Things that cheer me up

This post should be named as foods that cheer me up instead, because all the things I am showing below are actually food, various types of food, all with a story behind... :)

When everyone is busy talking about the guy they crush on or their boyfriend, all I could say is... I LOVE FOOD. Hahahahahahhahahah. So that's how food has been a good substitution as my spouse. Hahahhahahahahahha.

#1 My favourite popcorn

Because it's a surprise gift from my sweetest girl, aka my twin sister. :)
She bought this and surprised me on a Monday morning.
She said this reminded her of me. 
She couldn't help but buying it.
And to my surprise, she bought my favourite flavour.
Needless to say, I finished it within two days. 
I am still happy and surprised about this special treat. 
All I could say is, I am lucky to have known her. :)

#2 Little bear biscuits

Because I am too used to calling it little bear biscuits,
daddy had to correct me saying this is actually PANDA! 
This is one of my favourite snacks on earth.
Just by eating this keeps me smiling all day long. :)

#3 Butter crab

For this, we traveled 2 hours to Sekinchan.
I ain't no seafood lover, due to allergic reaction,
but I still ate it.
It's not just a meal, 
it's a great family bonding session too. 


Because it kept my dearest bestie waited for an hour just to deliver this to me.
It was the sweetest meal on earth YET.
I almost tear when I saw her waiting all alone, despite of boredom, 
just to make sure the famished me had some food. 
I feel so touched, even till this very moment. 
I finally understand what real friends are. 
Real friend touches our soul, and stay in our heart forever.
They need not to be there all the time,
but one thing I can be sure of, 
they never leave. 

#5 Carbonara

Because carbonara is my favourite pasta on earth! 
And I shared this same taste with someone.
It was a treat, but it was more valuable than any treat. 
It's from a sincere heart, 
hoping for a smile in exchange.
It involved a lot of guessing, hoping and wondering.
But it all end up with smiles. 
That last..... 

Things that cheer me up

Life is full of ups and downs. If we keep focus on the down side of life, we magnify our sorrow and it makes life harder. Try looking at the bright side instead- simple things in life that promise whole lot of happiness in return.

Here I have a few things that make me very happy, and the happiness simply defies description. :)

It's desserts at 10pm.
We are talking about me who has strict diet.
Because... Breaking rules occasionally, sets us free.
And this is not the usual combination I would pick. 
It's the brand new cotton candy and red velvet.
I dared myself to step out of the frame.
I dared myself for a change. 
And I am amazed. 
Because, changing once in a while, 
give us chances to explore and discover all the hidden beauties in life. 

Because it is made up of hundreds of feelings,
thousand of thoughts,
and millions of love. 
To touch that one heart. 

Because doing an assignment has never been this fun.
It's more like a bonding session.
I found a sister that day.
I found heart and mind that think alike.
I found a person who I can laugh with.
And I found pure happiness. 
Sometimes, being with the right person is the easiest way to achieve happiness. 

Here I mean any kind of relationship.
Be it with family, lover or friends.
Because a good quality relationship is the one that stays the same, perhaps becomes better,
even after major fight.
Human should be true to each other. 
And communication is the only way two souls connect.

Because my sister keeps playing this song.
And I am loving it.
Now this song stuck in my mind like I have hit on a replay button! 

Pullman's Putrajaya

Hyeeeee!!! It's been a while I didn't update lifestyle post! I usually blog about life lessons and stuffs! Because my life is plain boring! Hahhahahahahahhaa! Not really.. It's just that I am too busy to blog. 

So here comes the occasional "holidays" again this weekend. It's a weekend full of indulgent and happiness! :D

Everytime these special days come, it took us very long to figure out where to dine at! hahahhahahahha! We wanted to dine at Majestic Hotel but man it requires booking one week earlier. When we called the restaurant, it was already fully booked. We then googled and took us half day to finally discover this hotel in Putrajaya! The price is so much cheaper so we decided to give it a try! 

It was at Pullman's Hotel, Putrajaya Lakeside. :)

Below are the photos I randomly took when I was walking. I was justtttt soooo mesmerized by the design there. It's so exotic! :)

 These are the main food I picked up on my first round!
Just don't judge me.
I ate a lot tonight! Hahhahahahahah!

 Pretty cray cray I know! 
I looked fugly here but who cares! :P hahhahahahahaha!

Believe it or not! I ate each of the desserts served! Hahhahahahahhah!

Ok! So basically in the end I was too full! 
End of story! 

5 things that cheer me up

We all have good days, and we all have challenging days. So it's about being grateful for what you have and what you are.

These are the small things I got in the past week that gave me huge happiness. :)


It gave me a good laugh. 
Laughter is indeed the best medicine.
And also I was with the best companion on earth. :)


Sweets from Love, Winnie.
Just because love is sweet.
And she is as sweet as the sweets she gave. Or perhaps, sweeter. <3


Miranda Kerr's photos.
I have had more than 100 of her photos in my phone.
She made me realized that, we don't necessarily need an oval shaped face to look stunning.
Embrace those chubby face! 


Because learning is a lifelong process. 
And relationships are the hardest chapters in life lessons.
And I have always believed in being a 'giver' than a 'taker'.


This range of whitening skin care that I got recently.
Because I think being fair = beautiful.
And fair skin is something I will never have. sobs.

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