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Blackstone Cafe High Tea session

As you could probably already tell from the title itself, I went for a high tea session with my girls yesterday. :D

Well... It wasn't just a high tea session actually. It was a pretty long day for me! I woke up at 5am to send my sister to University of Malaya. It feels like UM is my second university already. I go to UM like twice a week. Hahahahahhahahaha.

As usual, Federal Highway is as congested as it could be in the morning, which explains why I got up that early. Despite leaving my house at 6.30am, the cars were all still moving sluggishly towards the city center. Thankfully, at least it wasn't completely congested, so I managed to get back home on time for an outing with my girls! :D

We went to the mall pretty early so we went to MCD for breakfast! We met a weird guy there. I have no other words for him except weird. He kept staring at me and my friends, like we were all aliens. HEYYYYY C'MON! IF U ARE STARSTRUCK CAN YOU PLEASE STARE AT US WITH ADMIRATION IN UR EYES? He was practically, oh well, judging us. He stared at us for so long, at the second time I had no choice but to stare back. No. I wasn't kind enough to just stare back! I glared! Hahahhahahahahha! So I suppose he got freaked out and he looked away. *laughs*

This is the movie we watched! It's a great movie! I had no expectation at all for Chinese movie and I am the type who is reluctant to spend money on Chinese movie because I think it's not worth the money! HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA! SORRY! I think usual chinese movie has really boring story line or just simply lame. But this movie is really impressive! It is so poetic! It's as though I was reading a literature. I have a thing for Chinese literature. I really adore chinese literature. So i really like this movie. Go watch! I am sure you all will love it! :D

As I was walking to the cinema. I realized I was being followed by SADAKO! 
I must admit I was freaked out for a second. 
But then....

I mounted an attack way before SADAKO taken her action.
I WON! I defeated SADAKO!
*claps claps*

After our movie, we went for the highlight of the day! It's a cafe Vivienne has been wanting to visit! :D

Spot our matching phone cases!!!
Thanks to Vivienne Tan for the lovely and thoughtful gift! :D
We can now haz couple phone case! 
NO! Not really!
We can now haz BFF phone case! :P

This place is very cosy! And the ambiance is just tranquilizing! Heeee... This place is suitable for a lazy afternoon, where u just wanna sit down and talk to ur girlfriends. :D

Sadly the choice is quite limited.
It doesnt have much variety.
u only have a few types of cakes to choose from.
And a few types of beverages.
But the cake is really fresh! And TASTY!
The tea is of course, fragrant and thirst quenching! 

Before signing off, let me end this post by quoting Icona Pop's girlfriends,
All I need in this life, is me and my girlfriends! 

Things that cheer me up

I am aware of my long absence... But what to do? I am really too busy as I am having my finals right now. Well, I realized that many of my friends have actually mistaken finals as final exam of the final semester? Hahahahaha. Nope! I still have another semester to go, I am definitely excited about finishing my degree, conversely, I still get the sad feeling thinking about leaving university and may not spend as much time with Aishah, Vivienne and Winnie as I am now. Especially Aishah, because she is with me everyday, sitting beside me in class. Awwwww.. I am so gonna miss this.

Look... What a digression.

So let's get straight to the things that cheer me up....

I actually have a lot of backlogged photos of the items that cheered me up. So these are like weeks ago and I just managed to put them up here.

It's a sandwich made by Vivienne.
She did not have class that day, 
but she asked what time was I going to campus the day before,
and she asked me to drop by her house before I was heading to campus.
And I am so touched that she made me this absolutely delicious sandwich,
and it came with a dessert.
Honestly, sometimes, the simplest food,
feeds the soul better,
Cause my soul was filled with joy,
and sandwiched with love. 

It was the time of the month......
People around me who knew me well would have known....
I am a pitiful victim of severe menstrual cramp.
And it was very thoughtful of Winnie.
Once she heard that I was in pain,
she got me these items.
I have no idea, whether it's the chocolate drink that worked miraculously,
or the love she gave that worked miraculously,
cause I was fine after that,
and I managed to pull off my presentation well.
Winnie, never fail to rescue me.

This dim sum I had with Vivienne on a Monday morning.
I stayed over at her place the night before,
and this was certainly not in our plan.
I thought to leave her place the next morning,
but she invited me out for breakfast instead!
We are both fan of dim sum!
So happy girls were happy! :D
And the day extended pretty long,
as we spent time at her house doing all the girly stuffs.
I feel like I am a girl,
like those in Disney Channel's series. 

This dessert, is among my favourite!
It requires a lot of effort to get em babies out of their shell,
and it's rich in a lot of nutrients which I can't list them out, 
but one thing for sure, 
it does whitening job pretty well.
Winnie knew I am a huge fan of this dessert,
so she spent her time taking removing the hard shells,
her mum on the other hand boiled since morning,
and she brought it to campus for me.
I was so touched!
And undoubtedly, I ate and smiled!
It was tasty, and sweet in the heart! <3

This Vivienne's birthday cake which is customized by Aishah.
I must say, she is super talented!
This cake was supposed to be super dull and not so tasty, 
but after her customization,
it became heavenly!!!!!
I tried and I was impressed!!!
This cake doesn't only gave the deepest blessing to the birthday girl,
it made the surprise plan worked well,
and it tighten the bond between Aishah and I.
I realized that, sometimes,
the smallest thing that happened between two friends,
shows u the value of true friendship.
Even till now,
I am so grateful of having Aishah.
She is such a loving and considerate friend.
She is the kind of friend, I never want to lose, for the rest of my life. 

So, this is unusual, that i am summarizing up my things that cheer me up post. Hahahahhahah.
But.. After so many things that happened, 
I feel so grateful and blessed, having these 3 awesome people in my life.
I am so grateful. because they never judge, and they never doubt.
Most importantly,
they are all sincere and truthful.
Real friends, are those, even after fighting,
they would come back with even stronger bond.
I don't need a big bunch of friends to be happy,
I believe, this handful of friends that I have, are already more than enough. 

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