! :)

41. The last person I texted was Eugene Fool..

42. Hold hands? I just held my sister's hand when we were walking in the mall just now! :P

43. Uhmmmm... It depends on where am I heading to! If campus, I take about an hour! Including taking breakfast! :D

44. Hahahahhahhhah! Dun feel like answering!

45. I yemmmmm in my room! With my sleepy head! Hahhahahahahahhahah! 

46. Errrrrr.. I don't think I would ever let myself get drunk! Heeeeee.... After all, drinking and get drunk is bad for health! You don't wanna live with a nonfunctional liver don't you? 

47. I like loud music when I am sad! The other times, moderately loud will do! :D

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